Overview As David Whele pushes to create a power struggle in Vega, Alex takes a walk down memory lane Review (with Spoilers) Even after watching Legion I still am sort of iffy on this show, but don’t necessarily think it is bad. It sort of reminds me of the odd sci-fi shows of the late…

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As David Whele pushes to create a power struggle in Vega, Alex takes a walk down memory lane

Review (with Spoilers)

Even after watching Legion I still am sort of iffy on this show, but don’t necessarily think it is bad. It sort of reminds me of the odd sci-fi shows of the late 90s, or early 00s, that would be on UPN or the WB when they still existed, though arguably with a bigger budget. Speaking on this episode specifically, with the tone that is starting to develop, I am starting to feel like this show is going to develop into a post-apocalypse soap opera, with a few action scenes. Which I can’t say is a good thing, nor really a bad thing, this early on in the series.

Topic 1: Rise of the Black Acolytes – William

As we already know, William is the leader of the Black Acolytes, which arguably can be considered human infiltrators for Gabriel’s army, and despite Gabriel’s high position, he often meets with William away from Vega. But, while past meetings have had to us just seeing William give info on what is happening in Vega, this meeting seems a bit more social, to a point. For as William begins to question why he was chosen, among asking why Claire had to get hurt when Alex was attacked, Gabriel reminded William of why he was chosen by massacring the people in the restaurant they are in and giving his point of view about people: He says there are two type of people when it comes to seeing blood, those who cower before it, and those who are empowered by it, and Gabriel claims, despite how shocked William looks, he is empowered by it. Which we learn, upon seeing someone’s initiation into the Black Acolytes, is true. But, the main point to be made with this conversation is that Gabriel wants the Black Acolytes to be ready for what is soon to come.

Topic 2: The Upper Hand – David, Arika, Edward & Michael

With David not only trying to usurp the power of Edward, but perhaps also find a way to sway the senate so that he can be the new Edward, one way or the other, he does whatever is possible. Whether it is accuse Michael of possibly being a traitor to mankind; trying to make a deal with Senator Thorn, while blackmailing her, in order to find potential weaknesses in angels of Michael’s caliber; or even, maybe, having Arika’s sister killed in order to perhaps get her to betray Evelyn. Which I admit may not be likely, since even David doesn’t seem that powerful, but as he talks about his lion Samson taking what it wants, I feel like perhaps he may have done it.

Something which the brilliant Arika doesn’t really think possible either. If anything, she thinks perhaps Evelyn is sending a warning not to betray her by having Arika’s sister delivered, folded into a box. Showing that as much as women are valued in Helena, they truly are as much disposable as in Vega. But, with her sister dead, and Evelyn doing something so heinous to her back, Arika seeks asylum for she seems to want to use her allies in Helena to perhaps stage a coup. To do so though she needs David’s protection and in return he’ll get what he wants, Helena’s air force, just as originally planned.

As for Edward, with his health failing, and with sparse details given on his angel lover, it seems the man may sit high on Vega’s government, but increasingly he is prepping for when his power is gone. Which leads him to once again push for Claire to accept the marriage to David’s son to save any idea of Vega becoming a Republic. And perhaps the push Claire needed came from David himself. For with the whole angel attack fiasco, Edward’s hand is forced into investigating V1 children and families to find any angels hidden amongst them. Something Claire isn’t fond of so, in return for marrying William, Edward creates a Bill of Rights for Vega citizens. The details though aren’t gone into.

As for Michael, with him knowing angels maybe amongst Vega, well those of which maybe enemies, he calls upon refugee angels, who have yet to take sides, to either join him or leave Vega. A message he tells but one sole angel and asks him to spread the message around. Making it seem war is certainly imminent. But with Michael learning his key to winning, Alex, is gone, he is off!

Topic 3: A Place (Formerly) Called Home – Alex & Michael

With Alex on the road to New Delphi, during a hallucination in which we are led to believe maybe Claire did come, it is revealed that not only does New Delphi have running water, but fish! Making New Delphi more and more seem like it is placed in a prime area. Yet, on his way to New Delphi he encounters people trying to get to Vega, which seems odd to me.

Anyway, with Michael trying to keep the Chosen One on what he deems the right path, it seems the higher angels under Gabriel’s command, Furiad specifically, are looking to end the casualties on their side so they assault Michael and Alex. Furid even gets to severely wound Michael. Something which oddly infuriates Gabriel to the point Gabriel seemingly kills an angel Furiad cares for. But their reason for attacking Michael wasn’t just because they wanted to lower casualties on their side. The other reason is because Gabriel wants to have The Chosen One come to him, for reasons not gone into. Leading us to wonder what is Gabriel’s master plan?

Things To Note

I find it odd that nobodies mother seems to be around. Whether it is Alex’s, Claire’s, or William’s. In fact William hints to something happening to his mom, which David may have had a hand in, but nothing definite is confirmed.

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