So many secrets and Jules can’t keep any but her own. Also, has Izzy made a friend, despite how most perceive her?!

Directed By Stephanie Laing
Written By Sam Jarvis
Air Date (Hulu) 11/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ramona Shelley Hennig


I Just Want To Be Interesting And Cool: Izzy, Stella

Stella trying to compliment Izzy.
Stella: You’re kind of like if drugs were a person.

Izzy’s struggle with identity is well documented and popularity? PSH! She changed her whole identity to fit in. So when Stella invites her to a secret party, Izzy is very excited but still trying to adapt to the other person in order to gain acceptance. However, being that Stella kind of digs Izzy’s intense vibe, she finds herself able to get the kind of belonging she hasn’t had in a very long time.

What Secrets Stay Between Us & Which Get Shared?: Stella, Madison, Jules

Stella reacting to Jules revealing she told Stella's secret.
Stella: Well, this is gonna be a cluster f***.

Jules continues to struggle with how to maintain her old relationship with Madison while fostering this new one with Stella which is less intense, yet still very uncomfortable for her. This go around it is trying to manage secrets, and it becomes clear, despite Madison and Stella being friends, as shown in the last episode, they sometimes need a break from one another.

But, with that said, so comes the question when to tell a secret, to protect someone else, or yourself, and when to let go? Jules learns this the hard way by spilling details to the wrong person and having to cover up that reveal by telling someone else’s secret. One which, by no means, was hers to give since it was the secret of a party Stella was going to.

Ramona’s Wedding: Ramona, Jules

Ramona (Shelley Hennig) on the phone with Jules.
Ramona (Shelley Hennig)

Yet, despite Jules’ difficulty with keeping other people’s secrets, she keeps the fact she is still part of Ramona’s wedding to herself. Probably due to her knowing her friends would question why is she still going to her ex’s sister’s wedding.


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Izzy Tapping That Border Between Utter Weirdo & Relatable

Izzy’s desperation really can push you to feel like she is doing too much at times, yet when you consider she is a 20 or 30 something who hasn’t had someone truly accept her, nor stick around long enough to help her know how to tone it down, you got to feel for her. So with her acceptance into Jules’ group, it makes you happy this little weirdo has found her people. Even if it seems they are more so amused by her than see her as someone to confide in or rely on.

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Izzy Tapping That Border Between Utter Weirdo & Relatable - 80%


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