As the season comes to an end, everyone gets a wake-up call, and for some, they wake up their own personal hell.

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As the season comes to an end, everyone gets a wake-up call, and for some, they wake up their own personal hell.

BET Plus
Director(s) Charles Stone III
Writer(s) Felischa Marye, Devon K. Shepard
Air Date 11/7/2019
Introduced This Episode
Nick Morgan Findlay
Kam Wesley T. Stanfield


On My Own: Veronica, Kam

Kam (Wesley T. Stanfield) congratulating Veronica.
Kam (Wesley T. Stanfield)

Veronica is doing quite well. She has rented out that property, fixed it up by hand, and now is looking to make her dream home. Thus leading to Kam, the one who we mostly know for eating out Veronica to tip off her high points, looking to be upgraded. You know, taken off the bench and put into the game. Become Veronica’s Stedman to her Oprah.

His application is denied.

Why? Well, as we saw in college, Veronica got played, and it seems, all these years later, she still hasn’t recovered. So, like many a female rapper says, she uses and tosses em out – like a tampon.

The Come Up As Others Get Down: Vince, Tracey, Nick, Deon, Layne

It has been a week, and Deon is drowning in regrets. Why? Well, while he does have over $25,000 in savings, which could float him around 8 months, that time can go really quickly. Especially since he has an expensive lifestyle.

Nick (Morgan Findlay) being Satan.
Nick (Morgan Findlay)

But while Deon fears an upcoming struggle, everyone else is doing well. Vince is making $1500 a night in tips, never mind what he is paid just to show up, and Tracey? She has really found a lane by being a naturalista. One that has given up the ability to curse out a producer named Nick since she is starting to establish herself outside of the show.

And as for Layne? Well, while Deon is on her s*** list, she is better than ever. A profile is done on her, which really validates her decision to quit her job and start her own business, and during the interview, she realizes how miserable she was at one time. For never mind code-switching for her white bosses, but also showing she was down enough for her Black co-workers? It was too much.

The Night After: Vince, Tracey, Nick, Deon, Layne, Veronica, Greg

With, mostly, everyone doing well, when Vince invites everyone to see him DJ, they actually show up and have a good time. Some more than others, like Layne and Deon who get it on in the bathroom, but we’re jumping ahead of ourselves.

Layne cursing.
Layne: F*** that motherf***er

First things first, Layne presents a strick “F*** you” policy to Deon. Mostly due to him messing with her head, over and over, and her frankly tired of it. Things are going too well for her to acquire someone with f*** boy tendencies. But, with him realizing she was right, and saying he loves her, she lets him back into her heart.

Which doesn’t help when she, Veronica, and Tracey get arrested. Yeah, you see Nick didn’t take too kindly to Layne blowing him off, so it seems he made sure to get her and her friends arrested. That leads to them needing bail money, and when it comes to Tracey, it means being forced back into the bondage which is reality TV.

As for the rest? Well, Veronica gets a wake-up call in dialing everyone she knows on her bench to either bail her out or, at the very least, pick her up – and not one is available. Oh, and in case you are wondering, no, she does not call Vince despite his come up making him in line with what she generally likes. Instead, she just watches everyone greeted by significant others, as you watch wondering what all these people were in for?

Leaving us with Layne. Now, being that Deon doesn’t have a job and is pinching pinnies, she doesn’t want to call him until there is a fight, so she is forced to call someone. But that person ends up being Greg. Who happens to walk out of the precinct, with Layne, when Deon shows up, and with the look on Greg’s face, you can tell something clicked.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[…]you squeeze a dollar so tight, George Washington wants to press domestic violence charges against you.
— Vince

Liberty wondering why Layne thinks she don't know Jesus...



You Gotta Do It For Yourself

One of the things Bigger has pushed has always been investing in yourself. Whether it is Veronica in her real estate business, and fixing up that building herself to save money, Tracey with selling products and commercializing her personality, Vince DJ’ing or Layne opening up her store, there were multiple examples of people working for themselves. Also, on top of that, it was diversified. Vince didn’t have a college degree, Tracey may have been a reality show star, but she found a way to keep that rather nice looking place without that check didn’t she?

Then, with Veronica, while she is one stroke from a #MeToo complaint, she’s a badass. Someone willing to get her hands dirty to make the dream come to reality. All the while looking like the baddest one in the room whether in a dress or covered in dirt.

But, the one you really have to shout out is Layne. Let’s take note, Layne hired two people who could have a hard time getting a job, never mind a job in a place like Layne’s. She hired Liberty, who is a hood bugger whose ability to code-switch might be limited, but considering her ideas? She could be a major asset. It’s just, respectability politics keep people from seeing her potential.

Then, when it comes to Willy, a lot of people will sign petitions, march, maybe volunteer some time, but Layne went beyond that. She advocated for Willy, got to know him personally, and found ways to make sure he felt validated. Heck, she even gave him a job! All while not patting herself on the back. She did things just because they were the right thing to do and she had the power to do something. Something that not many do.

Veronica’s Wake Up Call

Veronica's mugshot.

With knowing why Veronica acts the way she does, you can understand her thinking yet not support it. But with realizing having her own back won’t mean much when things are really messed up, it seems like she got a wake-up call. Now, is she fully awake or may yawn and go back to sleep? Who knows. Will she give Vince a second chance? Maybe. Right now the door is left open for what Veronica can do next, and as much as there is the possibility of her looking for something serious, she could always double down and just make sure she doesn’t do things to get herself arrested again.

Vince’s Come Up

All I can say is, “Listen To Black Women.” Look at Deon, looking like a fool, and then look at Vince. Both were given advice by a Black woman, and now which one is worried they won’t get a job and who is getting $1500 checks for a couple of hours of work? Exactly.

On The Fence

The Return of Greg

Greg is the kind of character who gets brought back, and you are left asking, why? The answer is he has money, but considering where Layne and Deon are in their relationship, it makes Greg’s return pending drama. The kind which could lead to Layne may be helping the next girl by getting Greg to turn down his neurosis and not prepping for a Stepford Wife? But, let’s be real for a moment here, Layne, who hasn’t known herself to be the girl every guy wanted, likely will end up in a love triangle again. It’s just rather than a bigger d*** being the issue, it is who has the bigger paycheck.

A Step back For Tracey

Tracey's mugshot.

Tracey has spent the entire season trying to build a brand disconnected from her former life as a reality star and just when she is starting to gain ground, damn if Satan didn’t drag her back. That there, in itself, is the exclamation point of why you have to not only have your own, but someone to have your back so you aren’t vulnerable to predators like that.

But, one thing good that may come out of this is Tracey getting to eventually knock that motherf***er on his ass and us getting to witness it.


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Veronica’s Wake Up Call - 85%
Vince’s Come Up - 86%
The Return of Greg - 70%
A Step back For Tracey - 75%


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