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Elite: Season 2, Episode 1 “20 Hours Missing” [Season Premiere] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

A new school year, a new mystery, and while it doesn’t seem anyone has been murdered, yet, someone is missing.

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Director(s)Ramon Salazar
Writer(s)Dario Madrona
Air Date9/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
RebecaClaudia Salas
ValerioJorge Lopez

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Let The School Year Begin: Lu, Valerio, Guzman, Samuel, Nadia, Rebeca

Rebeca (Claudia Salas), a new student at the school.

A new year begins, and some things haven’t changed. Lu is weary of the new girl, Guzman is saying Samuel doesn’t belong and harasses him, punches him even, and Nadia just tries to keep her head down. However, with Marina’s death, while the vibe is similar to what we were introduced to, things are a bit more tense.

Luckily, we got two new characters, one being Lu’s half-brother, fresh from boarding school, Valerio, who is a peacekeeper and likes to party. Following him, there is Rebeca who just moved into Guzman’s old house and seems to be slightly urban. At least, when it comes to Samuel and Nadia she identifies far more with them than the snobby rich kids.

It’s All Fun And Games: Valerio, Guzman, Christian, Carla, Polo, Nadia, Rebeca, Samuel, Ander. Lu

To kick off the school year, and to have an excuse to drink and snort coke, Valerio hosts a party and invites the whole class. This, of course, causes issues since Guzman has drawn a line in the sand that makes it so you are either on his side or willing to talk to Samuel – the kid whose brother killed her sister. Which, for many, elicits an eye-roll, like Ander.

Valerio (Jorge Lopez) saying hi to someone.

However, for others not involved with Guzman’s bark and bite, like Christian, things are a bit more complicated. For with him visiting his old friend, knowing how he ended up in prison, this weighs on him. Making it so the money and vagina of Carla has less and less of the enchanting effect it once had. Which scares her, but not Polo, surprisingly. Be it pills or just not giving a damn, since he has been shut out of Carla’s life, he seems a bit more carefree despite killing his best friend’s sister.

But, let’s focus on those without any drama – like Nadia. Some who is still brushing off Guzman, but pretty much spends the party hanging with Samuel, still lowkey seeming like she likes him, and Rebeca, who is just trying to party. Well, that and form a stronger bond with those two since it is clear, based off the way Lu talks, when it comes to the old money families, Rebeca will be looked down upon. Even assumed her family’s wealth comes from drugs. Which it may.

Oh, and before we move on, it should be noted Valerio decides to bond with his potential brother in law. Not just by talking about the immense pressure Guzman considers himself under, but also about drugs. Since Guzman is way too uptight for Valerio.

Until Someone Gets Hurt: Teodoro, Christian, Samuel, Omar, Yusef, Nadia, Carla, Ander, Nano, Rebeca

Nadia, with her air out, in a club.

While partying, Nadia, and Omar’s father, Yusef, has a stroke. One which sends him to the hospital and, unfortunately, Ander uses this time to try to meet the parents. But, rather than make a good impression, he curses in front of Omar’s mom, mentions terrorist, and just makes an ass of himself.

Though, in the long run, maybe he could recover? That is, unlike Christian who, after leaving Valerio’s party, gets into a nasty motorcycle accident. One that may have been caused by Teodoro, Carla’s dad, who seeks to handle the situation with subtly. But with Samuel getting in his face, all but accusing him of wrongdoing, and entitlement, Teodoro is forced to be quick with ushering Christian out east to Switzerland. Sending him somewhere, for top dollar, to not only recover but be so in debt he’d be obligated to keep his mouth shut and morals aside.

Thus pushing Samuel to visit his brother and have an awkward chat about not absolving Nano, but noting he doesn’t believe he killed Marina. Leading to Samuel turning to Rebeca since, after being decked by Guzman, and her boxing training, he’ll need her to toughen up. Well, that and muscle up for this plan he is forming which deals with Carla.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Stop forcing people to take sides, or you’ll end up alone.
— Ander


Rebeca and Valerio Are Welcome Additions

While Valerio may solely be an oversexualized coke head, he’s fun right now. Heck, in many ways, he is how I’d expect Christian to be if he was born into wealth. Which makes his entrance, as Christian is likely to be sent off, a decent trade.

However, Rebeca draws for more interest. Be it due to her family worth raising an eyebrow over, her closeness to Samuel, or just because she seems chill. Unlike most on this show, Rebeca doesn’t seem like she has an agenda, is using people to entertain her or to fill some emptiness. Don’t get it twisted, she wants friends and company, but doesn’t seem dependent on anyone to validate her existence. Which is refreshing considering how many of the women on this show are. Minus Nadia.

On The Fence

The Samuel Disappearance

Oh, so this is one of them shows? The kind where something happens to a character every season? The only issue with that is, while Samuel is a lead character, does he really feel like a loss? I can see if it was Nadia, Ander, Christian, or even Omar, but Samuel is kind of annoying. He’s basically the Clay (from 13 Reasons Why) of Elite. Self-righteous, thinks he knows better, has a warped view of whoever he likes, and is always driven to get what he deems as justice. All the while with these horse blinders on that makes him do so many stupid things.

Carla’s Fears

The statue which killed Marina.

Carla is another one who seems like they will have a notable role this season but doesn’t seem like they should. Maybe it is because I think she is all looks and no personality? Perhaps since Polo doesn’t seem involved which takes out that weird dynamic? Heck, it could just be Carla has never given us a single fact or piece of information to give a damn? Either way, here is hoping without Christian she doesn’t become a liability on the season.

Valerio and Lu’s Former Incestual Relationship

Does Lu not have enough going on with new girls and Guzman that we have to add in her having sex, formerly, with her half-brother? This is probably the sole thing that could kill this momentum Valerio has coming onto the show. Not to say I don’t want Lu with someone who doesn’t have a wandering eye, but this is a bit much to me.


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