Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 2/ Episode 4 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

While we see Matilda and Nicholas going on a loop, Genevieve seems ready to break her cycle.

Episode Title Cave Cockroaches
Director(s) Josh Thomas
Writer(s) Thomas Ward
Aired (FreeForm) 4/22/2021

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So, Are We Girlfriends Again? – Drea, Matilda

Despite the heartache the first time around, it seems Drea and Matilda want to give being in a relationship another go – with conditions. One, Drea thinks she might be asexual, so she doesn’t want to do anything like that. She does like some intimacy but not the sex stuff. So, considering that Matilda is sexually straight, it’s agreed Matilda can have sex, safe sex, with boys, and thus, they are together again.

This Is You At Your Core – Alex, Nicholas

While Matilda and Drea reconcile, once again, you’re left to wonder if Alex and Nicholas may part? For with Nicholas continuing to show he is on a learning curve when it comes to being in a serious relationship, Alex is becoming more and more frustrated. Prime example, it has been two weeks since Alex’s parents announced their divorce, and Nicholas is only now asking how Alex feels. This leads to an argument that, with Nicholas not knowing what he did wrong or correcting it as Alex likes, he pushes Alex to think he likes being a perpetual victim.

Nicholas trying to get attention
Nicholas trying to get attention

However, the truth might be that Nicholas doesn’t know how else to operate in a relationship because of his relationship with Penny.

Taking Up Space – Barb, Genevieve, Nicholas

With Alex mad, Genevieve being willing to take up time with Nicholas is a blessing. Mind you, it might partly be since she wants an alternative to Barb, who is mid-key annoying. How so? Well, by talking about how certain foods affect your vagina.

So, when it comes to her YouTube video and just wanting company in proximity, maybe not with too much talking, Nicholas is a good pick. Especially since, while Genevieve takes down her original video for YouTube, her second one? Oh, it does well and even attracts the attention of the boy in her math class – Oscar.

Someone who she talks on the phone with and is likely the boy she is dating in the season’s preview.




Genevieve questioning whether love shouldn't be conditonal.
Genevieve questioning whether love shouldn’t be conditional.

What Genevieve gives is, as said by a commenter on her video, “Relatable content.” She is awkward without being overtly cute to compensate, doesn’t have some grand plan, her friends don’t balance her out by being really cool, the hot one, or anything like that. She is normal in a way most shows don’t get. This is why her possibly dating is so exciting since it’s hard not to develop a sort of kinship with Genevieve, like you’re her Nicholas, just without leaving Australia.

On The Fence

Wondering At What Point Will Alex Have Enough?

When it comes to Alex, there is the need to ask, what does he get out of this relationship? Yes, he knows Nicholas is likely to not cheat on him, and being with Nicholas means access to his home, pool, and quite a bit of luxury. However, is the trade-off worth it? Nicholas is needy, insecure, whiny, and his sisters? Granted, they are nicer now than before but, there are still moments when they make it clear they don’t trust him – like Matilda airing out that she feels Alex is using Nicholas.

So will things get better, or should we just assume Alex likes this level of dysfunction, as long as he can complain about it every now and then?

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Genevieve - 88%
Wondering At What Point Will Alex Have Enough? - 74%


Though some of the relationships deserve a raised eyebrow, what Everything's Gonna Be Okay consistently reminds you is that it isn't looking for perfect or well-tread roads. Each character, and their relationship, is unique and they'd rather awkwardly walk through the woods than down any paved road.

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