Title Card - Dummy Season 1 - Quibi

A robber, a crack addict, a sex doll, and a young writer are in a convenience store together – is this a setup for a joke or tragedy?

Directed By Tricia Brock
Written By Cody Heller
Aired (Quibi) 4/27/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

You know what’s important when someone is desperate enough to rob a store and take hostages? Your boyfriend not saying he “I love you, too” when you say you love him. Yeah, that’s what is on Cody’s mind as her life is potentially threatened. But, luckily for her, the gunman is a fan of Dan’s, and that distracts him enough for the crack addict to shoot him and end the robbery/ hostage situation. Also, with a co-sign from Barbara, he just helped create the perfect story for Cody’s spec script.


The Need To Address Cody’s Relationship

In real life, Cody and Dan are engaged so clearly things are fine. However, there is this unfortunate need to ask, is she insecure about her relationship and why? One could submit it is because of the age difference of 13 years, Dan Harmon being highly successful and having multiple hits, while Heller is still making a name for herself. One that, between past shows and “Dummy,” there is likely a hope to not be seen as Dan’s girlfriend but have her own unique and individual legacy.

So, with this show seemingly being about self-exploration, with Barbara being a sounding board of sorts, as much as the hijinks is the selling point, it is also interesting to take note of Heller’s mind as she navigates trying to craft her own identity. Yet, still have this relationship that makes her feel happy and loved.


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