Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 2 “The Rightful Queen” – Recap (with Spoilers)

The ominous end of the episode noting the major battle is coming.

The reunions continue as Jamie reunited with friends, families, and former foes before the white walkers attack.

The reunions continue as Jamie reunited with friends, families, and former foes before the white walkers attack.

Director(s) David Nutter
Writer(s) Bryan Cogman
Air Date 4/21/2019

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Hello Friends, Family, Those Who’d Want Me Killed: Jamie, Daenerys, Brienne, Sansa, Bran, Jon

With Jamie in Winterfell comes many issues. The biggest one being Daenerys in his presence for with him being the one who ended her family’s dynasty, he is the enemy. Yet, all around her, she finds people forgiving the man. He is responsible, one way or another, for many Starks dying, and yet Sansa forgives, Bran doesn’t snitch, Jon is ready to move on, and Brienne vouches for him. Even Tyrion speaks for him, and with the reveal Cersei isn’t sending anyone, just prepping to kill who is left, Daenerys feels out of step with everyone around her.

Trust Is Earned & Easily Lost: Daenerys, Jon, Sansa, Tyrion, Jamie, Bran, Theonn

Daenerys countering that Jon has manipulated her, not the other way around.
Daenerys: Who manipulated who?

Hence why she feels the need to speak to Sansa since, even if there seemed to be an issue between them, it was believed they were on the same page. However, a few things keep them at odds. At first, it was the idea Jon was being manipulated by love. However, with Daenerys reminding Sansa she wants to be the queen of the seven kingdoms, and yet she fights in Winterfell, so comes the reminder she is the one manipulated by love. Leading to the next issue of Jon being warden of the North and not king, and the north wanting freedom from bending the knee. A topic which leaves her and Sansa at an impasse.

Yet, with watching Sansa forgive, even include embracing Theonn, who Jon may or may not have told her about, comes the realization that perhaps the Stark family is too forgiving. Heck, maybe like Tyrion there is some intelligence there, but their emotions get the better of them. Something that has only happened to Daenerys when it came to Khal and Jon since she had no family to create a weakness. So while Tyrion’s lapse maybe forgiven, there is a question left with viewers about how Daenerys may deal with Jon’s eventual reveal. Which, considering the crown is all she has lived for, could lead Daenerys to do something destructive.

Daenerys aside, and Jon’s distance from her, Jamie and Bran have a moment in which it is asked why didn’t he snitch? To which Bran, as he does nowadays, gives vague answers which may or may not make sense in time. At this point though, it seems Bran is operating on the idea everything happens for a reason, so he has decided to let what happened go.

As We Wait: Arya, Gendry, Brienne, Jamie, Lyanna. Jorah, Samwell, Jon, Daenerys, Tormund

To get it out the way, Jon reveals to Daenerys he is Aegon, and so comes the realization he is ahead of her for the throne. Which doesn’t lead to him saying he doesn’t want it or anything to reassure her. So, the question of whether Jon Snow may die again, but by Daenerys’ hands, seems possible. After all, she has shown signs of her father’s madness.

Their drama aside, with it being the eve before battle many try to get their house in order and bond one last time with old friends. Jamie, for example, requests to fight under Brienne and, during the night, knights her. Tormund, unfortunately, while present for this all, and supportive, doesn’t make a move. Yet, one could argue Brienne may not be totally disgusted by him. Her stuttering applies there could be some interest but her life making flirting and such foreign.

Arya after she put Gendry to sleep.

Which isn’t the case for Arya. Her and Gendry not only continue their back and forth but she becomes his 4th and he becomes her 1st. And based on how she looks after, as he is sound asleep, it is hard to say how she really felt about that. But, as some drink, have sex, flirt, others worry about more crucial things. Such as Jorah and Lyanna fighting over her wanting to be in the battle and the future of their house. Also, there is Samwell trying to figure if he should fight or be with the women and children in the crypts.

But with the Night King’s captains within sight of spotters, the bickering ends for the battle is about to begin.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

That’s what death is, isn’t it?: Forgetting. Being forgotten.
— Samwell


So Many Emotional High Points

With only 6 episodes and at least two major battles, one for the Night King and the other against Cersei, so comes the question of who is going to die? With such emotional moments like Theonn and Sansa reuniting, and sharing their final moments of peace together paired with Arya and Gendry having sex, is this the act of Black Widows? Considering Brienne is knighted by Jamie, does this mean she will die with the honor denied to her most of her life?

Heck, considering Podrick is now just really getting good, and he is one of the people who saved Tyrion, will this mean he’ll die honorable protecting him or Brienne? OH! Also, Tormund is starting to be less shy and make a move. So will he sacrifice himself and maybe get a kiss before death? Not to mention, clearly The Hound has a soft spot for Arya and while she may get it fully, he could be willing to die for her. After all, who else has he truly gotten close to all these years?

Not to forget, Greyworm and Missandei. You know what happens to most characters who make long term plans. Especially if it is with people they love. Usually one ends up dead.

The Question of How Daenerys Will Handle Being Second In Line

While we see Daenerys give an olive branch towards Sansa, and forgive Tyrion, with Jon revealing his real name and him not saying a word about not going for the Iron Throne, so comes the question if she will kill him? Also, how does she feel about having sex, multiple times, with her nephew? Considering her hatred for the Lannisters, and the embarrassment of Cersei and Jamie, will she kill him to keep that secret, as well as gain the throne? Lord knows if Ned Stark kept his mouth shut about who was truly next in line, he would be alive. So can Daenerys trust Samwell and Bran to keep quiet?

Also, considering many still see Jon as King of the North, imagine learning he is really King of the Seven Kingdoms by birthright? To take that throne from him would mean either the uphill battle of being seen on the level of Cersei or dealing with many not respecting her for not only being a woman but not the one who should be queen – even if gained by abdication. Which is all to say, while learning forgiveness and trying not to be her father is the goal, she isn’t above being ruthless. So how far is she willing to go for the throne and would she kill Jon to do so?

On The Fence


I need him to have more oomph. Him being this pseudo-all-knowing figure who speaks in vague comments is annoying. Plus, him revealing the Night King comes for him, the mark, and that he doesn’t know if the Night King could be burned by fire, he couldn’t say that before? Is the boy fighting for control over his person? I need more answers than him leading all conversations to him being the three-eyed raven.

The Battle Has To Be Fantastic

At this point, we’ve had two episodes dedicated to reunions and emotional bonding. I’m not saying I want someone to die in episode three, but I expect it. Add in creators David Benioff & D. B. Weiss will be writing the last four episodes, with George R. R. Martin having long whispered a possible ending and… I need this to live up to the hype. Which, don’t get me wrong, all the emotional bits are fine but when has Game of Thrones been primarily known for its emotional complexity? Not to say it doesn’t exist, as seen with Cersei, Sansa, and others, but it has always been the battles and deaths that had the most impacts. Both emotionally and ratings-wise. So here is hoping this ends on a roar and not a whimper.

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