Overview With a short lived triumph comes a lot of characters fostering the darkness in themselves and making it seem Alex maybe the savior to a people hardly worth saving. Review (with Spoilers) The season is really getting better and better with each episode. Characters are evolving, the story is becoming more rich, and honestly…

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With a short lived triumph comes a lot of characters fostering the darkness in themselves and making it seem Alex maybe the savior to a people hardly worth saving.

Review (with Spoilers)

The season is really getting better and better with each episode. Characters are evolving, the story is becoming more rich, and honestly the only thing more I could want right now is to see New Delphi or Helena. But, with this being the first season, Vega has to be fully established before we venture to different cities, so I will bide my wishes and hold them for the hopeful 2nd season. Until then though, we are given the gift of the next in line getting ready to usurp their parents. Leading me to wonder if Alex may eventually find himself, as Gabriel has said, coming to him for he finds less and less reason to protect the humans. Something farfetched right now, but oh so possible.

Topic 1: Someday You Will Understand – William and David

As we learned in the last episode, David looks at William almost solely as his legacy. Not as his beloved son, his remaining child, or the last of his loved ones alive. No, the boy is strictly his legacy. So, being that his legacy is a personal curse to him, one which only brings him headache upon headache, he tries to help William rid himself of his Black Acolyte association by first hinting he knows William is involved, and then sending a group of soldiers to kill his followers.

Thus forcing William to show his true strength as he stands before followers who need leadership. Something William provides them by showing no one, including David, can slaughter them without retribution. So after pistol whipping David, he forces him into the same ritual other Black Acolytes have done in order to join. Leaving us wondering if after pistol whipping David, then crushing his ribs, will David not fight back against his son? Or will his son asserting his dominance strike fear into David, if not perhaps just extra caution?

Topic 2: Vote of No Confidence – Edward & Arika

Despite Claire’s threat, David pushes on with the vote of no confidence. Something which seems unstoppable until Arika gets involved. She is invited to visit House Risen, specifically to see Claire and Edward, to talk about her ongoing relationship with David. Something which leads Edward to revealing that Helena isn’t as strong as they are rumored to be. In fact, it seems their air force is but a bomber and maybe some helicopters and not something which could rain fire from the sky. This, surprisingly, is something Arika admits. But even with her confirmation that Helena may not be as strong as everyone thinks, there lies the question of how will this help Edward?

Well, as William shows he is worthy of leadership, so does Edward. For with him uncovering the truth about Helena, as well as the crappy deal David made, it seems the vote of no confidence fails. Though due to his actions with Clementine, his former wife, it seems he may have won the battle but lost the war.

Topic 3: One Last Goodbye/ No Hands Left Unsullied – Claire & Alex

With the 8ball locked up, because Alex just can’t kill her, there becomes a question of what to do with her? She seems to have either learned, or inherited, all of Clementine’s memories, and with this there is the question of maybe evicting the 8ball or just killing her. And with two voting for her to die, yet Alex wanting her to live, Claire is brought in to be the one who could possibly save her. But, at first, Claire agrees with everyone else for while the shell is her mom, she cannot accept the 8ball has taken her over. That is until Claire talks with the 8ball and hears her mom’s voice, relives memories, and then places her hope in Alex that his Apacaifer he got from Uriel can save her.

Of which, ultimately, it doesn’t. For after the 8ball is evicted Clementine strangely comes alive, but soon after she becomes an empty shell and it seems with Clementine being taken twice now from Claire, a darkness is born in her. One which leads to a real dramatic shift which includes: First, giving Alex the cold shoulder due to him essentially disabling her mom by ridding her of the 8ball; second, her killing her mom since she is barely responsive and essentially is a shell more than anything else; and lastly, putting her father on notice. For while Claire, as of now, doesn’t seem as if she may take her anger out on Alex past the silent treatment, she is more than willing to make her dad’s no confidence victory short lived since him keeping her mom a secret all these years has made her especially mad. So mad that after the wedding she wants him to step down, and if he doesn’t do it willingly I can only assume she will threaten him like she did David. Showing, with each episode, Claire is less the dainty princess and slowly becoming a heartless politician like everyone else.

Things To Note

  • Quite honestly, I was hoping William was going to kill David for that would have been some Game of Thrones level type stuff right there. Alas, he just brings David into the Black Acolytes and leaves us to wonder if David may ever see the light of day again. After all, with him knowing does come the question if he will be allowed to return to business as usual.
  • Arika still seems to want to take over Helena but, with this new deal she made with Edward, instead of her getting the good end Vega would for Vega would govern Helena.
  • Quite honestly I was unsure why the story couldn’t have kept the 8ball in Clementine’s body. For while 8balls are seen as dangerous being, the humans could use all the allies they can get. And while 8balls are technically criminals for stealing people’s bodies, this 8ball learned to seeming cohabitate with its host and even seems to have the capacity to interact with humans. Possibly making the only issue being what they need to eat.
  • Uriel is quite honestly someone who I feel can’t be trusted at all. For in order for Michael and Alex to get the Apacaifer book, she wants to meet Alex. Then, later in the episode, Michael catches her writing down all the tattoos she saw on Alex with her noting she wants to translate them. And while she promises to destroy her notes and not share the information with Gabriel, like I said before: she is looking to be on the winning side when this is all over and will do whatever it takes to be triumphant in the end.
  • I find it weird that Michael wants Alex to fail, as a means of teaching him a lesson, and really allowed him failing Claire to be his first big failure. I’m not sure if he did this because he wants Alex to distance himself from Claire, since she was one of the original reasons he didn’t want to give into his fate, or because as The Chosen One, maybe he doesn’t want Alex to suffer and have to deal with losing people he is close to? Either way, the meaning behind Michael’s actions, as usual, he conveys to dry to try to decipher if there may be a deeper meaning.

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