As sex becomes a topic of conversation Mia would love to avoid, she finds herself confronting everyone about the lies they have told.

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General Information

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Release Date (Netflix) October 5, 2023
Director(s) Charlie Manton
Writer(s) Ripley Parker
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Mia Sophie Wilde
Will Noah Thomas
Cameron Harry Cadby
Alison Niamh McCormack
Carli Jessie Mae Alonzo
Becca Lauryn Ajufo
Theo Robert Akodoto

Plot Recap

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Bad Gyal – Mia, Will, Cameron, Alison, Carli, Becca

Sex is an uncomfortable topic for Mia. Everyone seems to be doing it or lying about doing it, but her, and with her still struggling with Carli knowing about her anorexia and going to hospital, she is in a mood. Because of this, it is decided to check off another box on her list, and she pushes the group to skip down to breaking the law.

Bet. Becca’s mom is in real estate, and she has keys to a mansion. They break in, bring some alcohol, and play games, and this leads to Becca and Cameron getting into a “Will They Or Won’t They” situation, Alison continuing to flirt with Mia awkwardly, and Will doing his best to hookup Mia and Carli, though Mia has other plans.

Who Likes A Liar? – Mia, Will, Cameron, Alison, Carli, Becca, Theo

What are those plans? Oh, to expose everyone and blow up their friendship – at a party. So, from kissing Cameron, calling out Will, Becca, and Cameron, even Theo, whom she invited to the party, Mia goes on a war path that is only ended when Becca pulls her to the side and has a real conversation with her. One that is about how exhausting it was, and still is, to be her friend, and by saying something so negative, it seems Becca has a panic attack. One that allows for the healing to begin between her and Mia.

Mia (Sophie Wilde)
“Mia (Sophie Wilde),” Everything Now, “Episode 4,” directed by Charlie Manton, 2023 (Netflix)

But, no sooner than they are better, and Mia is potentially gearing to apologize to others, Carli and Cameron are making out, and Will? Well, he is having a conversation with Theo in the tub about the Gareth exposure Mia flung in his face. Now, what is it Will said to Theo? It’s mainly, like Mia, questioning his feelings about sex and knowing he could easily find someone to do it with, but something feels off.

Oh, and before you get any ideas, it doesn’t seem like Theo is trying to shoot his shot but is as nice as he is pushed to appear.

Anger Really Sobers You Up – Alison, Becca, Cameron, Carli, Mia

But, while Theo isn’t exploring his sexuality, it seems Alison is more than willing to. Could this be why she always pops up and mirrors how Mia was with Carli? Perhaps. However, considering how Mia has talked about Alison thus far, there is a need to question what’s the attraction? Is it the Mick Jagger thin physique, as she said, when teaching Mia to flirt earlier in the day? Could it be she has issues too, and feels like she can relate or be comfortable around Mia? It’s hard to say. All we know is they kiss and seemingly sleep together – maybe even have sex.

As for the others? Carli and Cameron make out and sleep together on a couch, sex likely not happening, and Becca? Well, we see her with a pregnancy test, so damn her academic and whatever is going on in her home life. She is about to have a teen pregnancy story!



Alison and Mia

Alison (Niamg McCormack)
“Alison (Niamg McCormack),” Everything Now, “Episode 4,” directed by Charlie Manton, 2023 (Netflix)

I know this is Mia’s show, but a part of me would love to see Alison’s point of view now. She basically is how Mia was with Carli in trying to get close to her, push her away a little bit, yet never too far beyond arm’s length. But, knowing so little about Alison, there is this need to question what the attraction is, when did it start, and is it just an infatuation?

Never mind, will Alison or Mia want to keep it secret, or will this relationship get to see the sun with hand holding and other PDA?

Low Points

The Becca and Carli Drama

Cameron (Harry Cadby) and Becca (Lauryn Ajufo)
“Cameron (Harry Cadby) and Becca (Lauryn Ajufo),” Everything Now, “Episode 4,” directed by Charlie Manton, 2023 (Netflix)

I’m sorry, the whole “I’m pregnant,” and issues with the new girl joining the friend group and kissing an OG’s situationship boyfriend is just not for me. It’s overdone, and while Mia’s story has provided a lot of new territory, I don’t feel Carli or Becca have brought anything, never mind Cameron, to make this on that level. So, this very well might be the blemish of the season.

On The Fence


With Alison doing as Mia did, regarding how she handled her crush, now there is a need to wonder if Will has some similarities not caught before to Mia as well. Does he also find the idea of sex immensely complicated? Hell, could he maybe have an eating disorder too? The only difference being, because he is a guy, no one is picking up on it?

Will is a character who still holds potential but, like with any character, especially in the first season, with potential, there is a need to ask when you have to give up on potential and just admit

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