Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Chapter 10: The Witching Hour” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

And so season 1 comes to an end and we finally learn what “Ms. Wardwell’s” plans really are. As well as Father Blackwood’s. Network Netflix Director(s) Rob Seidenglanz Writer(s) Ross Maxwell, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Air Date 10/26/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites,…

And so season 1 comes to an end and we finally learn what “Ms. Wardwell’s” plans really are. As well as Father Blackwood’s.

Director(s) Rob Seidenglanz
Writer(s) Ross Maxwell, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Air Date 10/26/2018

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Preparations For The Big Night: Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina, Harvey, Susie, Dorothea, Roz, Father Blackwood, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose

With everything out in the open, Ms. Wardwell was expecting everyone to turn on Sabrina. However, Roz doesn’t turn her back on Sabrina. Also, Susie doesn’t either for with learning Dorothea was the one who transported the Greendale 13, among other witches, and was the one to cut them down and bury them, how could she hate witches? Her aunt, who is her hero and guide, was basically an ally. Thus pushing Ms. Wardwell to revive the 13 witches killed and they summon the Red Angel of death.

Now, a little backstory, on top of mortals doing what they did to the 13, per Zelda, witches turned their backs on them and let them be a sacrifice. Not a willing one, like the girl who inspired the Feast of Feasts. They were just left out in the cold and while Zelda makes it seems they could have fought to protect them, collectively, the coven turned their backs. So, Father Blackwood decides all witches will gather into the academy and join together to protect themselves from the witches and red angel.

Naturally leading to Sabrina asking about the mortals and Father Blackwood giving 0 f***s. So, she, alongside Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose, decide to protect the mortals by making it seem a tornado will hit the town. Thus bringing most, not all, to the high school basement.


Zelda explaining the Greendale Thirteen were left to die.
Zelda: The coven could have come together to save the Thirteen, but they…

I really do love how complicated the coven’s history is. If it isn’t just witch’s culture making it where men are whores and seemingly love is a silly idea, we hear about them turning their back on their sisters, how different high priest ruled, and their holidays. Really establishing that we are just coming into a centuries-long history and that this show would need to dedicate multiple episodes for us to know everything. That is, from the first witches to how the Spellman family have survived generations.

But, one thing which remains rather curious is the Academy. It is made to seem like it accepts members from other covens and yet is administrated by one. Does that mean the one Father Blackwood has is one of the oldest, strongest even? Because he often speaks as if it is in such disarray they are losing footing. Hence his desire to have things go back to how they were before Edward was high priest. Something he may just end up doing.

The Witching Hour: Roz, Nana Ruth, Susie, Harvey, Nick, Hilda, Dr. Cerebrus, Father Blackwood, Constance, Zelda, Ambrose, Luke, Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina

Originally, the Spellman clan were protecting the mortals and Father Blackwood was holding things down at the academy – with a few exceptions. Nick was tasked to help Harvey, as a favor to Sabrina, which he does. Roz, Nana Ruth, and Susie are together and while Susie name drops her aunt to protect them, Nana Ruth decides it is time to die.

As that happens, Father Blackwood summons Zelda for Constance is in labor and dies in the process. However, Father Blackwood is given a son, who he names Judas, and Zelda steals his true firstborn, a daughter. Just out of fear of what Father Blackwood would do – for appearances. Ambrose is snatched up as well but it is just because Luke loves him, romantically, and doesn’t want him hurt. Leaving Sabrina and Hilda to protect the mortals.

Unfortunately, though, it becomes clear they can’t stop what is coming but Ms. Wardwell, ever resourceful, has an idea. One which leaves Hilda alone, at least until Dr. Cerebrus comes by, worried about her. So worried in fact he might have feelings. At least that is what a kiss they share implies.


Hilda got a boyfriend, Hilda has a boyfriend – who might be a demon, who might be a demon. Yeah, the man’s eyes light up and makes him seem like a lizard so, more than likely, he is not just a weird witch. Leading to the need to address what are otherworldly beings relationships with witches again? Yes, mortals are out of the question but what about demons? Goblins who are glamoured to look human? I mean, to a certain point, Hilda doesn’t have to care since she is excommunicated. Yet, who is to say demons don’t have their own form of a coven which complicates matters?

You know, like the complicated matter which is Zelda stealing a high priest’s child. One that I can’t wait to hear her explain to Sabrina and Ambrose. Never mind when other witches learn Zelda has a baby. For with Zelda admitting to never experiencing love, and who knows how many she may or may not have sex with before Father Blackwood, I can only imagine the rumors. Especially since witches seem mad nosey.

Hellfire Burns It All Away: Ms. Wardwell (Lillith), Sabrina, Harvey, Father Blackwood

Backtracking, before the issue was handled, there is a need to address what did Ms. Wardwell advise so that Sabrina could save everyone? Well, sign the book of the beast. With doing that we learn she is perhaps one of the four most powerful witches to have ever lived and with her using hellfire, she solidifies that beyond opinion and makes it fact. Yet, with singing the book, it means she is now a servant of the dark lord and a whole witch. Which comes with consequences.

The first being a realization that being with Harvey isn’t really an option anymore. He may want to work things out but Sabrina doesn’t have much of a desire to simply gain these powers and not do something with them. More than likely she’ll continue where he father left off and considering how he died, her mother, and Tommy, the fewer mortals she involves in her life the better. Safer, perhaps better said. Since it becomes very clear the members of the Church of Night are scheming little buggers. Especially Father Blackwood.

For as established throughout the season, warlocks desire to manipulate the church to their benefit whenever possible. The only exception being Edward and you saw what happened to him. So with Father Blackwood having Judas, he sees this as a sign, stamp of approval, that he can and should turn back the clock and send the coven into the dark ages.

Yet, with Sabrina kissing Harvey goodbye and joining Prudence’s group, Father Blackwood may have another thing coming.


Sabrina explaining why she is breaking up with Harvey.
Sabrina: I love you too much to risk anything bad happening to you.

I fully expect, in season 2, Sabrina to desire to begin the path to become the high priest. There is no way she is going to sacrifice her mortal half and not get everything and more out of this. Including giving the Dark Lord the finger. Especially considering she is one of the 4 most powerful witches to ever exists?! Please!

And really, considering her luck, who but Ms. Wardwell, who reveals herself to be Lilith, can stop her? Father Blackwood allowed himself to be blackmailed over the tiniest of things – like an illegitimate child. So who is he to stop Sabrina? Heck, even Lilith, the main thing she has on Sabrina is age and the knowledge she has gained over time. As for her mother of demons moniker, it seems she isn’t necessarily revered. Plus, while she is likely a witch of some kind, it isn’t clear if she is one of the top 4.

However, it is also noted demons are powerful beings so let’s not discount that. It just hasn’t been made clear how powerful demons are since, when it comes to creatures like demons and such, they haven’t been ferocious. Goblins become familiar servants, beings in the astral plane don’t do anything to you, the soul eater doesn’t leave limbo, and Batibat was noteworthy but made to seem an annoyance above all.

Plus, lest we forget, while Sabrina has certainly butted heads with many, she is also making quite a few friends. Of which include Prudence who, I’m sure, would love to turn the coven into a matriarchy. After all, warlocks to witches, history has always shown the women as the most powerful and dangerous and yet the men ruled. I’m sure she’d love for that to change.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I thought Ambrose was stuck between the house and Academy – how is he walking about like he has freedom?
  2. Considering how Constance’s pregnancy was supposed to be 13 months, how much time passed on this show exactly? Especially considering we never saw snow fall?
  3. Taking note of their betrayal, you’d think Sabrina would have felt slightly bad for using Hellfire on the Greendale Thirteen.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I don’t want to stop feeling, I want to stop hurting.
— Sabrina


  1. Learning Sabrina is one of the 4 most powerful witches.
  2. Hilda and Ambrose finding love.
  3. Zelda increasingly being rebellious and stealing a child. The High Priest’s at that!
  4. Wardwell revealing her plan to become queen of hell.

On The Fence

  1. Father Blackwood’s plan to turn the clock back on the coven under the guise that it is the dark lord’s will.

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