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An over the top comedy featuring David Spade and the underrated Lauren Lapkus, do we need to say more?

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An over the top comedy featuring David Spade and the underrated Lauren Lapkus, do we need to say more?

Director(s) Tyler Spindel
Writer(s) Chris Pappas, Kevin Barnett
Release Date (Netflix) 5/13/2020
Cast Members
Tim David Spade
Missy Lauren Lapkus
Melissa Doherty Molly Sims

Official Synopsis

When Tim Morris meets his dream girl and their relationship quickly escalates through texts, he throws caution to the wind and invites her to his company’s corporate retreat on an island resort… However, when a past blind date from hell shows up at the airport for the weekend getaway instead, he learns too late that he’s been texting “The Wrong Missy”.

Cast Guide

Tim Morris (David Spade)

Brief Description

Tim works for Credit of America and has seemingly done well for himself – based on having his own office. However, dating seems to have been the sacrificial lamb in his pursuit of financial success. So, when he bumps into Melissa, and they hit it off, he thinks he has met the one.

Missy (Lauren Lapkus)

Brief Description

A while ago, Tim and Missy went on a date a long time ago, but for Tim, who is more reserved, Missy is a bit too out there. She is loud, a tiny bit vulgar, and uninhibited. Things Tim comes to love about her later on, based on the trailer, but definitely is off-putting at first – especially since she is coming to a company retreat.

Melissa Doherty (Molly Sims)

Brief Description

When you think dream girl, you think Melissa. Well, at least if you’re Tim. For with Melissa being a summa cum laude graduate of Georgetown University, an athlete, and 2009’s Miss Maryland, she seems like the total package. Making Tim feel uber lucky that he bumped into her at the airport, and they hit it off.

Our Impression

Spade and Lapkus seem like the perfect duo, in my mind. Our impression of Spade is that he operates best when he is the straight man to some over the top character, and Lapkus seems game to be that for him. Granted, there is a need to question which kind of crazy she is going to present herself as, be it in on the joke or simply a joke, but that could be how and when Tim falls in love with Missy. Either her being herself, despite what others say, or him learning to love her as everyone else seems to.

Plus, as Spade and other SNL alumni get older, it does seem they want to stretch their acting talents a bit, and have someone good to play off of. So I fully expect Missy to be allowed some depth, and while we may not get the most romantic film out there, it’ll likely have some moments that surprise you and make you see Spade and Lapkus differently.

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