You’ll solve the mystery in “Bodkin” faster if you just went to the town yourself.

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“Bodkin” Plot Summary

Netflix’s “Bodkin” is a murder mystery documenting a murder mystery. Created by Jez Scharf and starring Will Forte, “Bodkin” follows a podcaster and investigative journalist as they try to uncover a 20-year mystery in the town of Bodkin in Ireland. The slow-burn series quietly satirizes our obsession with murder mysteries and all of their tropes (small town, multiple suspects, cliffhangers, etc.). In “Bodkin,” the satire, mystery, and twists are so subtle that viewers may wonder if they’re missing something.

Each episode of “Bodkin” begins with ominous narration from Gilbert Power (Will Forte), a man with a true crime podcast who insists he’s more interested in the people within the story rather than solving the mystery. When the opportunity arrives to interview people about a cold case in Ireland, Gilbert jumps at the chance. He is joined by Emmy Scissor (Robyn Cara), a young and eager researcher who wants to help Gilbert by any means necessary. The two are chipper spirits with wide eyes for the town of Bodkin. But Irish native and investigative journalist Dove (Siobhán Cullen) is a no-nonsense detective who’s forced to team up with Gilbert and Emmy as she’s put on leave from her news job. 

Will Forte, Siobhán Cullen, and Robyn Cara in “Bodkin” (Netflix, 2024)

The three enter Bodkin, curious about the mysterious disappearance of three people on one night at a festival 25 years ago. The locals are mostly kind to Gilbert, Emmy, and Dove, but they insist their small, quiet town has nothing to hide. Dove is suspicious of all and knows that, like any town, Bodkin has its skeletons buried deep. Gilbert and Dove often clash with their interview and research processes, but together, they complement each other and are actually able to discover what happened to those missing individuals. Unfortunately for Gilbert, Dove, and the rest of the town, as the sleuths try to uncover more information, more danger and murder lurk behind every revelation. 

“Bodkin” unravels its mystery slowly over the course of seven episodes that range from 40 to 50 minutes. Whether “Bodkin” is worth your time depends on how much you enjoy the atmosphere and less about how much you’re invested in the mystery or its characters. “Bodkin” takes its time to establish who Gilbert, Emmy, and Dove are, or why we should even care. There are no big moments, rapid-fire dialogue, or even intriguing detective work being shown. As you spend more time in the town of Bodkin, you may become more invested, but at that point, many other viewers will have checked out.

Content Information

Rated TV-MA for profanity, nudity, sex, and mild violence.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. “Bodkin” is Higher Ground’s first scripted series. Higher Ground is a production company founded by Barack and Michelle Obama. 

“Bodkin” General Information

Network Netflix
Genre(s) Crime


Noted Characters
Gilbert Will Forte
Dove Siobhán Cullen
Emmy Robyn Cara

Renewal Status: To Be Determined

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“Bodkin” Review

Our Rating: Mixed (Stick Around) 

bodkin 3
Will Forte as Gilbert Power in “Bodkin” (Netflix, 2024)

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Notable Performances, Moments, or Episodes

Episodes To Anticipate

  • 1.5, “Peace in Our Time” is when character dynamics and relationships all come to a head.
  • 1.7, “Empty Your Pockets” is when everything ties together. 


Supporting Cast and Setting Create a Moody Atmosphere

Despite Gilbert’s cherry tone, “Bodkin” is cast in cloudy skies, gray coloring, and a supporting cast of characters that could easily slit your throat or invite you in for a cup of tea. We may initially know little about anyone or anything in “Bodkin,” but the show is confident in the atmosphere it’s creating. Perfect for a rainy day or a chance to escape in the lush greenery and dark waters of Ireland, “Bodkin” swallows you whole into its world. 

bodkin 11

On The Fence

Slow Pace May Be Frustrating

“Bodkin” is intentionally slow, so slow that viewers may struggle to find a reason to continue after the first episode. The plot, drama, and mystery take longer than usual to find their footing. The show doesn’t seem to be concerned about hooking viewers in from the start, but this isn’t the captivating watch that other mystery tales might be.

Subtle Comedy and Drama 

Will Forte is known for his outlandish humor. He’s capable of being both boisterous and meek in his roles. In “Bodkin,” Forte’s demeanor may be funny, but the characters rarely say anything funny. For satire, “Bodkin” aims close to “Only Murders in the Building” and “Ted Lasso,” but both of those shows are more grand and intriguing in their mystery and character developments. “Bodkin” plays more true to real life, but it can make for a boring watch.

Good If You Like

  • Stories that take place in Ireland and mysteries.

What I Hope To See

If “Bodkin” were to continue in a new town, hopefully it could grab viewers’ attention with a more intriguing mystery. 


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  1. Only Murders in the Building
  2. Ted Lasso
  3. Nebraska

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Bodkin (2024) Review – A Mystery That Takes Its Time
In “Bodkin,” the satire, mystery, and twists are so subtle that viewers may wonder if they’re missing something.
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Supporting Cast and Setting Create a Moody Atmosphere
Slow Pace May Be Frustrating
Subtle Comedy and Drama 

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