Dominion: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Ouroboros” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Gabriel returns to cause some havoc, the show loses some of its momentum.

Review (with Spoilers)

After building up the politics of Vega for the last few episodes, the bigger battle against Gabriel returns to focus and it feels like we are right back where we started with this show not having good footing. For with Gabriel trying to plant seeds of doubt in Alex and Michael’s relationship, it leaves Michael looking like a fool, Alex’s V2/V1 education showing how simple of a character he is. As well as show that when you set aside the political element of the show, and focus on the war between Angels and Humans, perhaps the actual plot/ main arc of the show is more a liability than an asset.

Topic 1: Rekindling an Old Flame – Alex and Noma

As established, before Alex was with Claire he was with Noma and with Alex and Claire being done, it seems Noma really wants to wiggle her way back into Alex’s heart. Something which he denies her of, but when she then offers her body he decides he has no problem taking that. However, just when it seems Alex may open up to her, if not fall back in love with her, she is torn away from him for her secret is revealed: she is a higher angel. Something which Gabriel reveals in his attempt to sway simple minded Alex who seems to not have any grasp on understanding how far Michael has gone to try to protect him. But with Alex being a bit of a meat head, why expect him to really think and analyze the situation for what it is, instead of what is presented by face value?

Topic 2: I am My Father’s Son – William and David

After David’s initiation, as you would expect, he is agitated, in pain, and ready to exact his revenge. Problem is, until William believes it is safe to let David go, he isn’t going anywhere. David is held up in either the Whele tower, or some secret base, and it seems until Gabriel is accepted by David, he will remain William’s captive. And by the end of the episode it seems he may have broken him, though this could just be David’s survival instincts kicking in.

Topic 3: Need To Know Basis – Gabriel, Alex, and Michael

With the show flirting with reinterpreting the bible to create storylines, Noah in particular, in order to give Michael depth, I must admit it caused me to grimace. For while it was interesting that the show decided to get really gory and show Michael’s dark side, having it where we learn Michael was once like Gabriel, and maybe Gabriel like Michael to a point, just seemed like the saddest way to develop him. Especially since the decision was to remix “The Great Flood” and make it out to be Michael massacring humans.

But while that part of the story was bad, there was a slightly better offering in their modern times in which we learn Gabriel can possess higher angels to do his bidding. Something which leads to the death of quite a few angels as he treats those which are neutral as traitors. Though perhaps the biggest traitor we find is Uriel. Someone who seemed to be dancing on the side of being neutral, waiting for the victor. However, in this episode we learn that one of the reasons many of the higher angels of Vega died was because of her. Though, as promised, she doesn’t seem to have shared with Gabriel the tattoos on Alex’s body.

Making for an episode which pretty much took away a lot of the momentum the last few episodes were building. Leading me to wonder if this show needs to shy away from the Angel vs. Human thing, and perhaps focus more on the infighting amongst humans. If just because Gabriel has yet to really step into a real convincing villain role in comparison to David or even Edward to a point. And, as I said in one of the first episodes, he just doesn’t seem that evil. If anything, he comes off like Ricky Gervais in armor.

Things To Note

  • Noma may possibly be gone from the show now since, with her discovery, she has seemed to escaped Vega, unlike the other higher angels who have tried.
  • Claire, to push her father out quicker, has pushed up her and William’s wedding so that it should be a week ahead.
  • With it being revealed Noah was in a bunker while Michael massacred people in Babylon, the question becomes: what caused him to pity, and show mercy, on humans? Much less, was it just god disappearing which made Gabriel turn against humans?
  • Alex really has developed his powers of evicting angels out of bodies, at least when he is emotionally invested. When he tries to evict an 8ball he fails, but when he tries to evict Gabriel, after being tricked by him as Gabriel possessed Lewis’ body, he is able to do so.
  • David’s lion dies after William gives him the option of trying to shoot him or shoot the lion, who David ends up trapped in a cage with.
  • William is saying David isn’t feeling well, hence his absence.

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