Crashing: Season 1/ Episode 6 [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

And so Crashing comes to an end which arguably can work as both a season and series finale. Even though one semi-major question is left unanswered. What Do You Want From Me?: Fred, Sam After ignoring his calls most of the day, due to something which happens to Colin, Fred and Sam end up in…

Sums up my feelings on the series.

And so Crashing comes to an end which arguably can work as both a season and series finale. Even though one semi-major question is left unanswered.

What Do You Want From Me?: Fred, Sam

After ignoring his calls most of the day, due to something which happens to Colin, Fred and Sam end up in the same space. With that, Fred has to ask, after so many phone calls, what does Sam want from him? He says nothing is going to happen between them, yet is so flirty and possessive of his time.

Hell, even if Will was a douche, Sam made it his mission to show that side of him. A job which wasn’t his and it is hard to say whether Fred truly appreciates it. But, with all this stress built up, we learn Fred hasn’t been taking care of himself. In fact, he goes into a diabetic shock. Thus forcing Sam, finally, to kind of admit his feelings in a tender kiss.


Nothing is gonna happen huh

I’m glad that is over. For Sam’s journey to that moment was very much hills and valleys. When Sam was being more mature and what not, you got this sense that the actor was in a comfort zone. However, when they had the actor attempt to be funny or zany, there wasn’t anything entertaining about him. He did his job and got a reaction out of you, but it was utter annoyance. To the point that, I’m sure, he is probably one of the main reasons many may have dropped this program.

As for Fred? He’s a token. One which I honestly feel like was just a prop for Sam’s journey and that’s about it. We never learned what Fred does, how he ended up a guardian and aren’t given much of a reason to care about him. He is just a means to trigger Sam into showing he isn’t just a horny and simple idiot.

She’s My…. Melody: Melody, Colin

Accident or on purpose

Colin falls out of Melody’s window. With this, he ends up in hospital and that leads to Melody meeting Colin’s wife Cara (Janie Dee) As well as setting up the con Sam needs to see Fred. Someone who seems to vaguely care for Colin, perhaps as a friend, but not by much. She wants him to be happy, but only as long as it doesn’t involve their money or their home. Anything else though, and of course besides physically her, he can have.

But, you know, Colin has moved on. His Melody is perhaps all he needs and Cara isn’t what fulfills him anymore. He, through tears, recollection, and Melody, is over her.


What we were given here was a satisfying end. We finally got to meet Cara, see she is a bit of a tosser, and Melody got her man. But even with there has been more effort put into this relationship than all others combined, you are left with a bit of indifference.

Well, at least I was. Something I want to say comes from this show’s 6 episode season. Yet, I think it is also the fact that there wasn’t really a strong pursuit in balancing what makes the characters funny and what makes them human. The strongest attempt was definitely with these two. But with such a tight episode count, with 30-minute episodes, it makes the arc begin and end too quickly. So even while the season likely happens over days or weeks, everything is such a snap that just as you get into it, you are told it’s over. Hence the noting of how you are, or can be, left indifferent.

I’m Not Stupid: Kate, Lulu, Anthony

oh they did break up

With Kate leaving the hospital, Anthony is really at a crossroad. He knows where she goes, but isn’t necessarily sure if he should make up with her. On top of that, on Kate’s side of things, she actively shows that she wants to be done pretending. She even says, as she drinks with Jessica and Fred, that she is single.

But while Lulu has led the charge on questioning why Anthony won Kate, Jessica is questioning why Kate got Anthony. She lists off various positive things about Anthony and then looks at Kate and doesn’t get it. Much less, she doesn’t understand why neither Fred nor Kate are mad. Neither of them were cheated on so what is the big deal?

And it is with Jessica asking questions that Kate feels the need to run back to the hospital and reconcile with Anthony. All the while, Lulu is trying to paint Kate as a lesbian, for she and Anthony catch Kate and Jessica kissing That was initiated by Jessica so maybe she has a thing for Kate? Making it seem that maybe, all this time, Jessica was kind of pulling Sam like moves to try to beat Kate’s confidence into submission.. With that in mind, Anthony seems to understand so much about Kate now. To the point, he seems ready to make a real go with Lulu.

That is, until they get home, ready to have sex, and Kate calls on Anthony. Leaving him in limbo about his decision. Kate still is this more stable woman, whom he cares for, but Lulu is this crazy girl he has had a thing for since he was 14. He wants to let neither of them go and does try to keep both. But Kate points out, in the end, she isn’t stupid.


Why is Jessica so rarely in the show

As said one or two episodes ago, there is no real reason to invest in Anthony and Kate. As both Lulu and Jessica have pointed out, their relationship makes no sense. Even in the realm of “Opposites Attract,” you don’t get this vibe that they balance each other out. For with the Kate who is comfortable in her being perhaps being like a more mature Anthony, you can see she doesn’t truly need him. If anything, he needs her.

Kate is the one who makes plans, is gung-ho when things need fixing, and all we have seen Anthony provide her is insecurities. Well, insecurities, a dick to play with, but not really get off on, and maybe the occasional laugh. But is that really enough for her? Cause I can tell you, as a sort of voyeur into their lives, it never seemed like it.

But, in general, I think Waller-Bridge’s attempt to bring her collection of short plays into a cohesive season just didn’t go well. Strongly because the actors don’t hit the ground running with these characters, but also the writing. For, as noted in past movie reviews, there are some actors who are heavily reliant on a script to bolster their performances, some who rely on the most talented person in the cast, in this case, Waller-Bridge, and others who are actually good no matter their peers or script given. Unfortunately, for almost every single area, the actors aren’t good on their own, just reach a state of tolerable when given their partner, and the writing does nothing for them.

Making this season, and perhaps series, seem like a grand experiment which only served as a good warmup for Fleabag. In terms of Waller-Bridge learning how to balance aggravating, if not weird, characters, with their humanity and comical side. Much less finding actors, or honing the ones she has, to inhabit these beings she created.

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