Game of Thrones: Season 4/ Episode 8 “The Mountain and the Viper” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview In another emotionally draining episode, we get quite a performance from many of the actors, as we mark another character’s death. Review (with Spoilers) I love and hate this show. I love it because the characters all have such potential, and sometimes it is realized, but I hate this show since anyone is eligible…


In another emotionally draining episode, we get quite a performance from many of the actors, as we mark another character’s death.

Review (with Spoilers)

I love and hate this show. I love it because the characters all have such potential, and sometimes it is realized, but I hate this show since anyone is eligible to die and it almost seems like their death could have been prevented. Which is why I call this an emotionally draining episode for you are given a good performance out of Sansa, you get to see Ramsay have a touching moment with his father, Arya making it to the Vale, and then there is Tyrion’s champion Oberyn versus The Mountain.

Topic 1: Betrayal & Love – Theon/ Daenerys & Missandei/ Grey Worm

With Ramsay having full control over Theon (Reek), he has him infiltrate one of his (Theon’s) father’s castles and convinces the men to surrender under the ruse that no harm will come to them. But, with Ramsay orchestrating the plan, not only are they all killed, but fillet. Leading me to wonder how many times Ramsay may try this trick as Lord Bolton seeks to be undisputed in the north?

Switching to Daenerys, the letter Tywin sent seemingly is a pardon from the former king Robert Baratheon to one Ser Jorah. This letter is given to Ser Barriston, and then to Daenerys. With this information comes a deep wound in Daenerys’ back and knowing her confidant betrayed her leads her to slightly mixed feelings. Only slightly because she really should kill Ser Jorah for reporting, in the past, to lord Varys, but for time spent she decides to banish him from her sight instead. Thus making Tywin’s plan of slowly fracturing Daenerys’ kingdom begin, something Ser Jorah notes as he pleads with Daenerys to no avail.

But while those two have quite a dramatic moment, multiple sweet ones come between Missandei and Grey Worm. As we know, Grey Worm is quite taken by Missandei’s intelligence and beauty, but with him being unsullied she seemingly assumed any interest he had in her was strictly to be a better soldier. However, with him watching her naked body, and her feeling a bit of shame due to his glare, Missandei asks Daenerys what she thinks as Daenerys braids her hair, making for a rather nice girl talk moment. Sadly though, with Daenerys not knowing much of the Unsullied besides their reputation, she is unsure. Leaving us with but Grey Worm apologizing for staring, though Misssandei forgiving him and sort of happy he did. He returns the joy and we are left hoping that maybe something good may come of this.

Topic 2: This Is Politics – Ramsay, Jon, and Sansa

Switching back to Ramsay, with Theon helping him obtain a fortress, his father bestows a great honor onto Ramsay. Lord Bolton discards the surname Snow from Ramsay and fully claims him as his son, a Bolton. A moment which honestly brought tears to my eyes for as nuts as Ramsay is, a lot of his moments of madness have stemmed from him simply wanting to impress his father, and now he has. But while Ramsay’s accomplishments impress Lord Bolton, the Wildlings march toward Castle Black is striking fear in the Night’s Watch. For with an assumed 100,000 warriors against the Night’s Watch measly 100+, they don’t stand a chance. Though when Ygritte finally faces Jon once more, oh what a sight that maybe. For while she shows she may not be as ruthless as the others, as she spares Gilly her death, Jon and her have a need for a real heart to heart. In which she may end up literally having his heart in her hand, with his balls as a necklace.

As for Sansa, with Baelish standing trial before the leaders of the Vale, Sansa gives her testimony and saves Baelish, if just because she feels she can predict her future better with Baelish around than with him dead. With his life saved though comes a bit of confidence in Sansa. Her lying has improved and she seems ready to really enter politics. Then Lord Baelish seems to have plans for Robin in which he may one day be king, or die and make Baelish king of the Vale. One cannot be sure. What is known though is that the Stark sisters are possibly to be reunited for Arya can see the castle Sansa is in. Though with Sansa on her way out, they may pass each other by just like Bran did with Jon.

Topic 3: A Mountain vs. a Viper – Oberyn & Tyrion

The episode saves what we all were waiting for as the last bit, and after some delay in which Tyrion foreshadows what is to happen, we watch Oberyn and The Mountain battle and learn why Oberyn decided to be Tyrion’s champion. You see, The Mountain is the one who killed Elia and raped her, so as much as he maybe helping Tyrion out of pity, he also seeks a confession.

One in which takes a year and a day to get for between Oberyn’s theatrics, and the endurance of The Mountain, their battle lasts awhile. However, Oberyn really does a number on the mountain to the point you can see Cersei and Tywin worried. That is until Oberyn gets cocky, The Mountain grabs him, and kills him just like he killed Elia. Leading Tywin to quickly, and with such glee, announce the impending death of his own son. Which means we may have another main character die, though the books say he won’t. But, with there always being a chance the writers may change things to keep us anxiety ridden, anything may truly happen.

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