Dominion: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Godspeed” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)


As word of Alex being the chosen one gets downplayed by the big names in Vega, Gabriel seems to be the only one to take this reveal seriously.

Review (with Spoilers)

At this point I think angels are basically being used, as well as a concept of god taking a vacation, in a slightly shallow manner. For while Gabriel’s Lucifer like persona is interesting, he is far from fearsome or charismatic. Then pair that with the would-be Jesus Alex, who still seems like a slightly more talented version of Stallone or Schwarzenegger, and I got to say that if this show was on any other network it would likely only last one season. But, since it is on SyFy, likely it will get renewed and all one could hope is that with time it can get stronger.

Topic 1: It’s Just Politics – Michael/ Gabriel; Edward

In a rather strange move, Michael and Gabriel have a conversation and it seems Gabriel’s jealousy of the humans is his driving force behind their destruction. He blames them for “father” i.e. God, Yahweh, Allah, or what have you, disappearing. Making this whole war seem so childish, as Michael notes, and really draining any sense of menace Gabriel could have. But with him knowing Alex is the chosen one, it does present a threat Michael takes seriously. However, with Alex’s tattoo telling him to be careful of those close to him, he thinks Michael is the one he is being warned about.

Though in truth, as we know, it is Principate William. Someone Alex ends up working under since in order to save the republic he wants, General Edward has Alex reassigned to House Whele. For after Claire’s confession of love for Alex, and Alex being less and less discrete when it comes to his relationship with Claire, you can see this worries Edward. But that isn’t his only issue. According to his chat with Consul Thorn, he has congestive heart failure and fears that Claire not doing what is needed, and instead doing as she wants, will lead to the city to fall into the hands of David and ending the chance of democracy.

Topic 2: Who Is Really in Control – Arika & David

With some of the top members of Helena within a Vega prison, David dare thinks he has power. Almost to the point you’d think he planned the assassination of Jeep. But in truth, Arika is the one who truly is in a power position for if she dies Vega would be obliterated. And yet David thinks he may one day control Helena’s air force and be able to attack New Delphi.

And during this sad back and forth between Arika and David, we learn a little about Helena and New Delphi. For example, Helena praises the “Devine Feminine,” Vega: “The Chosen One,” and as for New Delphi? Well, the only thing we learn of New Delphi is that they are certainly capitalist. Maybe even cutthroat when it comes to money, which does make you wonder why Alex wants to go there. Unless there is more social mobility or something?

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this whole comparison between cities is how Arika plays a role in the new world. For, as we see, she is much better at strategizing than David. Hence why she enchants him so much. But, once he made a potential enemy out of her, the fun seems to be over and now she is forced to make him realize how ruthless she is. How you may ask? Well, she has all of her followers kill themselves in order to give her the upper hand. For with their deaths she can place blame on David in two different ways: She can spin it against him and say David killed them out of rage, which would lead to war, or spin it by saying Arika’s companions conspired with Gabriel and, after a confession, they had to die. Though of course Arika would know nothing of this and would be vindicated. Making it seem Arika, be it with her body or mind, will do whatever it takes to guarantee her safety and the prosper of Helena.

Topic 3: Time to Face Destiny – Alex

Despite the tattoo and Michael’s reveal, it seems Alex has 0 desire to be the chosen one. Something he openly expresses to David after being reassigned to House Whele. But just because he refuses to claim his destiny, it doesn’t mean it will go unrecognized. William is in the process of trying to gain Alex’s trust, Claire seems more in love with him than ever, but with David not wanting to praise him, nor Edward allow him to have reason to firmly stay in Vega, thoughts of leaving come again. Perhaps no more so than when an angel stalks and attacks him, Claire, Bixby, and one of House Riesen’s security guards. Which is so unfortunate for Alex. For when the angel attacks he just finished having sex with Claire; seeing Bixby being well taken care of; and considering he buried his dad just that day, it seemed like his day was ending better than it started.

But with knowing his presence brings a danger to Vega, and loved ones, he is ready to leave. On his own. Meaning we may soon see New Delphi and understand the hype. Though considering it likely is quite the distance, perhaps we should expect it not being within our view for a few episodes.

Things To Note

The V system apparently was made so everyone had a job, which apparently works to a point, though it still creates a poor class.

David’s money seems to run Vega, and even with this known the senate seemed to want to audit him. But thanks to General Edward and Senator Romero, this is stopped.

We learn General Edward has an Angel for a lover, and may possibly give her blood in return for her love?

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