Season 1 of GLOW comes to an end with the queen of the Federation crowned. But, somethings regarding the characters go unresolved. Taking Responsibility: Sam, Justine, Ruth After a three day bender, Sam returns to learn from Ruth that the show will go on. However, with him wanting to make things right with Justine,…

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Season 1 of GLOW comes to an end with the queen of the Federation crowned. But, somethings regarding the characters go unresolved.

Taking Responsibility: Sam, Justine, Ruth

After a three day bender, Sam returns to learn from Ruth that the show will go on. However, with him wanting to make things right with Justine, he makes that his main focus. But, in classic Sam fashion, things don’t go over with flying colors with Justine at first. Though, by the episode’s end, they are on their way to having a healthy relationship.


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With Justine having no desire to wrestle and perhaps now being the solid thing which softens Sam, I wonder where that will leave her? Will she fade away into the background or, if this show has a season 2, she’ll remain active on the show? I mean, the good thing about her being around is that Sam can stop having this almost forced “I’m an ass, but I have feelings too” kind of moments. If not, at the very least, it not being spread around but actually built with someone. Thus giving it some real meaning.

Like, let’s just take the two minor characters of Dawn (Rebekka Johnson) and Stacy (Kimmy Gatewood). We don’t learn much about them, but them being stuck together works. For while they never evolve past being two immature idiots, they are each other’s idiots. So in the next season, if they are focused on, there is a foundation set to learn about their past, their present, and what they future can be. That is, as opposed to characters like Jenny and Arthie who never really got paired up. They may have supported one character or another but ended up consistently lost in the shuffle. Something which hopefully gets corrected.

Taking Charge: Ruth, Melrose, Sheila, Tammé, Cherry

With Sam trying to win over Justine, Ruth has taken charge of the pilot. Though, of course, no without some help. Sheila helps with sound and alongside Tammé and Melrose, they fill up the ballroom. But Ruth goes beyond just providing some makeshift leadership. She makes up a script, does the match card, and really shows all that time shadowing Sam wasn’t just her trying to prove herself. She was also learning something.

Which is perhaps part of the reason Cherry is moving on. It has been 3 months since this started and she has been working for Sam for years. However, now she has a real shot at a real show. Which she feels torn about in a way. On one hand, she has gotten all out of Sam she possibly can. Yet, on the other, she likes these women. Of course, she is closer to some more than others, but there is something about this cast she can’t easily walk away from. As for whether she will or not? That remains up in the air.


I sort of wonder how Ruth sees Sam at this point. Their relationship has evolved so much from her trying to convince him to let her stay to her being some sort of rock for him. Something I hope doesn’t get ruined by him ever trying to come onto her. For while there have been moments it seemed like he would shoot his shot, I hope he keeps his balls in his hands.

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That aside, I also am fearful of the idea of Cherry leaving GLOW. If only because this show barely seems able to handle the amount of cast members it has now. So imagine Cherry doing her thing, with a whole slew of characters for her to deal with, on top of everyone who works in GLOW. For you know season 2 is going to have more characters. But, with the way things are handled now, a more central focus would be better than this show making things more complicated.

With that said, I low-key hope more women’s wrestlers from WWE, ECW, WCW, TNA and etc show up on GLOW. Be it as cameos or in a similar capacity to Kia Stevens. Actually, you know what would be really cool? A sort of homage, but female version of the Monday Night Wars.

The Money Is In The Chase: Debbie, Ruth, Sam, Tammé, Carmen

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For the most part, the card Ruth sets up goes well. It gets a little violent in Rhonda and Arthie’s match, due to Arthie playing a terrorist, but the show goes on. One of the highlights though is Carmen’s match against Tammé since, as predicted [note]On a roll here[/note] her dad shows up. Her brothers don’t, but in the long one just winning her dad’s approval is what matters. Though, to sweeten the moment, she also wins. With a power bomb.

Leaving just the main event. Something which begins as a tag match but evolves into a one on one. However, there was a time when it seemed like the Russia v. USA match wouldn’t happen. For with Debbie wanting to give Mark a real shot, she leaves. However, with her wanting to support the girls and Mark talking smack, she finds herself getting in that ring. Also, this time she hits that crossbody.

But before the celebration can truly begin, here comes Tammé[note]Whose son I’m surprised didn’t show up. Though, come to think of it, no one but Carmen sees their friends or family in damn near the whole season.[/note]. As the Welfare Queen, she makes a speech about equality and prejudice, takes down Liberty Belle, and steals her crown.

All of this, as you can imagine, pisses off Debbie. She feels she is the star and her moment was stolen. However, in Sam’s eyes, he just gave the show and Liberty Belle a purpose. Said purpose being, his star getting back her crown. Leaving us with Debbie and Ruth, so far from the people we met 10 episodes ago, but still not at that point they can be friends once more.


I’m not going to lie. I honestly got a little emotional towards the end. Especially when Debbie did her cross body and won. I can’t tell you why, but even though it was a bit of a struggle to make it this far, needless to say, I was invested. So between that moment, Carmen’s dad cheering her on, and just being happy I’m done with this season, I got teary eyed.

As for my overall feelings, I’m going to let them marinate a bit. Next week though, there will be a season review. Of which, I can tell you right now, a lot of the bones I have to pick with this show will definitely be included.

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