Dominion: Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Flood” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview With the introduction of another angel, as well as a senator learning of the chosen one, the show begins to show why Alex would possibly want to leave Vega. Review (with Spoilers) I would consider this the episode when Dominion begins to get into a nice stride and really exhibit why the show was…

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With the introduction of another angel, as well as a senator learning of the chosen one, the show begins to show why Alex would possibly want to leave Vega.

Review (with Spoilers)

I would consider this the episode when Dominion begins to get into a nice stride and really exhibit why the show was made. For after hemming and hawing about the quality of the program, story wise anyway, I think there has finally been some real sense of oomph given to the show. As for how? Well, read below.

Topic 1: When Opportunity Presents Itself – Thorn & Michael

After Furiad’s attack in the last episode, Alex is forced to return to Vega so Michael can get medical attention. However, being that Michael is an angel struck by a weapon which seems to have some power beyond human healing, he seems doomed. But, with what seemed like an Acolyte using an angel feather to heal Michael, he ends up all better. Something which makes Senator Thorne quite glad for not only does she love him, but with her being able to extract the weapon that almost killed Michael, and study it, she finally has something to get David off her back. Though with the discovery the weapon that pierced him is now gone, Michael has a small moment of freaking out. But Senator Thorne helps calm his nerves the best way she knows how.

Topic 2: A Hostage Situation – Frost, David, Edward and Alex

But as much as Michael’s situation is something to worry about, so is David and Edward’s. You see, with Alex’s return comes an old headache. One which truly becomes bad for when Claire checks on Bixby, the girl talks about how The Chosen One is back, though without saying Alex’s name. And unfortunately for David and Edward, Frost is in the same room with Bixby and Claire and dares to address this to the senate. Then, when rebuffed about wishing to know what he thinks is being kept from him, he arranges it so that David, Edward, and him are trapped in one of the agricultural towers which provides Vega with food and he gives both men 30 minutes, the time it takes to flood all the crops and kill them all, for them to reveal The Chosen One and to allow Frost to meet him.

This naturally causes a big to do within the senate and, with this being considered a terrorist action, there are numerous calls to just send the core military in and let them handle it. But Claire, as she speaks with William and Senator Thorne, seems to advocate just letting Frost meet Alex. Something neither is for because of the dangers that could bring, so Claire just throws her hands up and says she’ll vote their way.

But while the senators argue, Frost gives his take on the reason why he thinks Edward and David are choosing to hide the chosen one, though he misses the bull’s-eye just slightly. And with David trying to help Frost get over his faith, like he did, all that happens is Frost feels patronized and David gets shot. Albeit in the leg, but either way it made for a joyous moment.

However, with each action Frost takes you become more and more worried how this may all end. Though, thankfully for Frost, Alex ends up being the one who enters the room before the military. This is despite him just recently being arrested for going AWOL, as well as put in solitary for assaulting a correctional officer, but thanks to Claire, not only does he get out of jail, but now is put before Frost as a negotiator. Making it so that while Claire may have said for Senator Thorn and William to do as they pleased, in the end she got her way. And while Frost doesn’t believe, at first, Alex is the Chosen one, with him talking about how “She Died For You,” Frost understands for if it wasn’t for this woman named Abby, who saved him when the angels descended, he surely would have died. So, with his demands met, he stops the building from flooding, drops his gun, and gets shot by Edward moments later. Making Edward seem less benevolent than he seemed before. But he isn’t the only one who kills someone in the episode. With Bixby not keeping her mouth shut, as promised, and being the one to blame for all that happened, David goes to her bed and forces her to overdose on whatever is in her IV to keep her from blabbing to anyone else ever again.

Topic 3: Family Drama – Michael, Gabriel and Uriel

A new angel is introduced, Uriel, who seems to be the elder sister to Michael and Gabriel. And she calls a meeting between the two because she is personally sick of the war and what it is doing to her family. But peace can’t be between brothers for Gabriel still wishes to end humanity. So, this leads to Uriel seeming like she is to take Michael and humanity’s side, at least until later in the episode we see her talk to Gabriel and speak on taking his side. Making me unsure if she plans on being a double agent, or perhaps she is just fostering seeds so when it is obvious who will be the winning side she will have a place in the new world.

Things to Note

Arika speaks with Noma, the sergeant who may have something for Alex, about possibly joining her when she eventually leaves for Helena.

Edward plans to re-write Frost’s legacy so that he isn’t touted as a terrorist, but hero who saved the tower from flooding and being destroyed. Showing Frost’s death was more business than personal.

We see what looks like a battle-worn San Francisco when Michael, Uriel and Gabriel meet.

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