Desna having a chat with Tony

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As the last episode’s reveal starts to circulate, many feel overwhelmed to the point of it seeming Desna’s crew might be at its end.

Aired 1/23/2022
Network TNT
Directed By Damian Marcano
Written By Sharon Lee Watson, Emily Silver, Sam Forman
Introduced This Episode
Lori Cecilia Leal


I’m Going Down – Desna, Jenn, Virginia, Polly

Desna reveals to everyone Tony is a DEA agent, and with that, she notes she is more than willing to fall o the sword. Naturally, the ladies aren’t for this idea, since they feel culpable just as much. However, on top of the worry of a DEA agent, Virginia reveals her killing Georgia which sends Jenn to take more Oxy than her body can handle, thus leading to her overdosing.

I Can See Clearly Now – Desna, Jenn, Virginia, Polly, Ann, Clay, Bryce, Dean, Eve

With nearly dying comes Jenn, temporarily, bringing everyone together in mutual worry – even Ann shows up. But, as everyone finds themselves forced to be accountable for their actions, it quickly leads to a blame game. For while they did what they did, they want to point out who influenced them and set them on this path. This leads to Desna becoming big evil in most people’s eyes, except Polly. Someone who, with inheriting a lot of the Baron’s riches, is saddened but happy. Why? Because he knew she was a grifter and loved her anyway.

Sadly, that love doesn’t touch everyone else and lead to a kumbaya against Tony. If anything, while some reconcile, like Virginia and Jenn, it just causes more issues for those like Bryce. Someone who, after seeing his former dealer, now has it on his mind he needs to cut the cancer in his relationship. Which, between blaming Desna and the girls for all Jenn has done or Tony being the final straw, it is hard to say who he will place the blame on for his wife OD’ing.

But, on a happy note, despite just being inseminated, Eve thinks she is pregnant, and while Dean wasn’t ready with Virginia, it seems he is ready now and even excited to have a kid. Though, to balance out that little joy, it does seem that Clay, with Ann not wanting to play ball, may end up kidnapping her like he did Ken.

It’s Hard To Make Friends When So Many Consider You Their Enemy – Lori, Tony, Desna, Ann

Lori (Cecilia Leal) trying to make a deal with Desna
Lori (Cecilia Leal)

For a hot minute, it seemed Desna and Ann could have reconciled. Desna was owning a lot of her s***, but with the mention of Tony being a DEA agent, meaning that $100,000 could screw up Ann’s getaway? That blows up any reunion they could have had. In fact, it drives Ann to meet with Tony, real name David, and his associate Lori, who are trying to get Desna into dealing heroin to up their case.

Which, by the way, Desna seems to be for by the end of the episode, with it not being clear why or what the long-term plan is.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering they’ve seemed rather small-time, why are Desna and Clay targets of the DEA? Is this all to cut off a potential king or queenpin before they become nearly untouchable?
  2. What will Polly do with all that money she just inherited? Never mind, will she have to worry about Cordelia and the other two?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Bryce either killing Desna or Tony due to his belief he needs to cut out the cancer
  2. Ann getting screwed over by Tony (David Jackson) and Lori
  3. Desna really sacrificing herself in hopes it could allow everyone a reset on their lives, back to the point of when she originally saved them from themselves



The S*** Has Hit The Fan

As noted between Polly and Virginia, the old way of doing things, in terms of killing those who are a problem, it can’t be done when going against the feds. Take out Tony, that means Lori following up, then their supervisor, and so on and so forth. So, what can really be done in this situation? Who can Desna cut a deal with and considering Ann is ready to snitch? Will it even matter if she tries?

Quiet Ann making a deal with the Feds

All signs point to Desna not being able to talk herself out of ruin, and while it is sad, after 4 seasons, she’ll crash and burn, let’s not pretend the writing wasn’t on the wall. She pushed these ladies as far as she could, using her saving them, one way or another, as a means to maintain their loyalty. Sooner or later, that allowance was bound to run out, and the ladies would turn their back on Desna.

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Desna having a chat with Tony
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