Better Things: Season 2/ Episode 4 “Sick” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The life Sam and Xander could have had.
The life Sam and Xander could have had.
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Better Things Title CardAs Sam is trying to talk herself into breaking up with Robin, Xander shows up and reminds her why she fears love.

Two For One Special: Phyllis, Sam

Sam’s dog Daisy dies and not too long after Phyllis is talking about how, with the heart, one thing leaves and another enters. Which is an odd thing to say, but we are talking about Phyllis here. Someone who accidentally pees on herself in a bookstore after harassing a child with a fake mustache.

But, with Daisy being a dog, you got to wonder if the trade may not be Daisy for Robin but perhaps Phyllis for Robin. If not a two for one special of Phyllis and Daisy kicking the bucket and Robin coming into Sam’s life.

Too Good To Be True: Sam, Rich (Diedrich Bader)

Sam, overwhelmed by her feelings for Robin, is hoping Rich will figure out a way or reason for her to breakup with him.
Sam, overwhelmed by her feelings for Robin, is hoping Rich will figure out a way or reason for her to breakup with him.

Sam is really freaking out about Robin. As shown in the last episode, he is too ideal. Which is a problem for Sam because she doesn’t want to deal with deep emotions. That is why she keeps dating losers. It makes it so she doesn’t have to figure out how to integrate a person into her life, introduce them to her kids and all that. She just wants decent sex, maybe some companionship, and that’s it.

Something Rich understands because the single life has been their thing. However, Sam may have to abandon the club. She doesn’t want to but she really digs this guy and fighting it is giving her flu-like symptoms.

Xander: Max, Sam, Frankie, Duke, Xander (Matthew Glave)

Then again, maybe it is because she senses she’d end up having dinner with her ex Xander. Someone who is in town and of course gives the girls a taste of what could have been. Be it him and Max at the piano as his other two daughters read. Sam just taking in the family she made, but that is all a facade. Everyone knows the truth about Xander, well except maybe Duke to a point. So once he falls back into old habits and shows he cannot be relied on for consistency, there are no ill feelings. Just the usual disappointment that lost its punch a long time ago.


Daddy Xander Wasn’t There

The life Sam and Xander could have had.
The life Sam and Xander could have had.

With Xander rarely, if ever, mentioned comes him being forgotten about. Yet, it is in these random appearances in which we are reminded why Sam and the girls are the way they are. Not to say everything is about him, but think about it.

For Sam, as shown when it comes to Robin, there is a serious fear of falling in love for whatever Xander did, she still hasn’t fully recovered [note]I might have forgotten what Xander did to Sam.[/note]. There isn’t any moving on, forgiving, or anything like that. Her allowing Sam in her presence strictly comes from coercion and trying to keep the peace with the girls he will always leave behind. Of which includes her.

And when it comes to Robin, that is the fear. Him one day, for whatever reason, leaving her behind. Be it because his ex comes back, he gets tired of her, or what have you.

But it isn’t just Sam. Max too you can see the impact of her dad not being there. Arguably, that could explain Arturo coming into her life. Maybe it could explain why Frankie dresses in a similar fashion to how her dad does. I mean, I could be giving Xander way too much credit, but as recently noted with Liar, the thing about shows with such small episode counts is that they seem more intentional in their actions. Every move, be it showing Xander, Phyllis peeing on herself, and more, it is about setting up something while working through what was brought up in the last episode. It’s like a conveyer belt.  Things are quickly put together, as fast as possible, with hopes that when the whirlwind of hands and voices become quiet, you get a nice polished product.

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