“Don’t Look Deeper” pushes us into Aisha’s memories that reveal a shocking relationship that you’ll fully support by the end.

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“Don’t Look Deeper” pushes us into Aisha’s memories that reveal a shocking relationship that you’ll fully support by the end.

Director(s) Catherine Hardwicke
Writer(s) Emily Diana Ruth, Bianca Sams, Jeffrey Lieber, Charlie McDonnell
Aired (Quibi) 7/27/2020 – 8/11/2020
Introduced In These Episodes
Calian Tyler Ghyzel

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Episode 10 “Connect”

Why did Sharon get into robotics? It’s because, as a child, she was neglected and left to her own devices. Which, for her, meant taking apart her talking doll and learning how her inside worked. A curiosity that evolved into her making something like Aisha. Someone who is currently in Oregon, with Jenny and Levi and the trip is going okay. Mind you, Levi is still on Aisha’s bad side because of him getting fellatio from a robot, but he can drive, get them a room, so he proves he is useful.

But, this whole idea of going to Rylian to prove she deserves to live, Aisha may not realize that she might be decommissioned on the spot. Especially considering how Abel and Noah react when they learn she is out there.

Episode 11 “Revert”

Episode 11 Title Card - Don't Look Deeper Season 1

Like me, you might wonder why Jenny was so gung-ho on helping Aisha and being part of her life. Especially her comment about being in that yard before with Aisha. Well, in “Revert” we come to learn that, 3 years ago, sophomore year, there was a chance Aisha and Jenny could have been girlfriends. Mind you, not girl friends, as in a girl that is her friend but girlfriends, meaning a couple.

However, being that Aisha wasn’t really programmed to handle affection, obsession, and know boundaries, that didn’t go well. Note: she never hurt Jenny, but between the feelings that came from kissing and Jenny going down on her, it led to Aisha waiting outside Jenny’s house for her to wake up. Thus Aisha being wiped and eventually forgetting Jenny and becoming friends with Cari.

But, there are other details provided here. For example, Martin and Sharon not being sure why the other person was with them. Was Martin chosen for the sake of the experiment or did Sharon have feelings? Then, on the other end, did Martin want Sharon since Aisha gave him a second chance at fatherhood or he truly wanted her?

The answer? Martin really did like, could potentially love, Sharon. As for the other way around? Martin is left on an ellipsis. Leaving us watching Aisha go through more memories, such as when Abel decided, 5 years ago, to put her in a box within a dark room.

Episode 12 “Drive”

Episode 12 Title Card - Don't Look Deeper Season 1

In a flashback, during a previous episode, we saw a young boy – you remember him right? Well, we come to find out his name is Calian and that he is the second advanced emBed that Sharon made. It’s just, unlike Aisha, he wasn’t saved when she was broken out. Thus he has possibly been locked away for at least 5 years.

Though, if it is any consolation, Abel ends up snatching Aisha so those two will be reunited.

Calian (Tyler Ghyzel) being built.
Calian (Tyler Ghyzel)

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Episode 10 “Connect”

  1. Was that Sharon’s mom in the bed or no?
  2. What led Jenny to be so into tech that she knew how to hack into Aisha? Could it be she gave Levi the code for Emma, or be involved in that?

Episode 11 “Revert”

  1. If they met Sophomore year, 3 years ago, why is it they are still in high school?

Episode 12 “Drive”

  1. All things considered, why has no one questioned why Aisha hasn’t grown since they met her? For example, why doesn’t her hair grow, or her nails? Is it just assumed she is always getting things done?



Aisha and Jenny Made A Cute Couple

Jenny looking at Aisha.

There is something far more cuter about Jenny and Aisha as a couple than Levi and Aisha. Primarily, our reason for saying that is Jenny and Aisha have chemistry and when it comes to Levi? He is just cute. Mind you, Aisha falling in love with Jenny’s tongue, and her obsession with her thereafter, was a slight shock but, it explains why Jenny has been so weird with Aisha. She spent three years wondering what happened, maybe thinking she got rejected or used and now is trying to catch up on lost time.

On The Fence

Rylian As A Threat

Noah looking at his brother.

Be it Noel or Abel, taking note of their past or present, they don’t present themselves as a real threat. Granted, Abel has the vibe of a creep, but let’s note he is taking on women and knocking them out unexpectedly. So, as much as he lives up to the many have about someone knocking them out and snatching them up, as for the show? Eh.

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Aisha and Jenny Made A Cute Couple - 82%
Rylian As A Threat - 73%


With the discovery of who Jenny once was to Aisha, we get at least one couple to believe in as Aisha's past is recovered and her future unclear.

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