Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) As Tip finds herself in the middle of a bidding war between witches, we are introduced to the Tin Man, a new empire, and a little girl with special powers. Topic 1: The Battle For The People (The Wizard & Anna) Despite the false claim, as Anna has discovered, that…

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Tip finds herself in the middle of a bidding war between witches, we are introduced to the Tin Man, a new empire, and a little girl with special powers.

Topic 1: The Battle For The People (The Wizard & Anna)

Despite the false claim, as Anna has discovered, that it was The Wizard who took control of the giants and vanquished the beast, it seems his tyranny keeps him from being a beloved figure. For, as told, he seemingly is very strict about the whole “No Magic” thing. To the point, he has Salem Witch Trial like executions. Leading to, naturally, people both practicing in secret and holding onto their beliefs for dear life.

However, in one village, ran by a man Jeremiah, Anna councils the Wizard, after he has her taken out of prison and reinstated, to not kill this man, nor make an example out of him. Instead, she says to convert him and strangely, that is what he does. Though this isn’t before noting how some view the beast as a being who cleanses and purifies.


In a strange way, this show gives me Once Upon a Time flashbacks. Mind you, I mean the earlier seasons, before the Snow Queen and the various other nonsense. Which isn’t to imply the show is starting to rebound. No, The Wizard remains a figure who is hard to latch onto. However, slowly, but surely, it seems Anna maybe able to help soften him and make him someone you can tolerate having to watch. At least until he is exposed and then things truly will become interesting. Now, as for how that relates to Once Upon a Time, it’s because I recall Regina and the many others being like Oz. Yet, with time, they grew on you. Of course they eventually grew on you like a rash or scale, but a post on Once Upon a Time may come on a different day.

Topic 2: Who Are You? What Are You? (Dorothy and Lucas [Roan])

They were off to see the wizard until a little girl latches onto Lucas. Thus leading to Dorothy wanting to take her home, some woman, and a man claiming to be her folks, Dorothy realizing this is a lie, but being detoured from immediately saving her due to the Wizard’s guard. Yet, when she does get to the girl, her eyes are as big as an owl and her kidnappers turned to stone. We aren’t told how or why since the girl doesn’t speak but upon being rescued she gladly goes with Dorothy and they encounter Eamonn.

Thus leading to the reveal Lucas’ real name is Roan but not much more. For with Dorothy shooting Eamonn with her gun, in order to escape, answers can’t be given. Though with Lucas happy with his new life that includes Dorothy, while curiosity remains, he loves this new life so much better.


A child with the power, when frightened, to turn those who touches her into stone. More and more, as this story goes on, I feel like those with the recognizable names and characters are failing us as viewers and the ones who perhaps can only be found if you read beyond The Wizard of Oz are bringing us delights. For there is as much interest in Dorothy meeting The Wizard as the Wizard himself. Plus, being that Lucas, now Roan, is but a love interest with a sword, there is very little reason to take note of him. Even if Eamonn speaks of his search of him with some sort of passion, honestly it seems all those who seek to associate themselves with The Wizard or have done so, are tainted on this show. Tainted to the point they could be the ones which will lead it to be cancelled.

Topic 3: A Whole New World (Tip & Jack)

Beginning with Jack, a woman named Jane makes him into the Tin Man. Though, by the end of the episode, she has to relinquish him to Princess Langwidere (Stefanie Martini), the princess of the Land of Ev who has taken a liking to him. Though for what reasons we are not told why.

As for Tip? Well, she finds herself sold to Glinda and in the middle of a bid between Glinda and The Witch of the West. As for what reason? Well, that is hard to tell. For while we know there is likely something special about Tip, neither one cares to reveal what to us. But, in the end, it seems Tip chooses West if only because she wants to learn magic and doesn’t trust Glinda. Though the choice between being a nun and a whore, as Tip says, doesn’t really present two great options.


Be it the actress playing Tip, or just the scenarios she is put in, honestly, I so strongly wish she was the focus of this show. For while the actress seems as green as the actress playing Dorothy, there is this attitude Tip has that is likable. One which doesn’t seem so inauthentic and like she is trying too hard. Though, as noted before, what will always put a damper on shows like this is that it has to compete with past adaptations. Yet, with the inclusion of Princess Langwidere, and the introduction of the Land of Ev, perhaps this show may benefit from the lesser known beings of Frank Baum’s world. I mean, her introduction itself may not have been the best, but it certainly brought on some curiosity.

But, lest we forget, this is NBC so while there maybe an initial curiosity, the execution will probably be as meh as everything else on this show. Which I say even though I have yet to have the desire to stop watching this. Just consider this me hoping for better but accepting better isn’t likely to come.

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