Amelia’s past is discovered by her grandkids, and let’s just say Amelia “Trimming the mustache” of someone gets Jeb fired up.

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Amelia’s past is discovered by her grandkids, and let’s just say Amelia “Trimming the mustache” of someone gets Jeb fired up.

Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s) Beverly DeLoatch, Charity L. Miller
Air Date 7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Himself Charlie Wilson

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Spoiled Kid(s): Jade

From a housekeeper to individual bathrooms, needless to say, going from luxury to sharing a house with maybe 4 bedrooms? Perhaps 2 bathrooms? It’s a challenge. One most of the kids seem able to deal with but not Jade. Be it because she is so used to luxury or doesn’t have coping skills, she finds a reason to complain left and right. Though, let’s be real, who wants to share their bed with their little sister who giggles in her sleep and can’t stay still?

The Legend of Charlie Wilson: Mazzi, Shaka, Charlie Wilson, Jade, Amelia, Jeb

Everyone’s grandparents have lived long before they inherited that title. As for Amelia, she used to be a backup singer for Charlie Wilson. A man who loved her deeply, even says he wrong “You Dropped A Bomb” based off their friendship. Which, according to Amelia, is all they had but Jeb gets jealous. Mind you, the man wouldn’t marry Amelia at the time which is one of the reasons she went on tour. But now, thanks to Mazzi and Shaka, the two are fighting.

Yet, also thanks to Mazzi and Shaka, Charlie Wilson finds the McKellan family home and gets to clear things up. Ending Jeb and Amelia’s fight, and making it so Jade no longer has to share her space in the attic, that she moved into, with Amelia.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering weeks have gone by since the family reunion, are you telling me someone with a 15-year career, which includes winning the Superbowl, couldn’t find a house in Georgia near his parents? Much less, he couldn’t have waited? I get the point of the show is us seeing how Moz’s chosen family clashes with the one he was born into, but I can’t help but take things a bit too seriously.



Amelia Having A Life

Increasingly when it comes to grandparents on TV, they aren’t treated as someone end of the road, retired, and seemingly someone who was born in their house, rarely goes beyond the porch, and likely will die on the sofa. Instead, grandparents are vibrant, had pasts, curse a lil, but try to keep up appearances. That’s what we get with Amelia, M’dear, this episode and you got to love that one of the first people the show decides to develop is her. Rather than, as the first episode made it seem, this show would mostly develop Jade and her life in Columbus, while popping in on everyone else’s life.

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