Remember the road trip from Seattle spoken of earlier in the season? This episode reveals what happened.

Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s) Anthony C. Hill
Air Date 7/10/2019

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The Ride From H-E Double Hockey Sticks: Amelia, Jade, Moz, Cocoa, Ami, Mazzi, Shaka

With Amelia watching her family run out of a restaurant, leaving her behind, comes the question why? Leading to a long story about the RV journey from Seattle to Columbus, Georgia. A journey which had Jade almost end up with polygamist, a raccoon attack Moz, and the reason everyone ran. You see, during the venture across the south, the family ran into people into the occult and they were seen in the restaurant.

Now, be it that Amelia sees nothing but Jesus or thinks her family is lying to her, she pays them no mind. However, when she runs into them during her nightly run, the truth comes out and, bum knee or not, Amelia runs.


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