Game of Thrones: Season 7/ Episode 6 “Beyond the Wall” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)


All I can say is, considering what happens this episode, I don’t think Daenerys nor Cersei will have time to battle for the Iron Throne. Especially with the Night King now having a trump card. A Precarious Position: Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Little Finger Little Finger’s plan seems to be working quite well. For whether it…


All I can say is, considering what happens this episode, I don’t think Daenerys nor Cersei will have time to battle for the Iron Throne. Especially with the Night King now having a trump card.

A Precarious Position: Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Little Finger

Little Finger’s plan seems to be working quite well. For whether it leads to Arya killing Sansa or Sansa killing Arya, either way he wins. Though, there is also a third option. Arya could expose Sansa and that could lead to her losing her position. Add on Jon hasn’t spoke to anyone in weeks and it could lead to Littlefinger, with the power of the Vale, becoming King of the North.

However, it seems his plan could already be failing. For while Arya does question Sansa’s loyalties, even when alone, with a knife, she doesn’t kill Sansa. Also, despite Little Finger’s whispers, Sansa doesn’t ask of anyone to kill Arya. All she does is send Brienne down to King Landing based off a invitation sent. An odd move considering the war with Cersei never ended and even if Brienne was close to Jamie, that had to be eons ago.


Sooner or later the student is going to surpass the master. It’s bound to happen right? Because, while Arya and Sansa might be beefing over who did, or didn’t, do what, especially when Ned was alive, I doubt their reunion is going to end over an ancient scroll. For even if Arya has seemingly lost her damn mind being a soldier with many faces, and on the verge of being as robotic as Brandon, she wouldn’t kill Sansa. Never mind cut off her face and masquerade as her. Surely they are both smart enough to know when Little Finger is playing games with them right?

Well, one can only hope. However, with Brienne sent away, and leaving only Podrick, it does leave Sansa vulnerable in case something does happen. For I firmly believe Cersei has spies all over the place. Of which, who knows, Podrick could be one of them. After all, who can keep track of the dozens, if not hundreds, of ravens who somehow aren’t shot out of the sky as they deliver all of these messages? Though, what better way to seal the sibling bond than Arya killing that person? More than likely in disguise to really show Sansa what she can do.

We Don’t Need Another Hero: Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow, Gendry, The Hound (Clegene), Thoros

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Daenerys speaks longingly of Jon who is beyond the wall. Noting that one of the traits she admires so much about Tyrion is that he doesn’t act as a hero. Yet, despite how she speaks of Jon, when confronted with the idea of them being together, she denies such a thought. Saying he is too small, probably after being with a Dothraki You know what I’m saying?.

But while Daenerys thinks of Jon, his group discovers a handful of white walkers, led by what we will call a lord. Alongside Clegene, and the rest of his merry men, they capture one after killing the lord and the rest dropping like flies There is some monster type which does the same thing, but I can’t remember it off hand.. Now, being that this thing is alive, like any living being it fears the possibility of death – so it screeches. This screech is head by the true army, not this sort of scouting party, and that leads to Jon and the rest becoming trapped.

Well, except Gendry who is told to send for a Raven to Daenerys. Who, as Jon and the rest get surrounded, and lose Thoros, swoops in to save the day with three of her dragons. Problem is, thanks to the Night King, she only leaves with two. Which, of course, leaves Daenerys a bit heartbroken. Though, with seeing the white walkers live and in person, it leads her to solidify an alliance with Jon – who somehow makes it out alive Well, thanks to Uncle Benjen who takes his place.. But, truly showing how much he appreciates her coming to his aide, Jon says, after he recovers, he’ll bend the knee.


Okay, there is something that needs to be asked here: When did Raven’s fly damn near across a continent over the course of about a day? Much less, how fast can dragons fly? Because the turn around between Gendry getting to the wall, the Raven getting to Dragonstone, to Daenerys flying out there, against Tyrion’s wishes, seemed a bit too quick.

That aside, I’m honestly starting to feel like the more we see the dragons kill off extras, rather than notable characters, it sort of weakens their mystic. For example, Daenerys brings all three of her dragons to save Jon but none of them decided to go for the Night King? Not even when he missed with his ice spear, that he surprisingly shoots farther, and with more accuracy, than Qyburn’s invention? That is the second time this season a major war could have ended if someone just acted a bit more faster on their assault.


But what can you expect of a show which makes sure to string you along by keeping people who should be dead, alive. Take Jon, for example. How in the world does he survive being pulled under a lake of ice, with at least half a dozen white walkers grabbing onto him, and not drowning? Much less, what luck that Uncle Benjen can ride through white walkers to save him? Never mind him not freezing to death, due to being wet, and reaching the wall? Also, not falling off the horse on the way to the wall?

Though when it comes to Jon, let’s face it, if he ever dies, he’ll be the last one to die. If only because, between the possibility of a Daenerys romance and revealing his lineage, the show runners won’t get rid of him just yet. Making me wonder if they perhaps lost their edge? I can’t be the only one who feels they haven’t killed someone of note in a while right?

Well, I guess that may not even matter now. For with the Night King having a dragon, everyone is screwed. The question is, will Daenerys, with two remaining dragons, still push for Cersei to join her and the North against this foe? For while Clegene made sure a white walker came with them back down south, Tyrion and Daenerys know traps probably await them. So to save mankind will they both be willing to risk their necks?

Collected Quote(s)

The enemy always wins, but we still need to fight him.

Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Littlefinger have any allies left, besides Sansa? Much less, is no one questioning his role in becoming Lord of the Vale?
    1. Also, what are the chances he is in contact with Cersei?
  2. Besides numbers, what can Cersei really add to this battle against The Night King? Especially now with him having giants and dragons, and who knows what else from what is beyond the wall?
  3. Will we see Hodor, among others, when the battle against the Night King happens?



  • The Night King reminding us that despite not being around much, he is perhaps the only thing to truly fear in westeros.

Low Points

  • How is a raven flying so far so far and not being intercepted by someone at King’s Landing at all? Is there some unmentioned treaty about “Thou shall not touch a raven which doesn’t belong to you?”

On The Fence

  • The battles against the night king’s men.
  • So when are Daenerys and her nephew going to admit they have feelings for each other?

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