Questions Left Unanswered After Netflix’s Dear White People Season 3 aka Volume III Finale

After watching Dear White People’s season 3 (Volume III) finale, there are some things we’re left to question. Here are a handful of things which need answers.

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Title Card - Dear White People - Alternative World

After watching Dear White People’s season 3 (Volume III) finale, there are some things we’re left to question. Here are a handful of things which need answers.

  1. How was Rashid doing at his new dorm? Besides finding a girlfriend in Ikumi there?
  2. With losing Moses, what will that mean for the TA strike? Assuming he is taken down.
  3. Who were the other members of the Order besides Dean Fairbanks, Dr. Ruskin, and Moses? Was Jerry Skyler a member?
  4. Could Jerry’s Mr. Giggins character be how he saw Dean Fairbanks?
  5. If Jerry Skyler is based on Tyler Perry, who was Laverne Cox’s character, Cynthia Fray based on?
  6. Did we really go an entire season with Troy not sleeping with anyone? Has he truly evolved as a person?
  7. Has Coco finally come to a point where respectability politics doesn’t play a role in her life?
  8. Why is it, not until the last scene, did Al explore the Latinx community? Especially considering how every one of the Black community comes for him.
  9. Where was Silvio during the entire season? Did he graduate or transfer?
  10. Did D’unte like Lionel, maybe Michael as well, but wanted one of them to make a move so he drew them close but was too afraid to say anything?
  11. Did Professor Queensfield do anything unbecoming to Muffy’s mom or had inappropriate feelings towards her? He seems like the type.
  12. What does the order have on Muffy, and her family, to silence her?
  13. Why does Winchester seem to have so few women faculty with speaking roles?
  14. Professor Ruskins has Volume I and Volume II on his desk, might be writing Volume III, and there is a 4th book which looks similar to the rest. Does that mean the show is only planned for 4 seasons?
  15. How did things end in their Handmaid’s Tale spoof?
  16. Where has Sorbet been this season? Is Dr. Ruskins feeding the dog, or has it just been scrounging around campus?
  17. How, if not from whom, if they know, did Michael and Sharon contract HIV?
  18. Despite loving when past love interest are written off, there is the question of what happened to Wesley?
  19. Has Joelle finally stepped out of, fully, Sam’s shadow?
  20. With Lionel (Chester), getting his man, does that mean his short stories are over?
  21. If the show returns for a 4th volume, will it head into senior year, thus doing a time jump, or head into the next semester?
  22. Did Dean Fairbanks and Sandra ever become something?

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