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Game of Thrones: Season 4/ Episode 4 “Oathkeeper” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As things cool down after Joffrey’s wedding, many are ready to build up to the next big event.

Review (with Spoilers)

Seemingly, despite the various media articles about last week’s rape scene, there isn’t much sign that what we may perceive as rape, will be treated as rape. Besides that, there isn’t anything big in this episode, besides the redemption of Jaime and us learning who killed Joffrey. However, even with that said, there are a few gems which do sparkle.

Topic 1: The People’s Queen – Daenerys

In what was probably one of the few cute, and innocent, moments I can recall in this show, Greyworm, with is having Missandei teach him whatever they call English, as well as Meereen’s language. Part of the reason deals with Greyworm infiltrating Meereen and handing weapons to every slave to do battle, of which they do, leading to the first successful slave rebellion after two tries. But, with Daenerys’ form of justice does come worry from Ser Barristan who perhaps thinks mercy should be granted upon slavers. This is quickly dismissed though for Daenerys’ seeking to be a savior trumps mercy of the oppressors.

Still, as Daenerys’ looks over the newest acquisition to her kingdom, it is hard not to feel for Greyworm as his crush on Missandei grows. Together they share stories of what life was before slavery, or at least Missandei does. And you can see as they expose their vulnerabilities he wishes to touch her hand, showing that even a warrior trained since childhood is still capable, and susceptible to feelings of love. Unfortunately though, for reasons not revealed, though likely due to him being unsullied, she withdraws her hand before he can even have their fingertips meet.

Topic 2: Forget What You Thought – Jaime & Tyrion

When it comes to Jamie Lannister, it seems the rape incident is supposed to be forgotten and treated as it never happened. In fact, the episode seems to want to pull a 180 degree turn and remind you how capable he is of being a good guy. And even in his scene with Cersei, she seems madder that Jaime is willing to take Tyrion’s side than what happened between them in front of Joffrey’s corpse. But, according to the director it was consensual and seemingly that is how things are going to roll.

But, back to this 180 degree turn. First and foremost, after some training with Bron, Jaime decides to visit Tyrion’s cell and trade prisoner stories. Which, due to Tyrion really not being in the mood, leads to some pokes at Jaime’s expense when it comes to his relationship with Cersei. The main point of their conversation though is: Did you do it? Of which Tyrion denies and Jaime believes, causing said argument with Cersei.

So, being that Jaime is the only one who seems to be in Tyrion’s corner, he starts doing what he can from the outside. First, he gives Brienne a suit of armor and his Valerian sword in order to not only find Sansa, but protect her against the will of Cersei; He makes sure Podrick is safe from Tyrion’s foes by having him go with Brienne; and all the while he looks at Brienne in such a way which surely was made to have his little rape incident seem like a lapse of judgment. However, being this is Game of Thrones, we must remember that enemies and friends switch sides whenever it is convenient, so it is never good to not take as much note of what allies are doing as foes.

Topic 3: The Traitor(s) – Lord Baelish, Olenna, Rebels of the Night’s Watch

Which is said because, friend to the Lannisters, Lord Baelish, is the one who plotted Joffrey’s death. The reason why? Well, perhaps part of it dealt with him wanting Sansa, who he looks lustfully at, but the other part also dealt with his new alliance. You see, one woman, who really is only second to Tyrion when it comes to good one liners and mastering a scene, has sort of always hinted at what we saw at Joffrey’s wedding. She asked Sansa what she thought of Joffrey, observed the utter lack of command his parents, and grandfather, had over him, and though arranged marriages maybe the norm, she isn’t like others who would throw their family to the wolves for a title. No, lady Olenna is smart, hence how she got into her own position. Her sister Viola, you see, was to marry Luthor Tyrell and she a Targaryen, formerly considered something of an honor. But, being that Olenna is very much a feminist with quite political skill and savvy, she made it so Luthor married her, because she put it down so good the man could hardly stand.

And this is all noted because Olenna hasn’t given up on Margaery, especially since she is to be with Tommen Baratheon, likely. But, she forewarns Margaery that she needs to do, not exactly as she did with Luthor, but definitely make sure her influence comes over Tommen before Cersei. After all, imagine what kind of man Joffrey could have been if it wasn’t for his mother?

Which leaves us with the rebels of the Night’s Watch. Who seemingly will soon have Jon Snow meeting them, with many men of the Night’s Watch, as they seek to silence them before Mance Rayder can learn their secrets. This is allowed solely though in hopes Jon will die for Alliser Throne takes note of Jon’s rise in popularity and fears having a bastard for a boss. But perhaps the real interesting thing is though is that Locke, Lord Bolton’s ally, is amongst those of the Night’s Watch and quickly becomes buddies with Jon Snow.

Leaving us with one last surprise: The White Walkers. Despite what we have heard, hinting they eat Caster’s bastards, it seems Caster’s sacrifices are what is allowing them strength. For with a White Walker’s touch, one baby turns into one of them, perhaps hinting as to how they grow their army.


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