As Ms. Wardwell wiggles her way into Sabrina’s confidence, Hilda gets her wish, as does Father Blackwood. But, Ambrose remains miserable.

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As Ms. Wardwell wiggles her way into Sabrina’s confidence, Hilda gets her wish, as does Father Blackwood. But, Ambrose remains miserable.

Director(s) Rachel Talalay
Writer(s) Joshua Conkel, MJ Kaufman
Air Date 10/26/2018
Introduced This Episode
Dr. Cerberus Alessandro Juliani

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More Fears & Insecurities: Roz, Harvey, Susie, Uncle Jesse

With touching uncle Jesse comes consequences. One of the main ones being the demon which possesses him, Apophis, torturing Sabrina’s friends. Deciding which one is weakest and would make an excellent host once Jesse dies. All three are tested and in the process, we learn Roz lacks faith and due to her father saying Roz’s grandma went blind due to lack of faith, we learn her fear. Following that is Harvey who is simply called a coward. Nothing that interesting.

But, then comes Susie. Now, how Susie identified was something of interest to me because she possesses a certain androgyny. Yet, of course, you have to let people, or characters, identify themselves. So, upon hearing her uncle Jesse had experimented, may have even been queer, so comes about some questions. Especially with Apophis taunting Susie by calling her a boy/girl and an abomination. Leading to the thought that Susie might be anything from gender non-conforming, to trans, or maybe something else.

Either way, she is definitely keeping something close to the chest and doesn’t even want her closest friends to know.


Harvey questioning Sabrina about whether she thinks he is a coward.
Harvey: You think I’m chicken shit?

Considering the show did follow up on Ambrose feeling alone, and desiring Luke, it makes you wonder how will it develop what we saw with Susie and Roz. Susie in terms of her gender, or sexual, identity, and Roz in terms of her questioning her faith. Especially since both of their fathers seemingly have put the fear in them that what they may lack in knowing what they have and are might be damning to them.

It’s A New Day, It’s A New Life – For Some: Hilda, Ambrose, Luke, Dr. Cerberus

Hilda gets a job at the bookstore/ café and with her joy comes a bit of Ambrose’s anguish. For he is watching everyone live life, go on adventures, and he is trapped in the house. Making the most adventurous thing he gets to do is repair and put makeup on dead bodies. Which of course leads to him thinking of Luke who, despite calls galore has not responded.

Luckily for Ambrose, however, Luke likes going to Dr. Cerberus’ café/ bookstore and she, for some reason, keeps some love potion on her. Now, how will that help Ambrose who is trapped at their house is something worth asking but, surely, Hilda knows what she is doing.


Dr. Cerberus (Alessandro Juliani) interviewing Hilda.
Dr. Cerberus (Alessandro Juliani)

Can we question the whole aging thing for a moment? For example, how old is Ambrose now? I think he is at least 70, but looks like he is in his 20s, so what does that make Hilda and Zelda? Also, how old is Luke at this point? Much less, will this show pick back up the idea of a witch hunter or is that perhaps for next season? If not the back end of this one?

On top of that, you have to wonder if there are rules in place which don’t allow one witch to drug another. Use spells on another. Something we see Hilda willing and ready to do and, if we believe Nick, Prudence, and her sisters, may have done to him. Yet, with no one snitching, as of yet, maybe that is why people have gotten away with it?

Also, I still in my hear believe Ambrose took the fall for someone. The more we get to know him, the more I’d bet he loved some dude who planned out the attack but while that guy got away, Ambrose was caught. Never to hear or speak that person’s name again. Heck, maybe they even erased themselves from Ambrose’s memory.

The Exorcism of Jesse Putnam: Uncle Jesse, Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, Father Blackwood, Candace

The fact Candace is pregnant with twins might have been the only thing which saved Zelda from being excommunicated by Father Blackwood. Why? Well, with Zelda trying to change who she is for others, she finds herself willing to join Sabrina’s fight to exorcize Uncle Jesse. Something even this stranger, Ms. Wardwell, who claims to have known Edward, was his secretary even, promised to look after Sabrina, is willing to take part of. Add in Hilda saying she’d help and so begins Zelda rather being there for family than her allegiance solely being to the dark lord.

Leading to a successful exorcism but also Ms. Wardwell, who nearly lost access to Sabrina, finding herself nearly a member of the family. Thus allowing her to hear how Sabrina wishes to outwit the dark lord and putting Zelda on notice. For her record of not losing a babe is the sole thing keeping her from being excommunicated now. Sadly, she doesn’t use this leverage to her Ambrose but it’s always better to not bite more than you can chew.


Um… when we last saw Candace, she didn’t look this far along in what is said to be a 13-month pregnancy. I mean, her belly looks like the reason human children are pushed out before they technically are ready to be born. Add onto that thought, why in the world does it take 13 months to have a full-blown witch or warlock? Are the extra months so they can develop powers or something?

Ms. Wardwell killing uncle Jesse.

That aside, let me tell you something about Ms. Wardwell. We know who she truly is but even with that being established, I must admit I was questioning if she was Edward’s assistant. Because, as said in the last episode, people on this show don’t do subtle. Most are transparent to a fault and you often feel you can know the beginning and end of their character. Yet, with us getting the kind of performance we did, I found myself questioning what I knew.

Which really leads to the need to applaud Michelle Gomez for she has played Ms. Wardwell in such a way we have never been able to tell who her alliance is really with. For as much as she is a servant of the Dark Lord, she almost seems to have developed a fondness for Sabrina. Add in there is the chance she may have bonded with Edward, when alive, and promised to look out for Sabrina for real, maybe she was just presenting a half-truth?

Though, taking note how she makes it seem Sabrina will bring about the apocalypse, maybe that was just a lie?


  1. Michelle Gomez’s performance, in this episode and thus far, making it so you feel like you can never pin down if she is friend or foe to Sabrina.
  2. Hilda getting that bookstore job and getting to have consistent contact with the outside world. No longer just if they are grieving.
  3. Us learning the fears and insecurities of Roz, Susie, and Harvey.


  1. You’re telling me the amateur that Sabrina is didn’t get the attention of not a single psychopomps?


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