Title Card
"Title Card," Blindspotting, "Meat Fest," directed by Darrell Woodard, 2023, (STARZ)

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With Trish learning Ashley cheated on Miles, on the day Rainey celebrates breaking up with her cheating ex? Any goodwill and friendship Trish formed with Ashley are kicked like a bad habit.

Release Date (STARZ) May 19, 2023
Director(s) Darrell Woodard
Writer(s) Nyesha Littlejohn, Susan Park
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Darrell Ricardo Chavira
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Earl Benjamin Earl Turner
Trish Jaylen Barron
Sean Atticus Woodward
June Tamera Tomakili
Ashley Jasmine Cephas Jones
Nancy Margo Hall
Janelle Candace Nicholas-Lippman
Miles Rafael Casal
Jacque April Absynth
Cuddie Lance Holloway
Rainey Helen Hunt

Plot Recap

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Right Place At The Wrong Time – Earl, Trish

With Trish hanging out with Earl, since I guess they are on that level not, she finds herself quite surprised to find an earring Ashley gave her at his house. Questions are asked, and the White boy from before says he hooked up with Ashley, without giving context. Earl knows what this means, and Trish? She is ready to tell, like all little sisters are, when they know someone did something bad.

It’s That Easy To Lose You – Sean, Earl, June, Trish, Ashley, Rainey, Nancy, Janelle

Trish (Jaylen Barron)
“Trish (Jaylen Barron),” Blindspotting, “Meat Fest,” directed by Darrell Woodard, 2023, (STARZ)

Trish is ready to snitch but has trouble finding validation that it is the right thing to do. Ashley, naturally, tells her not to. Earl refuses to back Trish, and Nancy tries to use her influence to stop Trish. Janelle? She is just mad she learned through a third party. Also, surprisingly she doesn’t talk badly about Teena and her influence.

Now, as for why Sean is mentioned? As all this happens, some praying mantis he bought get loose, and he tasks Earl, June, and Janelle to help him.

There Was Such A High Chance For This To Be A Happy Occasion – Miles, Janelle, Ashley, Trish, Jacque, Cuddie, Rainey, Darrell

In order to keep Trish quiet, Ashley was going to use Jacque. However, because Trish believes it is the right thing to do, she tells on Ashley, to Rainey’s face, and in front of the core cast. She then confesses to Jacque that she loves her and tried to sabotage Cuddie. Janelle follows up by noting she is heading back to Bali, and Ashley begs to tell Miles first, which she does, since he walks in on her asking to be the first to tell him. Leaving you to question what led to him suddenly getting out?

Darrell (Ricardo Chavira)
“Darrell (Ricardo Chavira),” Blindspotting, “Meat Fest,” directed by Darrell Woodard, 2023, (STARZ)

But, on a lighter note, we meet Rainey’s new boyfriend, Darrell.



All But One Secret Is Out

With Janelle, Trish, and Ashley having their secrets out, all that is left for Rainey to confess about her memory issues. To me, this is wonderful since it leaves the chance for the season finale to have a cliffhanger nil, for with the way the industry is, you never know if renewals may happen, and add in this is a STARZ program? It’s far harder to say whether this might be renewed since STARZ doesn’t have any solid branding outside of 50 Cent’s empire on the network, and who knows if “Blindspotting” will remain something they feel represents the network well.

Never mind, while rated highly amongst fans and critics, it isn’t itself pushing notable numbers. But, with STARZ having a subscription model, like many premium stations, it does allow for a certain amount of leeway to use the money makers to finance niche or critically acclaimed projects.

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Title Card
Blindspotting: Season 2/ Episode 7 “Meat Fest” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
With secrets revealed and Miles suddenly out, the penultimate episode of the season should get viewers giddy for what may or may not happen in the finale.
All But One Secret Is Out

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