“Everything Now” switches things up by focusing on what Alex, Mia’s little brother, has gone through and is going through, and it’ll make you wish and hope we get others perspectives in the final episodes.

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Netflix) October 5, 2023
Director(s) Dionne Edwards
Writer(s) Dyland Brady
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Issy Sephora Parish
Tom Rio Thake
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Alex Sam Reuben
Cameron Harry Cadby
Becca Lauryn Ajufo
Mia Sophie Wilde
Dr. Nell Stephen Fry
Viv Vivienne Acheampong
Rick Alex Hassell
Will Noah Thomas
Theo Robert Akodoto

Plot Recap

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Having Something Joyful For Myself – Alex, Cameron, Becca, Mia, Tom, Issy, Will, Theo

Will and Theo aren’t like other couples; they don’t hide how much they like each other in public, and even when Theo is teased, he doubles down. Case in point, he asks Will on a date, which shocks Will mildly but is gleefully accepted.

He isn’t the only one experiencing some level of joy. While Alex is a bit envious of his sister for having the friend group she has, especially after many of them adopted him while Mia was in hospital, he does have his own. It’s just that Cameron is like the ideal big brother, Becca is fit, and he has a bit of a crush on her and Will? That level of positivity is something Alex needs in his life.

Yet, instead, he has Tom. Someone who brings out the worst in him because Tom is a bit of a prick. However, while Tom is a prick, Issy, who seems to be the Alison of Alex’s class, is not. Alex’s crush on her is real, and the feelings might be reciprocated.

We All Have Our Own Type Of Rock Bottom – Alex, Mia, Dr. Nell, Viv, Rick, Issy, Tom

But, while Alex thinks things are good between him and Issy, maybe that she even likes him, he learns Tom was just messing with him. However, what makes the situation bad is Tom sent a generic nude from the internet, and Alex thought it was Issy, so he sent a nude back. Tom decided to circulate it and create the nickname LBC (Little Black C***) since Alex doesn’t have a BBC, in his opinion. This destroys Alex a bit and makes him spiral to the point that he stutters and becomes even more pensive when around Issy, and then add Mia’s BS?

Oh, between family therapy, having to relive the battles between Viv and Rick over their marriage falling apart, and even Mia at her worst? It makes things hard for Alex, especially since he feels there isn’t any room for him to make a mistake, lash out, or do anything but be the reliable one.

Now, this isn’t to say he is perfect. Because of what Tom did, Alex punched him in the face on the football field, and he nearly got kicked off the team and suspended. However, even with Viv being called about it, she sweeps it under the rug, and all focus is put on Mia.

It Can All End Well – Mia, Alex

Alex (Sam Reuben) and Mia (Sophie Wilde)
“Alex (Sam Reuben) and Mia (Sophie Wilde),” Everything Now, “Episode 6,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

Despite a rather rough day for Alex, things ended on a positive note. While Mia was a terror for most of the day, she chills out after having a breakdown and maybe being tempted or binging. It’s difficult to confirm. However, after Alex helps calm her down, they talk about the fiasco, which was family therapy, and Alex makes it clear he recognizes it is her illness, not her, that is often agitated and lashing out. This allows for a soft reset of their relationship.

One that allows her to help with Alex’s romantic prospects and seemingly gets him back in the good graces of Issy.

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Did Mia relapse and make herself puke, or was she just tempted to and thinking about it?

New Character Description(s)


Issy (Sephora Parish)
“Issy (Sephora Parish),” Everything Now, “Episode 6,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

Issy is one of the smartest and cutest girls in Alex’s grade, who wants to become a journalist or perhaps something that would piss off her dad.


Tom (Rio Thake)
“Tom (Rio Thake),” Everything Now, “Episode 6,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

Tom is a pseudo-friend of Alex and a player on the football team with Alex and Cameron.

Collected Quote(s)

Make better mistakes for better reasons.
— Alex


Notable Performances or Moments

The Lows You Get Sent On When Alex’s Nude Got Spread About

When it comes to “Everything Now,” nearly every happy thing that happens comes with an asterisk. Cameron’s joy comes at the cost of Becca. Carli being happy means Becca and Mia aren’t. Mia is in a relationship with Alison, who seems happy, but Alison is a placeholder, and Mia is just with her because it is nice to have someone who likes and wants you.

So when it comes to Alex, who seemed to have someone genuinely into them, and he found something to take his mind off the Mia situation, it was easy to be overjoyed. Which made it all being a prank and his nudes spreading the most devastating thing. For Alex is so nice, so innocent, and I get he smokes and curses, but depending on who you are, the bar for innocent is different. Making Alex smoking and having a potty mouth is nothing to me – never mind him messing up Tom.

But, at the very least, he rebounded at the end.

Taking A Break From Mia

One of our main complaints about “Everything Now” is the wasted potential of the supporting cast. We know so little that isn’t related to Mia and while Alex’s world revolves around Mia as much as anyone else, one could submit that between Issy, Tom, and Alex’s individual relationship with Cameron, we got to break away from Mia for a bit.

Now, I doubt they are going to suddenly let us get Becca’s perspective, Carli’s, and others, but this small break was needed in ways I don’t think can be understated.

The Perspective Of The Child Who Is Also Struggling

Because of how big and dramatic a lot of the shows we see that deal with addiction, from “Euphoria” to “Single Drunk Female,” those around them who deal with the addiction can seem secondary. They aren’t the hook, it is this person on the binge, struggling with recovery, and yet, it is because of these people who knew the lead before, during, and after them at their worse who really deserve the credit for you sticking around.

I mean, isn’t it more interesting to learn about the people who stuck around, despite all the reasons they were given to leave? Yes, in many cases, the people who stayed were family, but let’s not discount how parents can disconnect. Viv, while she is healing her relationship with Mia, didn’t even hug her when she got out. Mia’s friends? They continued living their life, and because of Mia’s request and no desire to go against her wishes, they didn’t visit.

Let’s not discount Becca’s outburst and Alex’s in this one – everyone was going through it and worried about Mia dying yet also exhausted by worrying how things would continue if she lived. So, watching Alex’s struggles with being the child forgotten, relied on to be the one who doesn’t cause trouble, I think, is a relatable story that we probably don’t see enough.

Also Worth Mentioning

  1. Will and Theo openly dating

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Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 6 – Overview


The focus on Alex gives new life to “Everything Now,” and honestly, things end on such a high note with this episode, it makes you wonder if the final two episodes will be a downer or take us to unfathomable highs for a show in its first season.

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  • Taking A Break From Mia - 85%
  • The Lows You Get Sent On When Alex’s Nude Got Spread About - 87%
  • Will and Theo openly dating - 81%
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  • The Lows You Get Sent On When Alex’s Nude Got Spread About
  • Taking A Break From Mia
  • The Perspective Of The Child Who Is Also Struggling
  • Will and Theo openly dating


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