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Anne (Anne with an E): Season 1/ Episode 2 “I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Anne continues to pull on your heart strings as she tries to find a place to call home for while her imagination is a wonderful place to escape, she needs somewhere to unlace her boots.

You Have Been Missed: (Anne, Marilla, Matthew, and Diana [Dalila Bela])

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After what Marilla said, Anne feels once more abandoned and alone. However, even with her being a child, she refuses to return to the orphanage. She’d rather recite poems and stories to get money and then just travel. Perhaps to Halifax?

Well, on her way Matthew puts a stop to all that all by doing one thing, calling Anne his daughter. With that, any fight she had in her and feelings of rejection get partly taken away. They remain in terms of Marilla, but with an apology and hearing how much she was worried about Anne, she feels the love from her too. It may not be as she wants it, but it is understood.

Though when it comes to the community at large, it seems Diana maybe Anne’s only friend for now. Especially since it is believed by some that Anne ran away and the negative perceptions of orphans are floating about. Something which is a bit heartbreaking and surely isn’t helped by Diana’s parents questioning their decision to let their daughter spend time with her.


To be honest, I was fully prepared to watch Matthew spend most of this series chasing down Anne. Granted, it wouldn’t have been the best thing to watch, but Anne is played so well that I think I could have dealt with it. But, luckily, Anne is back in Green Gables, frolicking with Diane, and trying to understand Ms. Cuthbert, who allows Anne to call her Marilla. Leading to the question of what may happen next with Anne? Especially since there is talk of her going to school and with the imagination and intelligence Anne has, that should be something to see. Though the bullying, I fear, will lead to some teary-eyed moments. Whether or not Diana has the guts to defend her.

The Things Anne Always Wanted: (Anne, Matthew, and Marilla)

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With Matthew calling Anne his daughter and Marilla growing attached to the girl, it is decided to make her an official Cuthbert. Something which includes a ceremony, at Anne’s almost demand, and leaves us with a bit of a tear jerker moment.


With the adoption being official, and in the family bible, it means we can move onto other things. No longer will we have to worry about Marilla’s mind being changed for, being that she is religious, surely she isn’t going to go back on what is written in the family bible right? But, with Anne becoming an official Cuthbert comes the question of what does that really mean? We’ve spent so much time on whether or not Anne will stay with the family that it has become hard to say what Marilla and Matthew are besides elderly farmers? Much less, with Matthew making an agreement with Marilla in terms of her handling the parenting aspect, now that she is officially Anne’s guardian, it shall be interesting to see how she takes on this role. Especially in regards to the emotional aspect which seemingly Marilla struggles with.

Leading you to wonder, after all these years, why are the both of them single? Though rude to ask, here is hoping Anne seeks out such answers.

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