There was a time when Annie just seemed like the self-absorbed friend who was far more irritating than funny. However, this episode establishes why these two have been friends for years.

Episode Focus:  “I Love You, In Case We Die” (Annie and Sophia)

It all started back in 2001. Britney Spears was big, Sophia stole a baseball from a kid, and Annie saved her from getting robbed of it. This was the start of their friendship and it continued on through a crappy Coachella experience and as Sophia tried to find herself. Yet, now Sophia decides to put Nasty Girl in front of her, seemingly, longest friendship. She kicks Annie out of her top 8 and she is quite upset about this. Though, after some recollection, she gets put back in and then everything is fine again.


You know, I wonder how many shows I’ve watched thinking the characters were crap and then, many episodes later, things got better. For this show is really turning around to me. I kind of like Annie now. Granted, Annie when Sophia met her to Annie now seem like two different people, but you kind of get why. Being that Sophia can be a bit self-absorbed at times, even a bit rude about it, you kind of get why Annie forces her wants and needs in there. For perhaps, if she didn’t, it would be all about Sophia and her problems. Of which there are quite a few, granted, but even if your friend has a lot of issues, that doesn’t mean you want to be their therapist. You want someone to kick the poo which is your life around with too.

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[…] a person’s look isn’t all who they are. It’s just what they want people to see of them.

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