Besties: The Ultra Mini Series “The Intermission” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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While for many, smoke sessions mean chilling out, for Tameka, it means a potential epiphany.

Directed ByChristina Genae Richardson
Written ByChristina Genae Richardson
Aired (Instagram)4/20/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Ya’ll Lovers, Friends, Or F-Buddies? – Tameka, Ray, Eric

So, as Eric and Ray deal with some post smoking munchies, Tamera is talking about her relationship with Jered. One which presents itself with a slew of red flags. Be it Tameka noting it’s been 5 months and Jered hasn’t said he loved her, and a whole bunch of other examples which led to the .gifs below.

Leaving you to wonder, when the show officially returns, who between Tatiana and Tameka going to pop Jered upside the head first?

Not that we condone violence.


Tameka Having A Come To Jesus Moment, And What May Follow

So, now we know Tameka is being cheated on, her friends know Tameka is being cheated on, but she doesn’t know a damn thing. If not, because she thinks she finally got a good man, she is in too much bliss to let these questions get her down. Either way, you know when she learns the truth, something is going to happen.

Take note, we met Tatiana, she seems to be about that life, so the question becomes, will they fight each other (verbally or otherwise), or will they take on Jered? Someone who exploited Tatiana’s job to make sure he always got someone to warm up to?

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