Dominion: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Pilot” [Series Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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A reminder that all demons were once angels.

Review (with Spoilers)

I should probably begin by saying I did not watch Legion prior to seeing this, but will likely soon so I have a full grasp on what is happening. For, as of the pilot, I am finding this show a tad bit odd since it uses religious figures, yet there strangely seems to be no mention of Jesus nor Lucifer, though arguably the Archangel Gabriel presents himself as the new Lucifer, with the Archangel Michael being the protector of the 2nd coming of Jesus, it seems. Though this Jesus, named Alex, seems to be less for peace and good will and more for kicking ass.

Topic 1: An Introduction – Alex

As with any sci-fi production, we meet our white hero who looks rather generic, but is spirited and adventurous. He is a V-2 soldier named Alex (Christopher Egan) who fights off angels for a living, and protects Vega, a place formerly known as Las Vegas. Now, in Vega things pretty much have become New Testament style since the angels’ war against humans. There is a caste system in place, of which there are four levels have been revealed (1 being the lowest); women have seemingly gone back to being a commodity; an oligarchy is in place to rule the city; and seemingly in the other society we learn of, Helena, there is also a similar system, but they have women in power. Though considering a representative named Arika (Shivani Ghai) is willing to talk about women as a commodity like food and medicine, it seems even with women in power over there, you may not find much of a difference.

Still, the true main players in Vega’s oligarchy are the Archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom), leader of House Riesen – General Edward (Alan Dale), and Leader of House Whele – Consul David (Anthony Head). For the most part though it seems, outside of satisfying his lust, Michael doesn’t deal with humans and their politics, which perhaps is best because Consul David is an ambitious man. For while the world waits on “The Chosen One” he waits for an opportunity to seize power and exploit the war against angels for his benefit.

Topic 2: Warring Factions & The Outside World – Alex and David

Alex’s life, for the most part, doesn’t have him playing a strong role in politics. If anything, he is just glad to be a V-2 since V-1s, like his sister-like figure Bixby (Betsy Wilke), live in poverty. The life of a soldier however isn’t easy, especially when in love with the woman you’re protecting, the would-be princess of Vega: Claire (Roxanne McKee). Their relationship is in secret, especially since David’s son William (Luke Allen-Gale) has eyes on Claire, but they plan to run away together. That is until General Edward speaks on stepping down and perhaps his daughter stepping up.

Though, I should mention, there is a third house which is ran by Becca Thorn (Rosalind Halstead), but in the pilot they don’t show her as that powerful. If anything, they show her more so as Michael’s secret lover and it does lead me to assume, especially since I didn’t see Legion, that she gained power more because of her relations with Michael than anything else. On Wikipedia though, it notes she is in charge of the scientific and medical aspects of Vega. Which is odd since when David shows Arika Vega’s nuclear reactor, leading to her offering food, medicine, and 500 child bearing women, we don’t see Senator Thorne anywhere. This perhaps is due to David’s desire to take over Vega all by himself. For while General Edward wishes to turn Vega over to democracy, it seems David is planning to not only use the power he has, but Helena’s air force to make it so he may not only rule Vega, but perhaps battle against the third human settlement: New Delphi.

Something which Arika, and her wife Evelyn, don’t seem fond of. However, despite this notion of marriage, and the conservative look of the Helena people which reminds me of those who wear Hijabs and other conservative garments, it seems Arika and David may have something going on. Though when a child of Helena, an angel in disguise, attacks Alex’s absentee father Jeep (Langley Kirkwood), it seems David is more so willing to upset an ally for political reasons, than defend a close associate.

Topic 3: A Taste of What’s To Come – Alex & Michael

Divulging a bit more about Jeep, he seems to be from the Legion movie and played a significant role. Thing is, with him being gone 14 years on expedition, trying to figure out what his inherited tattoos mean, he basically made Alex into an orphan like Bixby. Meaning until Alex joined the military, he was a V-1. This naturally makes their reunion less than joyous. The important thing though is Jeep’s discovery that Gabriel (Carl Beukes) has recruited high level angels who can pass even human detection methods. Meaning the unofficial ceasefire is likely to come to an end soon.

Leading to us naturally finding out Alex is “The Chosen One,” for after a three Second Sphere Angels attack the city’s nuclear reactor, this boy who came with Arika kills Jeep and Alex’s inherits his tattoos. Something which leads William to believe Alex maybe “The Chosen One,” but with David not only wanting power, but a legacy, he tries to sway his son from such nonsense. Thing is though, William is a true believer and seemingly has a sect known as “The Acolytes” who still praise all angels. But, with him thinking of Claire’s future, he for a moment seems to shut his mouth. However, with the wakeup call that Claire loves Alex, it seems this warning Alex is given about those closest to him is about William. For William not only worships all angels, but meets with Gabriel and lets him know “The Chosen One” has been found.

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