As Mia questions what is going on with Alison, Will explores something new and Viv’s secret is forced out into the light.

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General Information

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Release Date (Netflix) October 5, 2023
Director(s) Dionne Edwards
Writer(s) Roanne Bardsley
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Janet Joan Iyiola
Young Mia Alicia Walker-Bassols
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Viv Vivienne Acheampong
Mia Sophie Wilde
Alison Niamh McCormack
Will Noah Thomas
Cameron Harry Cadby
Becca Lauryn Ajufo
Theo Robert Akodoto
Carli Jessie Mae Alonzo

Plot Recap

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Isn’t It Nice To Live In A Fantasy – Viv, Mia, Alison

Alison (Niamh McCormack)
“Alison (Niamh McCormack) ,” Everything Now, “Episode 5,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

Alison, the most popular girl at school, has a thing for Mia, and she isn’t really sure what to do with it. She isn’t over Carli, but here Alison is, following her home, trying to be there for her, and being all Mia probably needs while not being who she wants. But, as shown, Alison has impeccable timing, and she finds herself getting involved in the question of whether Viv is having an affair.

But, alongside that, Alison is making a push for Viv and Mia to bond, and for some time they do, and Mia almost forgets why she volunteered to spend time with her mom. However, the name “Keith” pops up on Viv’s phone and undoes all the goodwill.

If It Isn’t Love – Will, Cameron, Becca, Janet, Theo

Will is struggling a bit after the whole call-out by Mia thing. So, Cameron tries to help and hang out, scope out what is out there, but both realize they aren’t the type to hook up with someone random. They need a connection, and while for Cameron, that would be Becca, when it comes to Will, it appears to be Theo.

Now, you may think Theo, who was nice to Will in a vulnerable moment, was just trying to be a good friend and nothing more. However, those two talk in a public space and kiss, and now we’re left to wonder if, like Carli and Alison, are most people just sexually fluid or living without labels?

But, while Will and Theo are exploring possibilities, Becca is putting an end to the possibility of having a child. Something that her mother, Janet, finds out about, and it seems to make her stealing her keys to party in a mansion not as big of a focus. Yet, despite the fear of disappointment, Becca has, Janet goes easy on her, recognizing between her father being gone and helping to take care of two kids, Becca has gone through a lot. Though with that said, while she is supportive of Becca’s decision, she isn’t overly excited.

Too Many Secrets And None Of Them Good – Mia, Carli, Cameron, Will, Alex, Viv, Rick

Viv having an affair, and lying about it, even when Mia directly confronts her, leads to Mia going to the usual manic rage she has. However, what makes things worse is the truth that Rick and Viv are getting a divorce, Rick is moving out, and he has met someone new. Never mind, Alex knew about the separation, and supposedly, Rick and Viv feigned this façade of being together all for Mia.

What doesn’t help Mia’s mood is, once again, having a moment with Carli, while she is looking for Will, hoping they can reconcile so she can talk about Alison, and running into Carli. Once again, Carli draws her in with her vulnerability and everyone Mia could want from her. But, while she reveals her mother is an alcoholic, so bad she came to live with her dad in London, then Cameron shows up, calls Carli “Babe,” and Mia is reminded of her options.

New Character Description(s)


Janet (Joan Iyiola)
“Janet (Joan Iyiola),” Everything Now, “Episode 5,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

A realtor, Janet is a single mother who relies on Becca to help take care of her two youngest children. At the very least, picking them up from school.



Alison x Mia

In multiple ways, you can see “Everything Now” doesn’t want to make a big deal out of anything and do that in a way that makes sense. Alison and Mia, as opposite as they are, somehow make sense. Alison might be popular, but something about Mia’s introverted persona brings a calm it seems. Her lack of pursuit makes her attractive, and who knows, maybe Alison wants what she can’t have or who doesn’t want her? It’s hard to say since Alison could very well have lied to us about her life as Will did.

Yet, she seems sincere, which makes Mia not reciprocate her feelings hurt. For with the way Mia is, you know she is going to tell off Alison eventually.

Viv’s Efforts To Love Her Daughter Evolving

Taking note of Viv from the past to the present, I feel there is a push to be reminded that she is a first-time mom. She expected to have a girly daughter, maybe similar to her, perhaps more well-adjusted, and she didn’t. Like so many parents, she had to let their dreams for their child die so that the person in front of them could live, maybe even thrive.

And I think after potentially losing her to anorexia, Viv is making an effort for that to be. Now, is she perfect and really making up for lost time? Clearly not, as Mia still feels very much in her mom’s shadow. However, as shown through Alison, Viv is trying, and when Mia gets her period back at an inopportune time, Viv is able to console her and even show she is proud of her in a way that makes Mia feel loved.

Young Mia (Alicia Walker-Bassols)
“Young Mia (Alicia Walker-Bassols),” Everything Now, “Episode 5,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

But, like with Alison, I must admit, there are things about Viv that you’ll wish was dove into. For example, we’ve met her mom but have no idea what their relationship is or was like, to know how much that influenced how Viv is. Be it putting her career on par with her daughter or not being the most lovey-dovey but still wanting to gossip and talk.

Getting To Know Carli

Okay, so we only got to know Carli’s mom is an addict, but considering how little it can feel we learn about people, it feels major. Especially in terms of Mia thinking Carli pities her when, in reality, maybe she gives her hope that her mom can get better. Heck, if there was an attraction, maybe it was due to her love for her mom and learning to love her again through Mia?

A Non-Sexualized Queer Story

Theo (Robert Akodoto)
“Theo (Robert Akodoto),” Everything Now, “Episode 5,” directed by Dionne Edwards, 2023, (Netflix)

It can often feel that in most young queer stories, sans “Heartstopper,” which some may say is an anomaly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a queer story that isn’t oversexualized. Yes, Will is horny and would like to have sex, but he isn’t throwing his behind around (assuming he is a bottom) to whoever looks at him twice. He wants romance and connection, and hearing that before we see him get down with someone feels different, feels notable, and while it isn’t life-changing, like so much in “Everything Now,” it feels like the kind of representation that isn’t often given in media.

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Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 5 – Overview


Increasingly, there is a need to wish we got more than an anecdote or moment where someone, who isn’t Mia, revealed something personal about themselves. For as you see each one find something in Mia that is familiar, or the universality of Mia’s experience, there is a need to wonder more about their specific life experience beyond how it can be traced back to Mia.

  • Alison x Mia - 83%
  • Viv’s Efforts To Love Her Daughter Evolving - 84%
  • Getting To Know Carli - 81%
  • A Non-Sexualized Queer Story - 82%
  • Becca And Her Mom Talking About Her Abortion - 80%
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  • Becca And Her Mom Talking About Her Abortion
  • A Non-Sexualized Queer Story
  • Getting To Know Carli
  • Viv’s Efforts To Love Her Daughter Evolving
  • Alison x Mia


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