TV Series Bigger: Season 1, Episode 2 “Is Bigger Really Better?” – Recap, Review...

Bigger: Season 1, Episode 2 “Is Bigger Really Better?” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

In “Is Bigger Really Better” you get a whole lot of d**k pics, white people worthy of a side-eye, and Tracey’s getting desperate for likes.

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Director(s)Charles Stone III
Writer(s)Michelle Listenbee Brown
Air Date9/19/2019
Introduced This Episode
LibertyAngela Ko
WillyBechir Sylvain
KristiAlyssa Brooke

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Recap (with Commentary & Spoilers)

How Desperate Are You?: Tracey

Tracey dealing with an allergic reaction to seafood.
Tracey: You can kiss my ass!

Despite saying she has a million followers, on whatever live stream app she has, the number is actually 35,000. So, to boost her count, to eventually get enough subscriptions to get endorsement money, Tracey decides to do ASMR. This leads to her embarrassing herself, multiple times, which includes an allergic reaction leading her to look like what you see above.



So, everyone went to college but did everyone graduate? Because, I’m interested in learning what was Tracey’s degree in? For with her doing ASMR videos, making a fool of herself, and still posting it online, it worries me. Not that I don’t get she wants to make money, but how desperate is she to do so? Is she struggling on the low? Does she not get alimony money? What is wrong here?

The Top 3: Veronica, Vince

Veronica looking at advertisements.

While Veronica may not be #1 when it comes to commercial real estate, she is #1 when it comes to residential, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. However, residential commission does not equal commercial commission, so she wants better and to move to the next stage.

She isn’t alone in that. Vince would also like to move to the next stage but in Veronica’s d**k appointment book. For right now, he is called when #1 and #2 aren’t available or when she wants someone to listen. Which, as you can perhaps understand, bothers Vince. He tries to be a good man, he don’t got no hoes, so why is he treated like a $5 a pop hooker?


Here is the thing, if Vince wants Veronica he has to step up. Not to put down DJs, since they can make cash, but it’s clear between his cash and stroke, it ain’t enough. Though, who knows, maybe that’s all Veronica wants? Multiple men for different needs.

You know, one to blow her back out and make her sweat her hair out. Then another for fine dining and then Vince, who is convenient. Sort of like a cup of soup when you don’t feel like cooking.

But aside from Vince, you have to appreciate Layne calling out Veronica for trying to think her competition used sex to get to the top. Holding your friends accountable for pushing toxic narratives is important. Even if they are in their feelings.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How and when did Vince and Veronica start and why does she keep him around?

That’s Crazy Right?: Reggie, Greg, Willy, Kristi, Layne, Liberty

Reggie is an aggressive man and a little bit reckless. I’m talking mad d***k pics, possibly solicited, and him even showing up to get him some of Layne’s… insert your favorite euphemism here. But, just before he can get it in, Liberty shows up.

Hold up, who is Liberty? Oh, this hood adjacent person who got the doorknocker earrings and is slightly racially ambiguous. Also, she is Layne’s new employee and enforcer. Which becomes useful for with Layne befriending a local homeless man, Willy, she needs Liberty to check one of her neighbors, Kristi, who seemingly loves this gentrified area and doesn’t want people like Willy disturbing it. Because, damn those who were there when Kristi would only come to the neighborhood on a dare, right?

But, despite Kristi, Layne befriends the man and the only bad part about that is him crapping in her sink.

As for Greg? Well, Layne is still lying to him, but not to Reggie who knows he is a side piece. So he is still in bliss, ring shopping, and being a good man to Layne.


I’m still so torn. Greg is a good guy, but he seems like that guy you need when you been through a whole lot of BS and now just want peace. Layne doesn’t seem to be in that headspace. She seems to want that, “He should up at my job without asking if he could!” type of life. At least, considering how Reggie was greeted, while she was doing interviews, it seems she is definitely at a place in her life where her back being blown out, and walls torn down, is the goal.

Taking a step away from the state of Layne’s vagina, should Liberty be seen as offensive? It’s always hard to know how to take non-Black people acting hood. After all, Liberty could be from that part of Atlanta or the surrounding areas. Also, as Dave Chappelle said in Sticks & Stones, are certain terms, or ways of acting, only offensive when it isn’t expected of you? Just a thought.

Then, to add onto that, we got Willy. Someone who, honestly, I got mixed feelings about as well. He does remind us that gentrification isn’t just an issue New Yorkers are dealing with, or people who live in certain parts of LA. Yet, this is a comedy. So will we go into how Willy ended up homeless, if he is mentally ill, and how he accidentally released his bowels in someone’s sink? Stay tuned to find out.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Deon’s co-worker seems to love to say the N-word.

Review Summary


  1. Layne Is At That Level Where, Even Though You Know She Is Trash, She Can Get Away With It
  2. BET Is Being Really Bold With This Show – Outside of Euphoria, I’ve Never Seen Penises This Much On A Show
  3. The Show Addressing Gentrification, Featuring Someone Homeless And Pushing You To Think Beyond The Jokes

Low Point

  1. Deon Is Still Forgettable

On The Fence

  1. Vince Being Attached To Veronica Is A Good Look For Him, But Is It For Her?

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Review Summary

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Layne Is At That Level Where, Even Though You Know She Is Trash, She Can Get Away With It
90 %
BET Is Being Really Bold With This Show – Outside of Euphoria, I’ve Never Seen Penises This Much On A Show
89 %
The Show Addressing Gentrification, Featuring Someone Homeless, And Pushing You To Think Beyond The Jokes
85 %
Deon Is Still Forgettable
65 %
Vince Being Attached To Veronica Is A Good Look For Him, But Is It For Her?
70 %

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