Downton Abbey: Season 5/ Episode 1 [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As we return to the Abbey, as usual drama awaits behind every door, in every field, and mischief is constantly on the mind. Review (with Spoilers) Bless the existence of the internet for otherwise I would have to wait who knows how many months for this to come to America. Of which I refuse…

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As we return to the Abbey, as usual drama awaits behind every door, in every field, and mischief is constantly on the mind.

Review (with Spoilers)

Bless the existence of the internet for otherwise I would have to wait who knows how many months for this to come to America. Of which I refuse to wait for since while I’m not the hugest fan of period dramas, Downton Abbey is an exception. For with its sarcasm, wit, and a bit of naughtiness, I find myself enjoying English aristocracy. Though, like many I’m sure, I mostly watch for Maggie Smith.

Topic 1: Times are Changing – Daisy

As the years go by on Downton Abbey so does the culture of England change, of which those upstairs and downstairs either greet it with welcoming arms or turn their nose up. Though of all those uncomfortable, or loving change, Daisy is perhaps the one person who really is trying to not let the times change her, but her change with the times. For with life working under Ms. Patmore becoming less and less likable, she is starting to think about the farm that is left to her and how can she manage it? Leading to her buying a few books to brush up on her studies. Something which largely isn’t approved of nor understood.

Topic 2: A Person’s Secrets – Edith and Ms. Baxter

With Edith’s Marigold safe in the home of Tim Drewe, and her having access to her, her constant visits lead to Tim’s wife Margie to become slightly jealous. Something worrisome for Edith since she is growing increasingly attached to Marigold and doesn’t want what looks like an inappropriate relationship keeping her from her daughter. But with Tim in pursuit of keeping Edith and her daughter close together, and give his wife less reasons to worry, he comes up with the idea that Edith can be some aristocrat doting on Marigold for she has a great interest in her.

Edith aside, the real mystery worth noting is Ms. Baxter’s. For with Thomas having blackmailed her for who knows how long, and him getting increasingly aggressive about finding something to use on Mr. Bates [1], it seems less and less Moseley will be able to save her. However, while physically incapable of stopping Thomas, he does tell Ms. Baxter to just come clean with Lady Grantham so Thomas can’t hold any power over her. Leading to her revealing she stole from the former lady she worked under, went to jail, and that she never gave the jewelry back. All of which is worrisome for Lady Grantham, but while she has to think about Baxter’s future at the abbey, Thomas presents himself as someone nearly asking to leave. For with her seeing he was possibly trying to blackmail Baxter, and never mind he recommended a criminal to work in her home, he is in deep trouble. However, with Edith accidently causing a fire, and Thomas saving Edith and alerting the house, he quickly rebounds from being put out the house.

Topic 3: Love, Lust & Marriage – Tom Branson, Mary, James, Ms. Cawley and Mr. Moseley

To begin, let’s speak of Mr. Moseley and Ms. Baxter’s odd little relationship. With her being partly oblivious, so it seems, Moseley is doing his best to find ways to get noticed and be appealing. Which includes dying his hair, among trying his best to protect her from Thomas. All of which helps his case, but him being timid makes it so not much happens between them.

And in a way, Tom being timid is also keeping him from his own happiness. Though, as noted last season, like Mary he shares a bit of inability to move on from his dead spouse. However, like Mary, the person who has come to take up their time their spouse would have had reminds them of why life is worth living. For while Mary is all but ready to become Mr. Gillingham’s lover, and eventual wife, Tom is just really starting to understand how much Ms. Bunting could lead to him rediscovering the passion for life and politics he once shared with Sybil.

Though with Ms. Bunting curious, and critical, of aristocracy, she rubs a lot of people the wrong way when Rose decides to play match maker and invite Ms. Bunting to Lord and Lady Grantham’s wedding anniversary. Now, how does she rub them the wrong way? Well, she mentions her thoughts on World War I, questions why Mr. Carson was chosen over Lord Grantham to be chairman over a committee for a war memorial, and all this among Lord Grantham’s friends, family, and the friends of his children. So, needless to say, her being rude and embarrassing, on top of Thomas snitching how she was in the house while the family was in London, makes her practically detestable to Lord Grantham.

But not to Ms. Crawley. For, as seen last season, she has really taken to Tom almost like he was her son. So, as Ms. Bunting puts her foot in her mouth, she tries to offer support for having an opinion. Though, like with Mary and Tom, when it comes to her personal life, specifically Lord Merton’s pursuit of her, she too is a bit timid and not direct. Though with the Dowager as her confidant, and she realizing if Lord Merton is serious it would give Ms. Crawley a prominent position in the county, it seems she is all but willing to sabotage their courtship for reasons maybe mentioned last season, but I honestly can’t remember.

Leaving James who, with a former employer named Lady Anstruther, has been exchanging letters, phone calls, and she seems quite taken with him. Though it isn’t love so much as her loving the validation that comes from a young man looking at her as attractive. And with her being quite aggressive, she comes to Downton and is caught in bed with James by Lord Grantham. Leading to James being dismissed.

Things To Note

  1. She saw him murder Mr. Green.

Collected Quote(s)

“Season 5/ Episode One.” Downton Abbey

Daisy: That’s such a different path

Anna: It is, but it doesn’t mean it’s better than the one you’ve chosen.

I’ve decided to live in the present and not spend my life regretting the past or dreading the future.”

— “Season 5/ Episode One.” Downton Abbey

“The older I get, the more I feel we do these things very oddly. Even now we must decide whether to share our lives with someone without ever spending any real time with them. Let alone, you know…”

— “Season 5/ Episode One.” Downton Abbey

“The nature of life is not permanence but flux.”

— “Season 5/ Episode One.” Downton Abbey

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