Zahid saying he'd train Sam in life.

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On top of seeing the beginning of Zahid and Sam, we witness many ends. However, not all of them are sad. Some are quite exciting.

Director(s) Ken Whittingham
Writer(s) Robia Rashid
Air Date 11/1/2019

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Easing Into The End: Elsa, Elsa’s Mom, Doug

Doug and Elsa realize that, romantically, they can’t get back to that place. However, as co-parents, maybe friends, something can be. It’ll take time, since Doug is still mentally and emotionally sorting things out, but friendship can exist. I mean, Doug wants to be friends, and when it comes to Elsa, while she needs time, things can heal. Heck, look at her relationship with her mom. Someone portrayed to be a mean drunk decades ago but look at them now. Yeah, Elsa is a bit quiet and speaks in hushed tones around her, but they talk. Not often, but they do.

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  1. How will Megan react to Doug separating from his wife?

I’m Not Good & I Haven’t Been For A Long Time: Paige, Zahid, Casey, Sam, Evan

Zahid and Sam have really stopped talking, and this comes after, three years ago, him training Sam for life. But, as of now, it seems while Sam isn’t fully prepped, their time may truly be over. Even when Paige tries to intervene, he makes it seem, with Sam talking bad about his girl, they are done. He even changes his shift to make things more difficult for Sam to meet up with him.

But while Sam is having a hard time without Zahid, it does give a path to him opening up to Paige. For Zahid has long been a crutch, and without him there, Sam is seeking validation and advice wherever he looks, and then he comes onto Evan. Someone he seeks advice from to understand Paige. Especially since she has immense road rage.

So now, without Zahid’s sometimes unhelpful take on things, and talking with someone more mature, he asks Paige what is wrong, and here is the thing: He just listens. He doesn’t interrupt, bring how he feels, he lets her air her feelings out, and then reassures her. Which, honestly, considering the influence Zahid has long been, as much as you have to admire his consistency, taking note how Sam acts without him in his ear, maybe he is better off?

Sam saying how he thinks Paige is one of the most beautiful girls.

After all, with saying the right thing, Sam did get to have sex.

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  1. Do you think Zahid got more out of his friendship with Sam than Sam did? Even considering how he tried to mentor him at work and life?

From The End Comes New Beginnings: Evan, Izzie, Casey, Doug, Elsa

After that passionate kiss with Izzie, so comes the question of what’s next? You don’t kiss someone like that without it meaning something. So, Casey is in a bit of a whirl. Especially since she sees how her situation can end up like her parents, and she wants to avoid that. However, how does one do that when your dad doesn’t want to open up and your mom? Well, you haven’t really forgiven her?

Well, you take what little your dad is willing to say, in just wishing his wife told him instead of him discovering it, and talking. This leads to Evan recognizing they are over and a serious case of heartbreak. The kind so bad even a hug from Elsa is taken.



A Little More From Elsa’s Mom

Elsa and her mom sitting at a bench.

There remains a serious hope of getting to know Elsa’s mom further, especially since she operates in this odd place. An example: With the way Elsa treats her mom, I was thinking she had memory loss for a hot minute with the way she was handling her. Granted, abuse does affect a relationship in ways that can’t easily be recovered, but there is something odd there. Maybe it is due to her not being defensive, as the role is often played, but her calm, kind of quiet, and while she may not remember what she did, she is willing to apologize for it. Which seems rather weird.

The End of Doug and Elsa

It has been a long time coming, and perhaps dragged out if we’re being honest, but it seems Doug and Elsa are finally over. With this, both can start a new, and while there is this slight vibe they may just rekindle what they have, the hope they seek out others is high. After all, the trust is broken, and on top of Doug forgiving Elsa for what she did, as time went on, there is almost the need to question if Elsa should forgive Doug?

The reason I say this is because abandonment has been an issue with them for a long time. Lest we forget, when it was revealed Sam was autistic, Doug left. He physically abandoned his family after, as it is made clear this season, Elsa stood up for him throughout their marriage and when she was dating him. So for him to back away again when things get hard, even when Elsa is apologetic, you can see an old trigger.

Casey Being Honest

Evan asking if Casey loves Izzie?

Casey having a quick turnaround with admitting what happened with Izzie is a blessing. Sucks for Evan, especially since he seems at a loss for words, and may think losing Casey means losing Doug’s assistance, but not having two couples who drag out their end, it is such a blessing.

Paige and Sam Growing Closer

When it comes to Paige, we’ve more seen her present a façade when it comes to Sam than be direct and real with him. She hasn’t really let her guard down, and when she has, it is usually because he threw her off and left her discombobulated. So for them to have a real conversation which wasn’t geared towards being a life lesson for Sam, or him dropping how he loves her to end the season, you have to appreciate the growth.

Especially since, after the last two seasons, him having a moment with Paige has usually ended the season and while we’re still towards the last few episodes, the writers not saving them having sex as some big climax, it means we can see the thereafter and not wait a year or more.

On The Fence


Could this show live without Zahid? Will we see Zahid realize Gretchen is just what Sam and others have said? It’s hard to say. Zahid has embarked on a new life with Gretchen, nursing school, and while him getting cut seems unlikely, since this show doesn’t really let anyone go, I mean Julia still pops up from time to time, what can happen here?

Also, with two episodes left, can things be handled effectively?


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Zahid - 75%
Paige and Sam Growing Closer - 85%
Casey Being Honest - 87%
A Little More From Elsa’s Mom - 80%
The End of Doug and Elsa - 86%


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