Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 3 Episode 5 “Chapter Twenty-Five: The Devil Within” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Sabrina’s morals are tested when Caliban is willing to play nice, as the pagans continue to torment her coven and friends.

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Lilith telling Sabrina to stop crying over Nick.

Sabrina’s morals are tested when Caliban is willing to play nice, as the pagans continue to torment her coven and friends.

Directed By Roxanne Benjamin
Written By Matthew Barry
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020

Episode Recap

Secrets Fester: Theo, Robin

Robin trying to hide his association with the carnival people, who are causing chaos, is becoming more and more difficult. Especially as he grows closer to Theo, who may not necessarily love Robin, yet, but is starting to develop the feelings they haven’t gotten to explore before.

The Devil Made Me Do It: Nick, Sabrina, Harvey, Lucifer, Faustus

Sabrina does all she can to save Nick from Lucifer’s grasp and does ultimately rid him of Lucifer’s residue. However, despite the freedom, it seems Nick firmly believes what he said to Sabrina before, while harsh, has an essential truth – he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Which he puts out there using the cowardly term, “Break,” yet it seems to be truly over.

Faustus with a light behind him.

And while this happens, Lucifer/ Faustus, seething, decides to test their powers of influence. First, by sending Harvey and some local jocks to slaughter, which leaves only Harvey able to speak of what happened. Then, there is a push on the impressionable witches to join the pagans, and all that happens is one loses their life. Making it seem the Dark Lord has no intention of saving the coven now, or maybe ever.

A Call Out To The Wild: Gryla, Michele

With the likelihood of Lucifer coming to their aide unlikely, and their attempts to power themselves all unfruitful due to one interruption or another, a call for help is issued. One which is responded to with the likes of Gryla and Michele coming to Greendale. Most of which not seeming that happy.

So This Is Honor?: Sabrina, Caliban, Lilith

Nick, by the end of the episode, breaks up with Sabrina, and Caliban is pushed to the forefront to be her next beau. However, in the challenge they were tasked with, Sabrina may inspire honor and softens Caliban’s heart, but her abandoning him may have ruined things. Though, while there remains the chance for an alliance between them in the future, with the reveal of Lucifer being loose, Lilith questions how much is Sabrina looking out for her as she is for Sabrina?

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Hilda is slowly, but surely, turning into a spider.

Review/ Commentary

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Sabrina Is Single, For Now

For Sabrina, relationships are a distraction. Think about it, how many times has she set aside her family, or her throne, due to Nick? And as much as there is the need to understand that she is a teenager, a witch, and the combination leads to heightened emotions and desires, it has also led to a great amount of stupidity. The kind that has endangered more people than she has attempted to save, and while she does usually have a moment of clarity long enough to save those who need her help, it is consistently at the last minute.

Which we shouldn’t expect to change as it is Sabrina’s MO. The question is, however, will Caliban win over Sabrina, or will someone else compete for her heart?

Theo and Robin Growing Closer

Theo and Robin cuddled up.

I won’t say Theo and Robin got us hot and bothered, but with them being the only couple this season worth believing in, it makes that pending reveal from Robin anxiety-inducing. Especially since this is Theo’s first love and while for Sabrina, Roz, and Harvey, it seems they have options galore, the same can’t be said for Theo. Mostly everyone knows them and knew of Susie. So only new kids like Robin, or background characters, of which this show doesn’t have much in the mortal world, could become options if and when the shoe drops.

But maybe mercy might be shown, and Robin, who doesn’t seem to like his carnival family, may get to be all Theo wants them to be. Though, in a very pessimistic way, it seems, even if Theo gets to experience the joy of love, it’ll likely be snatched from them.

Wayward Witches Unite

From Michele to Gryla, and witches I don’t think we’ve met before, it is nice to seem some alternatives to the Spellman family. Especially since, up till now, it was a bunch of children who don’t elicit much interest. For with the Weird Sisters taking a seat far in the back of the bus, and Nick a shell of his former self, the coven has been underwhelming in so many ways. So here is hoping these ladies bring a much-needed jolt.

On The Fence

The Carny Folk

While they have done things like turn characters to stone, driven one mad, and have threatened our leads, they haven’t done anything to really stand out amongst the villain gallery of this show. Their culture, history, who they are as individuals, is barely gone into. It’s almost like they are placeholders until the old gods rise and possibly slaughter them all. Leaving you to wonder, can anything be done in the final three episodes to turn things around, or are these barely named characters already past their peak?

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Theo and Robin Growing Closer - 89%
Wayward Witches Unite - 85%
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