As Covey tries to adjust to the name Eleanor, she finds herself unable to shake who she is, and when another tragedy strikes, it might be what helps keep her sane.

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Plot Recap

Someone Cares – Gilbert, Bunny, Pearl, Covey, Lin

With all that is going on in Scotland, Covey finds herself revisiting simpler times when Gilbert, Gibbs, was new to town; she was smitten; he courted her like a gentleman and made her want him to make a move.

While in the pursuit of Gilbert, naturally, Covey wanted Bunny to keep up and maybe give a boy a chance, but we find out Bunny is gay. On top of that, Bunny has feelings for Covey, and while Covey accepts her, she makes it clear she needs to be closeted for her safety, though that matters little now that Bunny assumes Covey is dead.

As for Lin? While he might be off the hook regarding who killed Clarence, as someone named Short Shirt is accused, Pearl is done. Her best friend is gone, Covey is gone, and she has no reason to stick around for Lin. So, off she goes.

When Cruelty Is Meant To Be Protection – The Boss, Beatrice, Covey

Injured, alone, with minimal qualifications to do anything, Covey is in a very dangerous situation. The goodwill that comes with being in a notable train accident and Eleanor being a nurse only lasts but so long. So when she meets a man who is simply named “The Boss,” she thinks her father’s luck has continued to bless her.

However, like her father, her luck runs out at the worst time. It isn’t when Beatrice, her boss, ostracizes her from the rest of the department but when The Boss decides to take advantage of Covey’s honesty, desperation, and vulnerability to assault her. Which, by the way, she isn’t the first for Beatrice, and who knows how many other women were also assaulted.

Is It A Step Back Or A Step Forward? – Gilbert, Covey

And with that happening, Covey decides she is better off in London, where she at least knows and can see people like her, than suffer in Scotland, where she sticks out like a sore thumb.

Which may have been the best idea she had in a while for at a civil rights protest, she comes across Gilbert, and it seems she is willing to rekindle what they had, assuming he hasn’t moved on.

New Character Description(s)

The Boss

Tom McCkay as The Boss
“Tom McCkay as The Boss,” Black Cake | Season 1/ Episode 3 “Eleanor” | Directed by Natalia Leite | 2023 | Hulu

The Boss is the head of a firm Covey ends up working at, who has the habit of exploiting young women and assaulting them.


Anna Mawn as Beatrice
“Anna Mawn as Beatrice,” Black Cake | Season 1/ Episode 3 “Eleanor” | Directed by Natalia Leite | 2023 | Hulu

Beatrice was one of The Boss’ last victims who didn’t leave or report him since she has a child, was left destitute by her ex-husband, and seems to no longer be targeted.

Collected Quote(s)

The longer you go without being seen, the smaller and smaller you become, until there is nothing less. Until you all but disappear.
— Covey


Notable Performances or Moments

Focusing All On Covey

Finally, an episode that understands the hook of “Black Cake” is Covey’s story. Not her kids, not her family or friends back home, but Covey.


Covey & Gilbert’s Relationship

Ahmed Elhaj as Gilbert
“Ahmed Elhaj as Gilbert,” Black Cake | Season 1/ Episode 3 “Eleanor” | Directed by Natalia Leite | 2023 | Hulu

We are excited about what may happen between her and Gilbert. Right now, it isn’t clear if Gilbert is the father of her children. It’s likely, considering Mr. Mitch is a lawyer, and we could assume between being peers or working at the same firm, Gilbert could have ended up with Covey and had his happily ever after.

However, modern times are decades away from the 60s or 70s, when the barely 18 Covey has seen Gilbert for the first time in months or a year. So whether they rekindle things, she hides and is just happy to know he is safe and alive, and she can see him from a distance, or they play cat and mouse since Covey is supposed to be dead, we’re excited.

Almost as excited to see, with Covey taking two steps back, does this mean Edwina and the others coming back, or is Covey going to try to steer clear of them?

General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.



Release Date

November 1, 2023


Natalia Leite


Marissa Jo Cerar, Ihuoma Ofordire

Newly Noted Characters and Cast

The Boss

Tom McKay


Anna Mawn

Previously Noted Characters and Cast


Ahmed Elhaj


Lashay Anderson


Faith Alabi


Mia Isaac


Simon Wan

Discussion Items

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  1. Clearly, we have a bias towards Covey and her story, but do you feel the same way? Is she the hook for “Black Cake?”

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Black Cake: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Eleanor” – Episode Review


If Mia Isaac doesn’t get nominated for something and goes on the same trajectory Zendaya did, then I’m blaming the people who work at Hulu, Disney, and Comcast, as long as they own part of it.

  • Focusing All On Covey - 85%
  • Covey & Gilbert’s Relationship - 84%


  • Covey & Gilbert’s Relationship
  • Focusing All On Covey


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