For The Love of Jason: Season 1/ Episode 5 “We’re Just Hanging Out” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

With Carmen’s return, we’re reminded why she and Jason broke up without the need for a flashback.

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Jason and Carmen sitting at Lacy's bar

With Carmen’s return, we’re reminded why she and Jason broke up without the need for a flashback.

Director(s) Michael Vaughn Hernandez
Writer(s) Trell Woodberry, Deshawn Plair, Sade Oyinade, Ikenna Okoye
Aired (UMC) 12/17/2020

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It’s Hard Out Here When You’re 30 – Danielle, Jason

Through Lacy, because that went well before when she tried to hook Jason up at Erick’s wedding, Jason has a date. It is with a young woman named Danielle who is a beautiful woman, gave good phone conversation, but has a kid. A kid who is rude as all hell, and because Danielle didn’t have a babysitter, he comes on their date – their first date.

Now, is Danielle a nice woman? Yes. However, Jason can’t deal with her kid, so he decides that it is their first and last date.

Now, For Some Good News – Lacy, Cody, Jason, Erick

While Jason’s love life remains stagnant, at the very least, his team is winning. He and Cody are ready to start their own firm and have already found a place. Lacy has booked a series, Dated Romance, which is her first booking in a long time, and Erick has put his hat in to become principal of his school, so things are going well.

You Can’t Keep Stringing Me Along – Jason, Carmen

And you know, Jason could have had it all. After breaking up with Mark, since she isn’t over Jason, she tries to get them back to where they were. However, Jason still isn’t ready, he claims to be a new man, but he really is the dude he was a year before. The only difference is now he has had a few therapy sessions. Which seemingly haven’t changed whatever the underlying issue is that makes it so, after 3 years, he can’t commit.

Carmen and Jason talking in bed.


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The Dating After 30 Experience

Let’s look at this from both Carmen and Jason’s perspective. For Carmen, she is 30 something, and the fear of having a difficult time having kids, ageism, and losing years of your life with nothing to show for it is a major thing. For as Danielle said, 3 years is a long time. In 3 years, you can change jobs, get a promotion, and have a kid who can start talking and using the bathroom independently. 3 years isn’t casual, that’s serious. This is why you can easily understand her, and many women, who get frustrated by the idea that you can be with them and sleep with them that long yet feel a ring and some documents is a huge thing.

However, on the flip side, for Jason, you have to look at it as him just starting to come into his own. His career is about to be on and popping, and while Carmen can assist with the interior design, is she ready and willing to be his girl, potential wife, while he is trying to get a business going?

But, even with that idea in mind, does that excuse his actions? No. It actually pushes you more to wonder why doesn’t he trust Carmen and what’s the source of that? He has a therapy session in the episode, yet not much comes of that. So will we ever get to the root of the issue and pull it out?


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The Dating After 30 Experience - 83%


Carmen's return answers the question of what broke her and Jason, with it being far more on Jason's inability to commit than Carmen's desire to, like Lisa, be able to feel comfortable with the time she has invested and wants to invest.

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