Dear White People: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Chapter VII” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Gabe gets his own episode and, like mostly every other character, it is all about his relationship with Sam.

Your Lying, Cheating Heart: Sam, Gabe

Did Sam sleep with Reggie? She ended up missing the whole protest, which was a bust. Then, the next day, she is noticeably more chummy with Reggie. It sets off red flags and Joelle certainly isn’t helping calm Gabe’s mind[note]To address the racial hostility on campus, and that incident, a town hall was planned. One which Sam, and her usual allies, were planning to protest and rather than join Gabe in getting the other affinity groups, Sam assigns him to go with Joelle.[/note]. For even if he gives her a whole body smile, he is never going to be Black and that may always be the one thing he lacks.

Though, matters are made much worse when Lionel posts an article on the party and has the 911 call which is clearly Gabe’s voice. Thus sending Sam to join her Black collegiate and I’ll be damned if Reggie doesn’t put his arm around Sam and fuels the fire of thinking she cheated.


A part of me thinks Sam may have emotionally cheated but not physically cheated. Like, seeing this softer version of Reggie enabled her to honestly like him and now she is sort of torn. Gabe she is already with and is happy in their relationship, but Reggie has that one thing Gabe will never be: Black. There will be no need to explain things, no white Republican parents to win over, and it all would be just so much easier.

Plus now, with it being revealed Gabe called the cops, it has made him toxic. How can she stand beside the man who almost got her best friend shot? Someone who, in many people’s opinion, over reacted and thought the cops were the only force which could quell things.

But, all that aside, if Gabe has an episode now, Joelle better get one too.

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