Game of Thrones: Season 4/ Episode 3 “Breaker of Chains” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview With Joffrey’s death, and many on their way to claim the throne, there becomes a question of whether peace will ever enter Westeros and stay? Trigger Warning(s): Rape Scene Review (with Spoilers) Unlike the Red Wedding, and the death of Eddard Stark, there isn’t a large amount of tears and people wandering about over…


With Joffrey’s death, and many on their way to claim the throne, there becomes a question of whether peace will ever enter Westeros and stay?

Trigger Warning(s): Rape Scene

Review (with Spoilers)

Unlike the Red Wedding, and the death of Eddard Stark, there isn’t a large amount of tears and people wandering about over the death of one of the world’s leaders. Instead, it seems pretty much only Cersei weeps as everyone else plans their next move. Tywin is already preparing another of Cersei’s children, Tonmen, to rule, while prepping for Tyrion’s trial; Stannis wants to reclaim his rightful throne, but lacks the army to do so; Daenerys’ name is noted by Tywin as an eventual enemy, though as of now she is still trying to free all the slaves; and while this is happening the wildlings, with their friends the Thenn, are ripping through the north and bringing fear unto Castle Black and the defenders of the wall.

Topic 1: The Death of A King

With Joffrey’s death, many are either looking for answers, or looking for their next move. Well, to be honest, no one is looking for answers for all but Jaimie and Cersei are glad he is dead. However, with Joffrey’s death comes many fingers pointed at Tyrion, to the point there is no doubt a conspiracy going on. The question is though, not who is involved, but who isn’t. It remains difficult to say the Tyrells are innocent, especially the way Lady Olenna talks to Margaery, and as we watch how openly Tywin disrespects his former king’s name, in front of Cersei no less, it almost makes it seem like he is a child flaunting the fact he got away with something that Cersei can do nothing about. But, being that Joffrey pointed toward Tyrion before his death, and never mind the many threats to Joffrey’s life over the seasons, she is fully sure Tyrion did it and rather Jaimie kill him than let the imp stand trial.

However, considering the many being put against him, including his own squire Podrick, it seems Tyrion is doomed to meet the fate of many a beloved character on this show. It especially doesn’t help that Sansa is gone, and sort of is kidnapped, much less blackmailed in a way, by Lord Baelish, who quickly presents himself as another possible culprit. Then you have the issue of who is to judge his trial. Naturally Tywin appoints himself, but then there is Mace Tyrell, who Tyrion notes as a stooge, and the wild card of Oberyn. Now, the reason he is considered a wild card is because his alliance with Tywin comes only in the form of him meeting the man who ordered the death of Elia. Outside of that, there is no reason to be loyal to Tywin or the Lannister, who seemingly just want the Martells on their side for they were the ones who took down the Targaeryn dragons, something Tywin wants to be prepped for when Daenerys wants to stop playing savior.

But, one thing Tywin isn’t taking much note of is Stannis. Though why should he? Stannis has all the ambition, but no ability to attain this desired glory. Melissandre’s prophecies may come true, but never quick enough to satisfy Stannis. And, to make things worse, Ser Davos, at best, is just a good playmate for Stannis’ daughter, and hardly helpful for much more. He brings no army, no navy, and no money. However, with Joffrey’s death comes an opportunity to perhaps borrow from the Iron Bank and hire soldiers, for the controversy of Stannis, again, trying to claim the throne seems to be the only means he may get some type of backing.

Topic 2: What is Left of the Starks

As of now, The Hound and Arya still trek toward her aunt’s house, and they continue their Ellie and Joel type relationship. However, while The Hound has shown some signs of softening, he reminds us he is quite the bastard by betraying a man for some silver. Something Arya gets pissed about, but with this little tantrum the Hound reminds Arya that there aren’t many Starks left, and she needs to really learn the way of the world if she doesn’t want to lose her head as well.

Meanwhile, brother Jon is up at The Wall and between the Wildlings and The Thenn, it becomes apparent that the lazy days of the Night’s Watch are coming to an end. A battle is coming and they are ill prepared. The Caster Rebellion is to bite them in the ass, having only 100 men as Castley Rock will bite them in the ass, and being that most of the men seem like cowards, they seem to just be keeping the place ready, rather than being prepped to defend it.

Topic 3: The Savior of Slaves

Leaving us with Daenerys who has finally reached Meereen and has her army at the gates. Things, naturally, don’t start peaceful for the lords of Meereen seen their champion to face Daenerys’ and the man pisses before them. So, many volunteer to defend her honor, and all seem too valuable to spare, all but Daario Naharis. Who, due to his inability to meet most challenges with the seriousness it deserves, decides to face the riding champion on foot. And the reason for this is he throws a dagger toward the horse’s skull and kills the champion with his blade soon after.

This is just a prelude to the main event though. In what seems like an opening attack, Daenery’s launches all the chains of former slaves into the city. She announces herself as a liberator, and notes the people are given a choice. Protect your captors or get freedom, something which seems to be a very easy decision for the, finally, diverse looking slaves.

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