Roselyn Sanchez as Elena
"Roselyn Sanchez as Elena," Fantasy Island, "Walk A Country Mile," directed by Marie Jamora, 2023, (FOX)

A country superstar inspires some changes on the Island, which leads someone who has been here a while to leave.

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A country superstar inspires some changes on the Island, which leads someone who has been here a while to leave.

Aired (FOX) March 6, 2023
Director(s) Marie Jamora
Writer(s) Jane Espenson
Newly Noted Characters
Shay Fury Marie Osmond
Beau Tyler Perez
Previously Noted Characters
Helene Alexa Mansour
Elena Roselyn Sanchez
Javier John Gabriel Rodriquez
Isla María Gabriela González
Ruby Kiara Barnes


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Why All The Secrets? – Isla, Ruby, Elena

Increasingly, Ruby doesn’t understand or necessarily like that Isla is so secretive about their relationship. Granted, her closest friend is Elena, and she doesn’t want to rub her relationship in her face. But, simultaneously, she is happy again and just got out of a rather dark period. So, some of her wants to show off Isla a little bit.

But, as before, when Isla can be seen by someone beyond Ruby, she disappears without a trace.

See Things From The Otherside – Shay, Beau, Elena

This week’s guest is a country superstar named Shay Fury and her assistant named Beau. Elena helps Shay with the fantasy of being able to write again, and Beau to do more than get Shay coffee by having them swap lives. Shay becomes the assistant and Beau the superstar. But, while Beau enjoys the celebrity, he isn’t able to perform when he is called upon.

Now, this isn’t to say he isn’t talented, but the issue is that Shay cut him down just as he was starting to pick up speed. You see, like many an assistant in the entertainment industry, Beau had dreams of following in his boss’ footsteps, but not with her calendar or food. He wanted to get into music, and he was pretty good, but because Shay cut him enough to dissuade him but not enough to lose him as an assistant, he put his dream on pause.

She realizes that she hasn’t been able to write a Grammy-winning hit because of how disassociated she is from her previous life and because of what she did to Beau, a member of the next generation. So, with apologizing to him and the Island pushing her to remember her roots, she writes a new song, and as an apology, she gives it to Beau. He gets a second chance at performing, and with him doing well, it seems while Shay may have lost a duet partner, she has found a way to extend her voice to a whole new audience.

Bye Bye Baby – Helene, Javier

As Beau and Shay are going through their thing, with Shay sometimes flirting with Javier, Helene is trying to figure out her next move. Each fantasy she watches only pushes her more and more to exit the mourning process. Almost as if the fantasy wants her to witness people coming to realizations about changes they need to make so she can learn vicariously.

Which she does, but to get back to the life she was living, it isn’t just about going to the mainland, heading to college, and that’s it. She reveals to Javier she is a skier and that was expensive. Granted, she was good, but when her mom got sick, she dedicated herself completely to her, and skiing got set aside. But, being that Javier lives on a resort, where he apparently gets paid, and even with them just meeting, he offers to pay for her training, and she eventually accepts.

Thus leading to Helene leaving the Island and returning to her old life.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How aware of the Island’s plans is Elena?

What Could Happen Next

  1. We learn Isla is part of the Island’s fantasy for Ruby



Continued Interest In Who Or What Isla Is

While Isla has delayed revealing who or what she is for more than a season, the intrigue isn’t gone. As it increasingly becomes clear the Island operates in ways beyond Elena’s knowledge, with its own agenda, so comes the question of what does it have planned for Ruby? It has already branded her and given her eternal life, in exchange for assisting Elena and staying on the Island. So is Isla another means to keep her around, to maybe mess with her, or help her complete a second fantasy, something long-term, as a gift for helping Elena?

On The Fence

Missed Potential For Helene?

Alexa Mansour as Helene saying goodbye
“Alexa Mansour as Helene saying goodbye,” Fantasy Island, “Walk A Country Mile,” directed by Marie Jamora, 2023, (FOX)

Helene getting to walk into people’s fantasies, and engage with people in a way that got them to where the Island wanted them to be, pushed the idea there is more meant for her than just being Javier’s suddenly introduced daughter. It appeared she could potentially be made to be next in line, an apprentice, but that didn’t come to pass.

Which, considering all she could have been for Ruby and Javier in terms of helping them with their journeys, it does seem like a missed opportunity.

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Roselyn Sanchez as Elena
Fantasy Island: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Walk A Country Mile” – Recap/ Review
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Continued Interest In Who Or What Isla Is
Missed Potential For Helene?

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