While the focus may be getting a dress to a bride on time, the real thing to look out for is how much Sophia is in need of some affirmation and affection.

Episode Focus: I Just Want To Make Him Proud (Sophia)

It still isn’t clear why Sophia has a fear of bridges, and whether or not that may deal with her mom, but we do know she is working her ass off for her eBay storefront. That includes dealing with a demanding client whose mother ruined her dress. But what is noteworthy is the people she vents to. Not Annie, since you know she is self-centered as hell but a new friend. A kid name Nathan (Cole Escola). Someone who is a bit weird, a bit flamboyant, and has a very close relationship with his mom Teresa (Nicole Sullivan).

Something which seems odd to Sophia, at first, but only because she isn’t necessarily close with her dad. So as Nathan’s mom laughs with her, embraces her, and says she is proud of her, you come to realize how much Sophia needed to hear that. To the point that if Robertson would have cried in that moment, you’d probably be joining her.


You know, like a lot of people, I harp on how I can’t connect with characters because they are privileged. The envy of not having their type of safety net can easily blind you to their other struggles. For, as seen with Sophia, while her dad may have a nice piece of change, his expectations to meet his greatness, in his way, are what is expected of her. Which, as we can clearly see, she isn’t capable of. So with that, and him seemingly being the only person who takes any sort of notion about her life, cause Annie sure as hell doesn’t, you can see this pressure. The type of pressure which, the way Robertson plays it out, makes it seem he wants her to do well because she is his kid vs, he wants her, Sophia, the person, to do well and be happy in life.

Hence why when she was at Nathan’s house and his mom was just accepting and gave her a hug, oh I was ready to break down in tears. For it really seemed like she didn’t have that moment with anyone for a long ass time. And yeah, Shaun is around, we see him in this episode, but he is a potential love interest. There is a world of difference between a friend or love interest saying they are proud of you vs. your parents or a parental figure.

I’m trying to explain how but it is so difficult. Either way, I would really love to know more about Sophia’s personal life for this episode really opened up a can of worms. One which makes you want to explore her relationship with Annie more [note]which seemingly will be the focus of the next episode[/note] and also her relationship with her exes and parents.

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