Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 7 – Recap and Review

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In the penultimate episode of the season, “Everything Now” decides to take a dive off the height that was episode 6 as Mia’s 17th birthday arrives.

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Release Date (Netflix) October 5, 2023
Director(s) Laurel Steinel
Writer(s) Glenn Waldron
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Becca Lauryn Ajufo
Cameron Harry Cadby
Carli Jessie Mae Alonzo
Mia Sophie Wilde
Alison Niamh McCormack
Will Noah Thomas
Theo Robert Akodoto

Plot Recap

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Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone – Becca, Cameron, Carli, Mia

Cameron is going through it. His mom is depressed, his dad is barely around, Carli is withdrawing from him, and when it comes to Mia and Becca, neither are the source of comfort they once were or could be. Becca is dating someone new, and her friendship with Cameron is on ice, and Mia? Cameron seeks her out to help with the Carli situation, but Mia’s birthday is soon, and this ends up taking over her life to the point that Cameron’s request is hard to prioritize. Especially since Mia still has strong feelings for Carli.

Whose Birthday Is It Really? – Mia, Carli, Alison, Cameron, Will, Theo, Becca

With a girlfriend like Alison and a best friend like Will, the chance for anything small and subtle for a 17th birthday party was unlikely. However, Mia was hoping that when they agreed to something that wasn’t lavish, they’d stick to it. But, the list notes go clubbing, Mia was in the mood to say yes, and so a little party became a big thing with Alison inviting so many people Mia doesn’t know and doesn’t necessarily like.

Mia (Sophie Wilde)
“Mia (Sophie Wilde),” Everything Now, “Episode 7,” directed by Laurel Steinel, 2023, (Netflix)

The issue doesn’t end there. Alison decides to put the hashtag “AnorexiaWarrior” on social media, and you know that doesn’t go over well. Then Mia gets pushed to talk to Carli again, and with all that is going on with Alison and Carli seemingly having stuff going on in her life, both are in this vulnerable position where their closeness leads to a kiss.

As you can imagine, Cameron catches them kissing, and with that comes a blow-up between him and Mia, with Mia noting how Cameron betrayed her and him redirecting these feelings towards her parents – who originally didn’t take Mia’s eating disorder seriously until she was passed out on the stairs. Oh, and Cameron reveals to Alison what happened – or at least alluded to it.

But he isn’t the only one alluding to things! Will alludes to Cameron, while Cameron is trying to apologize to Becca about calling her a Sket, about Becca’s abortion. Cameron doesn’t pick up on it, but Becca gets mad Will would even hint at it, never mind push the idea she and Cameron should get together while she is trying to move on. So, she reminds Will to focus on his own relationship troubles.

Will (Noah Thomas)
“Will (Noah Thomas),” Everything Now, “Episode 7,” directed by Laurel Steinel, 2023, (Netflix)

Now, what are those? Well, Will isn’t used to someone like Theo, who takes him on dates, is affectionate and loving, and it makes him uncomfortable. Especially since all of this could lead to sex, and the idea of doing anal terrifies him. So, as Will does, and as this episode does ad nauseam, Will says too much, Theo overhears, and yet another relationship implodes.

A Break From Recovery Road – Mia

With yet another destructive night, Mia decides to call it quits. She knows how far she has come, but with it seeming she has been on a stationary bike and only has seen how far she could have traveled, but not really going anywhere, she appears to have decided to re-commit to her illness.


On The Fence

A Well-Tread Road

Mia (Sophie Wilde) and Carli (Jessie Mae Alonzo)
“Mia (Sophie Wilde) and Carli (Jessie Mae Alonzo),” Everything Now, “Episode 7,” directed by Laurel Steinel, 2023, (Netflix)

To me, all the drama of the episode was a bore. Some of it had some nuggets in it, like learning about Cameron’s parents, Will’s fears of intimacy – particularly gay sex, and Carli hinting at something being wrong with her mom, more than usual. However, all the relationship drama just felt bland – especially people finding out on the spot about being betrayed.

But, like most shows or movies that try to do something different, towards the end, they almost all find themselves going from carving new paths to a familiar road, as if there is only one way to end their story. Which, unfortunately for “Everything Now,” includes hinting at Mia relapsing, a high level of drama, and almost wishing things ended with episode 6.

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Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 7 – Overview


In a rather weak episode before the finale, there is a need to question what does ending strong look like for shows that start off so good? How can you keep things interesting without some generic type of drama eventually creeping up, or overwhelming all the good work done thus far?

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  • A Well-Tread Road

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