For The Love of Jason: Season 1/ Episode 2 “This Is Some Bull…” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Lacy in a audition room

The bro code gets tested as one of Erick’s exes approaches Jason and Lacy learns that she needs to be careful for what goes around comes around.

The bro code gets tested as one of Erick’s exes approaches Jason and Lacy learns that she needs to be careful for what goes around comes around.

Director(s) Michael Vaughn Hernandez
Writer(s) Trell Woodberry, Deshawn Plair, Sade Oyinade, Ikenna Okoye
Aired (UMC) 11/26/2020
Introduced This Episode
Paula Apryl Jones
Amanda Danny Brown
Simone Dawn Dai
Chauncey Mykel Shannon Jenkins
Cody Iker Amaya

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That Old Thing? – Bryan, Jason, Erick, Lacy, Lisa, Paula, Cody

After being reminded that his bosses at Allan-Young see limited potential, Jason’s co-worker, Cody, takes him speed dating. Mind you, Jason did not have ANY desire to go speed dating – he thought they were just going drinking. But, to much surprise, they find Bryan there, who says he is doing research but gets caught, and someone lets his enduring fiancée know what he is doing.

But, just to show the night wasn’t a total waste, Jason does see Erick’s ex, Paula. Someone who is fine and doesn’t seem to fit the description Lacy and Lisa made Erick’s exes to be. She doesn’t seem like a gold digger or hoe, just someone looking for love.

Paula (Apryl Jones) doing speed dating
Paula (Apryl Jones)

Yet, with Erick feeling a certain type of way about Jason possibly hanging out with Paula, Lisa finds herself having to remind Erick that he is married and about their future, not his past.

You Talk To Your Mother? – Alexandria, Jason

With Alexandria’s current girl, Stacy, in her house, eating her food, getting on her nerves, she tries to escape all that and ends up finding Jason. Someone trying to help a client, an older Black woman, with a rebrand. But, what their conversation boils down to is the question of whether Jason may give their mother a daughter in law. A grandbaby, for sure, but in terms of doing things the “proper” way? That isn’t likely.

Your Mouth Can Get You Into Trouble – Lacy, Jason, Paula, Simone, Chauncey, Amanda

Case in point, when Paula invited Jason over, it was under the guise it was going to be a party with other people. What it ends up being is her in lingerie and Jason having to ask himself, “Am I willing to risk it all?” Because Erick clearly isn’t for Jason seeing Paula, you know Lacy is ready to dog anyone and everyone, but the moves Paula is pulling? She could suck Jason in.

Luckily, he avoids that trap, but then Amanda, the girl who has been blowing up his phone, was waiting outside.

Chauncey (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) and Simone (Dawn Dai) talking about Lacy
Chauncey (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) and Simone (Dawn Dai)

Switching to Lacy, as made clear in the pilot, she has a lot of mouth. However, what she wasn’t expecting was mouthing off to her ex Chauncey, and throwing his new girl, Simone, into it, would bite her in the ass. How? Well, Simone is a casting agent, and what could have been a comeback role for Lacy, featuring Michael B. Jordan, seems like it isn’t going to happen now since Simone is casting the film. For if someone decided to clown you about your weight, would you do a damn thing for them?



Meeting The Exes & Those Many Wish Were Forgotten

While we didn’t get to be around Chauncey enough to know whether it was him or Lacy that likely caused that relationship to blow up, you have to appreciate him being seen. The same goes for Paula and Amanda. It is through someone’s exes that you can see bits and pieces of their journey. Be it what they were once willing to accept, where their head was, or even who they were.

Now, of course, that goes both ways. Chauncey and Simone’s relationship looks functional and as fun as Lacy seems (read: hot mess), can you imagine her with Chauncey? Mind you, she has made him seem like a dog who is a user. However, we all know one person who swears up and down their side is the correct telling of what happened. So here is hoping Chauncey gets a chance to tell his truth.

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