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With the war for King’s Landing, seemingly, over, all eyes are on the wedding.

Review (with Spoilers)

This is the type of episode which makes you want to read the books, just so you can be ahead of the game. And though, supposedly, the writers are going to twist things to keep those who read the books off their tail, I doubt they can match the drama George R. R. Martin has concocted. Still, with that said, let’s note what inspired such an opinion.

Topic 1: A Father’s Admiration – Lord Bolton, Ramsay, and Theon

With the Stark lineage mostly gone, Lord Bolton only has to conquer the straggling families of the north in order to claim their lands. However, with Ramsay mutilating Theon, he has perhaps created an enemy in the Iron Islands in the process. And with this part of the story, we see the issue most bastard children have, especially if they seemingly are the only male heir. They wish to impress their father, be one with them, but unlike Jon Snow, Ramsay Snow has barely any love coming from his father. But, with the north needing to be conquered, it seems Ramsay is given the chance to perhaps get some semblance to the family name. And with this opportunity comes a boyish grin on this odd psycho who goes off to impress his father.

Topic 2: Short Appearances – Bran & Stannis

In the episode, we do see Bran and Stannis, but nothing of serious note happens. Bran, we learn, has increasingly been using his powers to escape hunger, and paralysis. Something which worries Jojen for he fears Bran will eventually lose himself to being a wolf, and won’t just forget his humanity, but them and all that has happened. But, he uses his power of vision one more time on a white tree and sees many flashbacks of what has happened, and now he is to look for someone, someone who maybe north.

As for Stannis, he sacrifices his brother in law, a worthy ally, to the the Lord of light. Something Ser Davos doesn’t understand, but with Melissandre being in a position of power, Stannis remains ambivalent to any warnings he hears. However, what doesn’t fall on deaf ears is his wife’s words against his daughter, a possible non-believer, who she thinks should be striked. Something Stannis is vehemently against, so his wife says Melissandre should speak with her, as she notices the chemistry between the two (Stannis and Melissandre). Now, as for Melissandre’s conversation with Shireen, it is but a simple one informing her about their new gods, while she disregards the old ones.

Topic 2: The Wedding – Joffrey & Tyrion

With the wedding day here, Joffrey, naturally, is in high spirits and his ego is at its height. Leading poor Tyrion to much embarrassment, of which Margaery attempts to circumvent, with no help from Cersei or Tywin. But, while Margaery attempts to balance out Joffrey, Cersei makes her move on snitching on Tyrion’s former lover Shae, of which Tywin is ready to keep his promise and kill. Thankfully though, Varys informs Tyrion in time to save Shae, leading Tyrion to saying the cruelest things imaginable to finally break their bond, and keep her safe.

And seemingly he does this more for Sansa than himself. For while she may never love him, at the very least it seems they pity one another enough to be kind to each other. For example, during the wedding Joffrey decides to punish Tyrion for not joining a little people’s performance by making him his cup bearer. He doesn’t just allow Tyrion to do this simple job though, no Joffrey decides to drops his cup, kicks it around, and Sansa, delicately, helps her husband without turning attention to herself. Something which should be considered commendable since everyone else just watches in horror. Though I should note, Tyrion uses his skills in “diplomacy,” aka shade, to walk a thin line and insult Joffrey in front of everyone, leading to this punishment.

Still, upon Joffrey catching Tyrion & Sansa trying to leave, he goes for one more moment. In this moment though, I had to rewind things repeatedly. For one, Margaery places Joffrey’s cup toward her side of the table, near Lady Olenna, and not toward the Lannisters; Two, we never see Margaery eat from the pie her family bought for the wedding, though she feeds Joffrey plenty; and three, Tyrion takes a look at Olenna before giving Joffrey the wine he just drank from.

And the reason these little moments matter is because, Joffrey seemingly gets poisoned. Which I find odd for the question is: Who did it? Cersei claims Tyrion did, which makes no sense. After all, Tyrion who has had so many better opportunities to kill Joffrey, in manners which would never lead to him being found out. And yet, he would do it at Joffrey’s wedding? I mean, does Cersei take Tyrion for such a fool that she would forget the reason she didn’t end up like Elia was because of Tyrion’s abilities as a tactician? Take into consideration, if Stannis could be taken down by Tyrion with such careful planning, why would he use such a tactless measure to kill Joffrey?

So, that leaves: The Tyrells, who have little reason to, outside of maybe getting revenge for Renly, since with Margaery just becoming Queen, and with no heir yet, that would be stupid; Oberyn Martell is a suspect, but it does seem like he is the type who would want it to be known he killed Joffrey, so I doubt it was him; Cersei and Tywin seem like good suspects, especially considering Tywin undoubtedly wouldn’t mind being king, much less Cersei kills two birds with one stone by getting rid of Margaery’s claim to the throne and killing Tyrion in the process. But, even with these theories, nothing really makes sense.

Things to Note

  • I would argue that Locke probably raised Ramsay far more than Lord Bolton did. They seem to have some semblance of a relationship where, likely, Locke is to him as Ser Davos is to Shireen Baratheon.
  • I admit not being sure how royal lines would work, but considering Cersei lost her ability to be queen when her husband died, I assume Margaery just lost her title. Making, if I’m not wrong, Stannis the only right now, due to being of Baratheon pure blood. Outside of that, with Sansa not having a child, Jamie out of the running, and Sir Loras likely to not approach the throne, I can only assume Tywin will be king for now, until a successor can be found or made.

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