While love is in the air, some experience disappointment and another an outright scandal on this episode of Anne With An E.

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While love is in the air, some experience disappointment and another an outright scandal on this episode of Anne With An E.

CBC, Netflix
Director(s) Norma Bailey
Writer(s) Amanda Fahey
Air Date (CBC) 10/27/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lyudmila Theresa Tova

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Making Mary Proud: Anne, Marilla, Matthew

At The Island Fair, Marilla is known for her Plum Puffs, and Matthew consistently competes with his vegetables for a prize. Joining them this year is Anne with her “Mary Cake” but something goes awry. You see, Marilla put liniment, an oil, into a bottle noted to be vanilla, and due to Anne having a cold, she doesn’t smell the difference. Thus, her cake has a form of lotion in it, and while she embarrasses herself a bit, everyone’s thought is the kick Mary would have had from the whole situation.

Love & Disappointment: Anne, Gilbert, Winifred, Ruby, Moody, Charlie, Lyudmila, Rachel, Muriel, Matthew, Jerry, Diana

Oh, there is so much to say that it is hard to know where to begin. Perhaps the best place is to note Ruby is over Gilbert and now has her sights set on Moody. For with him being a musician, one who pays her mind, he makes her feel special. I’d even say, if he wrote her a song, he might get a kiss on the cheek or even the lips.

Which is something that isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. Well, at least as the girls find themselves enamored by certain boys. Take Diana. Jerry comes to the fair and wins a puddle figurine as a prize, and while it seems, like the gentleman he is, all he’d want is to kiss Diana’s hand, she goes for his lips. A moment that, luckily for both, isn’t awkward, but with Jerry not expecting that, he is quite the happy boy. Making the fact her parents would never accept him so sad.

Though what is certainly sadder is the state Anne ended up in over Gilbert. You see, he brings not only Winfred to the fair, but her parents come along. With that in mind, Anne seems to recognize she is no match for him. Heck, she can’t compare to Winifred either. After all, Anne is 16, and Winifred is a woman.

Madam Lydmila smiling and asking for payment.
Theresa Tova as Madam Lydmila

But, there might be a little hope. Anne went to a fortune teller, Lyudmila, who talked about her person being a dancer, and Charlie, the one who got into her head about being barren, he asks her to dance. And despite the nonsense he said, she accepts, and it seems she enjoys herself.

Leaving one last person: Muriel. Rachel still has her sights on the girl and wants to partner her with someone, but she seemingly will only find disappointment. For whether we speak of Muriel’s love of trousers, her shooting abilities, or dissatisfaction with Rachel’s choices, she’d rather be impossible than easy to pair. Hence her dancing with Matthew to upset Rachel, and keep her from trying to fling people until someone sticks.

A Scandal Which Shall Not Be Swept Under The Rug: Billy, Josie, Anne

As we’ve seen for quite some time, Josie’s mother has long conditioned her daughter to see her beauty as a commodity, and with Billy’s interest in her, it seemed her value was realized. However, just as marriage becomes part of the conversation, Billy decides to take things too far. What was expected only to be a kiss becomes Billy grabbing at Josie’s breasts, and when pushed away, Billy retaliates by spreading a nasty rumor.

Anne using the printing press to make a statement.

This, despite Josie’s actions in the past, leads Anne to act and call out Billy and then her peers the following day at school. However, the times being what they are, Josie takes the brunt of it all, but Anne has something for that. She has something she plans to put in writing and to circulate amongst the town.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You don’t need a third eye, not when you have your own two
— Lyudmila



Ruby Has Finally Moved On

I don’t know about you, but between Anne and Winifred, I was expecting tears and whining from Ruby. Making the fact she has moved onto Moody, who seems to like and appreciate her, a blessing. The kind I hope we get to see become something for this girl has been longing for something more than Anne can put into a soliloquy.

Anne Tackling The Patriarchy

Anne is always at her best when challenged. Whether it was winning the town over, competing with Gilbert, learning from Sebastian, and Mary, the girl has always been the happiest when she was put against odds. Now, this isn’t to say she doesn’t cry and sometimes hates how she has to fight sometimes, but with being someone who has been a victim, abused, and tossed aside, this fight is something she may have longed for. After all, as bad of a person as Josie once was to Anne, she eventually came around. Billy, on the other hand, has deserved karma ripping his arm off, damn a bit in the behind, for a long time.

Jerry & Diana

Diana thanking Jerry for his gift.

While I do fear Diana’s parents catching them, leading to her being shipped off to Paris early, or Minnie May discovering them and blackmailing her sister, or Anne hating Diana keeping a secret from her, I love these two together. Maybe it is because, unlike Gilbert and Anne, they seem organic in how they are coming to be and are less tease of the inevitable? Perhaps it is how they use French like a secret language few will know and how they both seem equally interested in the other?

Heck, maybe it is because this is one of the few relationships that has been consistent thus far? Especially since Matthew’s beau, Jeannie, we haven’t seen in ages. Thus leaving only Rachel and her husband as the only couple to fawn over.

Gilbert Introducing Sebastian As His Family

There was a moment of hesitation in which you were left to wonder if Gilbert, in front of the girl he is courting, he’d downplay Sebastian’s role in his life. However, he notes they are partners and family, and it reminds you how much of a stand-up guy Gilbert is. Mind you, one who seems unable to commit to what Winifred is to him, which is a slight blemish on his person, but let’s give him the same leniency as the girls. After all, he is as new to dating like everyone else.

Low Point

How Quickly Everyone Turned On Josie

Josie being informed rumors were being spread about her.

Josie has never presented herself as a saint, I get that. However, the fact only Anne refuted the idea of her having morals and looking at Billy as someone with loose morals is sad in so many ways. Not that I don’t get the times are what they are on Anne With An E, but Tillie and the rest seeming ready to throw dirt on Josie’s name as they did? TRASH!


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