For The Love of Jason: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Something New” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

We find out who Lacy’s mystery date was, as well as meet Alicia. Someone who has had it to about here with Byran’s BS.

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Bryan trying to defend himself

We find out who Lacy’s mystery date was, as well as meet Alicia. Someone who has had it to about here with Byran’s BS.

Director(s) Michael Vaughn Hernandez
Writer(s) Trell Woodberry, Deshawn Plair, Sade Oyinade, Ikenna Okoye
Aired (UMC) 12/10/2020
Introduced This Episode
Alicia Christol Lartey
Lola Beverly Todd
Steven Ryan Scharoun
Kara Milli Moto

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When Your Personal Life Doesn’t Match Your Job – Bryan, Alicia

In the middle of a session, Alicia confronts Bryan and blows up the vibe that his calm and relaxed demeanor means he knows what he is talking about. In truth? Well, Alicia is tired. She knows he is straying and feels left on a hook and is growing tired of him trying to use his degree to manipulate her. But, it is decided to wait until dinner to truly talk about things.

It’s Hard To Be Happy When You’re Used To Being Miserable – Bryan, Alicia, Steven, Kara, Lacy

So, Lacy is dating someone that even her roommate, Kara, hasn’t met. Mainly because she wants to keep it on the low, enjoy the moment, but also because the man in question, Steven, is white. Bryan finds this out while being nosey, despite being tasked with saving his relationship. One which ends as Alicia realizes that Bryan isn’t serious about hashing out their differences.

As for Lacy and Steven? Well, things are complicated. It’s still very new, and while Steven is trying to lock down Lacy, him being white and her baggage pushes her to slow things down so it could last. Which, when she friend zones Steven in front of Bryan, puts him off, but she tries her best to smooth them over.

This That Bull… – Cody, Lola, Jason

Jason is about tired of his bosses. First, they hook him up with Lola, who actually is really lovely, but then push the idea that one of the only reasons Jason is worth his salary is being able to handle women like Lola and people of color in general. This disrespect pushes Jason to want to start his own thing and bring Cody along. For between the two, they think with Oscar winners like Lola and the baseball star Cody just signed, they have the clientele needed.


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Lacy Dealing With Her Trauma and Interracial Dating

The person who always has a joke usually is hiding something, and with Lacy, it seems to really be that, as much as she can and does go off about Chauncey, she isn’t past what happened. She trusted a man enough to marry him, and he left her with bad credit and possibly ruined all she accomplished since she was a child star. So you could understand her dipping her toe into dating, rather than jumping in, and even wanting to try something different.

And while, yes, Steven is awkwardly white, like Erick’s father Sam, he is willing to learn. Though, unlike Sam, he isn’t offensive – thus far.

Lola’s Story and How That Inspired Jason

The investment in talent that isn’t a teen or twenty-something, but older, clearly Black, is limited. Which leaves such a gap in telling Black stories and presenting real people. Ms. Lola, even if she isn’t the main character, talking about her Oscar, her relationship, and connecting with Jason, is what we need to see. It can’t all be Queen Sugar and the hope Cicely Tyson comes back for another season of Cherish The Day.

But getting back to Lola, the benefit of her presence is hearing about a multi-decade career in which she held the reigns. For a lot of people, seeing someone who looks like you do grand feats, that is what inspires you. That is what pushes you to think you don’t need to just survive under an unjust system. You can either change it or venture out and create a niche for yourself. Heck, this website came to be since my mom owned a fan web site, and with seeing that, I felt capable of doing something myself.

Lola (Beverly Todd) talking to Jason and telling him her life story
Lola (Beverly Todd)

Representation matters.

Meeting Alicia

For 3 episodes, Alicia has been spoken of yet hasn’t been seen. She was just a ghost that haunted Bryan and kept him from ho-ing around as he would like. Yet, with meeting her, while a little underwhelmed by her, I appreciated she had her moment. Bryan has been out of pocket for the entire show, and I think the scene where he picked with Lacy could mean Alicia had suspicions.

Stick with me here. We know Bryan is a dog, but what if the bickering Bryan and Lacy has might actually be seen as chemistry to Alicia? What if she thinks Bryan is so into Lacy’s business because he has feelings for her, but with her being the homie, he can’t express that? Hence him talking to Lacy being the final straw, rather than everything else that happened?


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Lacy Dealing With Her Trauma and Interracial Dating - 84%
Lola's Story and How That Inspired Jason - 83%
Meeting Alicia - 80%


We have reached a bit of a turning point as Jason prepares for the next chapter of his professional life, and Lacy and Bryan find themselves thrust into an uncomfortable time. Yet, with Lacy, at least it was by choice, for the better, compared to Bryan, who screwed himself over.

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